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    Requests Open!

    Finished Requests (open)

    Spoilception No.1 (open)

    For Shadowcrazy:
    Guide: "Just tell me what you want to make, we can talk about this! And where the hell are we, nice Muramasa btw." I hope you like this Shadowcrazy ^^

    For TCtoocold:
    Clothier: "Don't bother! this'll teach that jolly punk not to sell things that I'm supposed to sell!" I hope you like this TCtoocold ^^

    For Sokina:
    Dryad: " You know.. I may be 500 years old.. but I wouldn't mind.. if it's you..."
    I hope you like this Sokina. ^^

    For Cataclyzm:
    Guide: "Who decided to put my house on a floating island?!" I hope you like this Catacylzm. ^^

    King Toad.png
    For King Toad:
    Dryad: " Don't worry, don't worry! It's not like this will KILL him or anything~" I hope you like this King Toad. ^^

    For Mordale:
    Merchant:"What's that? only 99 Gold? I"m sorry but you need 1 platium to have some of this DELICIOUS Lemonade~" I hope you like this Mordale ^^

    For Deathbringer:
    Nurse: "Hmph, you'll come crawling back to me if you keep that up!" I hope you like this Deathbringer ^^

    AntiPositive.png For Anti-Positive:
    Merchant:"Gah, blasted demons drive a hard bargain...." I hope you like this Anti-Positive ^^

    For Bamseper:
    Guide:"Finally, some respect! I don't know why no one else sees that without me, THIS can't happen~" I hope you like this Bamseper ^^

    Golden.png For Golden Phoenix:
    Wizard: "I told him this would happen...." I hope you like this Golden Phoenix ^^

    Spoilception No.2 (open)

    For Scion xz:
    Santa: "NOOO, Mr. Fluffy is acrophobic!!!" I hope you like this Scion xz ^^

    For MapleStrip:
    Nurse: "D-d-don't get the wrong idea, this isn't free you know.. Wait that came out wrong..." I hope you like this MapleStrip ^^

    For xXNeverEnderXx:
    Troll Goblin Tinkerer: "What's that? You want a weapon that isn't broken? well DEAL WITH IT, UMAD? TROLOLOL" I hope you like this Never Ender ^^

    For Shipoopie:
    Mechanic: "Whew, finished. Let's see the guide survive this one~" I hope you like this Shipoopie ^^

    For H3rald/Space Sphere:
    Merchant: "What? There are starving terrarians in 3rd world biomes that would love to have that silver!" I hope you like this H3rald/Space Sphere ^^

    For vPixel:
    Guide: "What is this I don't even--!!" I hope you like this vPixel ^^

    For that amazing person!!!!(finally):
    Santa's spirit: "Don't worry... I'll be back next year~!!" I hope you like this Thatamazingperson^^

    For The Thought Thinker:
    Mechanic: "Pfft, some saviour, might as well have been the guide!"
    Wizard: "Zzzz.zz....."
    Goblin Tinkerer: "Hmm with these bones I could.. no that's not right... Hm..." I hope you like this TTT ^^

    For Marcus Eralice:
    Guide: "-sigh- Why.. Why me? I don't deserve this, why not that mechanic, she talks shh all the time...." I hope you like this Marcus ^^

    For MuddyTM:
    Arms dealer: "Check out this new shipment, I heard you like gold so now you can spelunk while you spelunk~!!" I hope you like this Muddy ^^

    Spoilception No.3 (open)

    For WelchDrew:
    Guide: "What kind of slime is this.....?!" I hope you like this WelchDrew ^^

    Cool Shadow.png
    For Cool Shadow:
    Nurse: "Chuuuu~~<3"
    Dryad: "Hehehe xD" I hope you like this Cool Shadow ^^

    For DoomFire:
    Goblin Tinkerer: "CRAP, These tiny things are useless!!!!" I hope you like this DoomFire ^^

    For MCMo:
    MCMo: "Didn't wanna have to do this buddy, You'll be back soon..."
    Guide: ".... Oh.. don't mind me.. I"ll be here... burning..."
    I hope you like this MCMo ^^

    For Kady:
    Dryad: " -Sniff- There goes another noobie adventurer....!" I hope you like this Kady^^

    For Frostbitethetoad:
    Mechanic: "Ahh~! Shield me from these ugly, annoying teleporting monsters!" I hope you like this Frostbitethetoad ^^

    For Grey Aria
    Old man: " BEHOLD, my master's po-- *cough* my.. -*cough cough* ahh I need some water..." I hope you like this Grey Aria^^

    For N1ckx2
    Nurse: "Uwaaah, don't back up so much!" I hope you like this Nick ^^

    For TehEpikMonk
    Arms Dealer: "Heh, it's not too late for you to chicken out~!" I hope you like this EpikMonk ^^

    For TDino
    Mechanic: "Ahh thank you so much, there were so many monsters, and beasts, and and.." I hope you like this TDino^^

    for FireFlare
    Guide: "Great job out the-- Oh hey, you missed one! YOU MISS--" I hope you like this FireFlare^^
    Extra spoiler to hide the Nurses Pantsu (open)

    For KKslida
    Dryad: "No one's going to see these pictures.. RIGHT?"
    Nurse: ".... Like this, right..?"
    Arms Dealer: "Gah... Do you see anything?"
    Guide: " No... no.. nothing... Hey a little higher wouldya?" I hope you like this KKslida^^

    Hong Mei.png
    For Hong Meiling
    Guide:"They say there is a person who will tell you how to survive in this land... oh wait. That's me."
    Hong Meiling: "...... Sakuya..."
    Sakuya: "On it." I hope you like this Hong Meiling^^

    For Demaoph
    Merchant:" " I hope you like this Demaoph^^

    For Moh-ammad
    Dryad: "Wow.. really? Last time I try and help you barbaric humans >:O" I hope you like This Moh^^

    For JaguarGirl
    Arms Dealer: "It's okay, you're safe now~ >:D" I hope you like this JaguarGirl^^

    For Saephin
    Goblin Tinkerer: "Mmm Momer MERE!!! (I'm over here!!!) I hope you like this Saephin^^

    For fighterSharp
    Dryad: "Zz...zzzz.zzz.. (Were you expecting me to say something in my sleep? >P" I hope you like this FighterSharp ^^

    For Quote.
    Mechanic: "Well it's quite a beautiful day, isn't it~" I hope you like this Quote. ^^

    Artist's blog (open)

    Okay so, the reason I decided to do requests was to better myself artistically, so this is just a status report on all the improvements I've made. c:
    Spoilception No.1 (open)

    Request 1:
    - I touched on perspective, I found it rather difficult to do something so different for the first time, I learned a neat trick to create a fiery effect, which is a + and a neat direction of lighting.
    Request 2:
    - I learned something really good, when contructing perspective with 2 characters in different places in the image, it's best to construct them at a fairly large size, then shrink them so it's not difficult to just start off drawing them and make stupid mistakes, the backgrounds was a +1 for me cuz I've never really done backgrounds before and found them difficult, but the more I do them, the easier they seem to be getting, especially skies.
    Request 3:
    - For one, the profile shot was different, as I've never done that with my own characters before, the hand looked better than I thought it would be o.o, but improvements can always be made in the future. The background, I thought was well done, except for the books.. I'll admit I kind of rushed on them, but now I learned rushing doesn't benefit anyone! xD I also learned a neat effect for colouring hair.
    Request 4:
    A very different action-y pose than what I'm use to, I had fun creating this one for sure though ^^. the whole mass of harpies and approaching wyvern was humourous to draw, I couldn't get the right shade of green, to be pleased with, but it was close enough. I also think the shading on the guides shirt could have been darker, but I couldn't change it without changing a lot.
    Request 5:
    Wow, I've never put so much time in the background evar :eek:, I tried a new approach in lighting by making the focus visible rather than assuming there's a light source somewhere. I'm getting better at female anatomy, I thought this would be difficult when starting out, but it looks alright. ^^ I've never drawn liquids before O.O, I"m glad it came out good for my first try.
    Request 6:
    I've gotten more pratice with drawing beards! I'm really trying out new directions of lighting essentially to better my understanding of simple lighting physics. Working with different poses in hands will need some tweaking definitely, as well as a right focus in colour to catch the eye better.
    Request 7:
    I'm getting better and better at creating a lighting effect~ I've had much trouble making the potion bottle even but I managed to do it, The purple skin tone doesn't QUITE blend how I imagined it would, but I think it looks good. Need to come up with a better way to make grass look more grassy instead of a flat base green. Skin tone blending, and added blush looks wonderful and I've got the hang of positioning characters evenly throughout a perspective piece.
    Request 8:
    After looking at Fetalstar's livestream, I've learned that I cannot over look my really messy lineart any longer, so in this picture I've touched on keeping the sketchyness to a minimal and will continue to do so as much as possible for a better piece. I've had quite a lot of fun drawing the demon as it was the first thing I've drawn on this piece, I used a size 20 pentip for the lineart and it was really cool looking... WELL, I thought it was...
    Request 9:
    I've drastically cleaned up the lineart on the characters and found that it adds like and extra hour or so onto the drawing =.= I will continue to work harder to get faster at it though! I've tested using a different colour for the lineart on the guide, Ennnnn.... it kind of looks okay, I guess... I'll have to test more to come up with something I'm more confortable with.
    Request 10:
    I used a different colour for lineart again, this time green. I found out that the lineart I use that corresponds with the base colour inside works best (Herpderp welcome to primary school). Using text boxes are INSANELY tedious, especially if I want it a certain way, so if anyone reads this, please try to not make me say stuff in the image ><. I apologize for the wings, I have no idea what they look like when folded so I just kinda... yeah...

    Spoilception No.2 (open)

    Request 11:
    I've really pulled out the stops for this perspective, to be honest, this was hard to flesh out mentally but in the end it worked out ^^. I've had trouble drawing the animals so they're kinda crappy =3= but you know that's what practice is for right? RIGHT?!
    Request 12:
    I messed a whole bunch with the hue modulator on this one, I always mess around with that but I did more or so on this especially, I found a serious weakness, and that's armour, armour is really hard to colour to get a harmony of shading an illuminescence in the piece. I will work more on that ^^ And Pine trees are fun to colour, just saying.
    Request 13:
    I really got the hang of blending colours and had a lot of fun making the troll face, The helmet gave me a Liiiiiittle bit of trouble but it went alright. I've found that the most interesting part of these requests is deciding how the background should look. (Some are from my world lol)
    Request 14:
    If you're wondering I was attempting perspective in this piece, I found that everything looks nice except the mechanic who's not in perspective which throws it off but IT STILL LOOKS LOVELY<3333, I had fun with the sky the most. ^^ The lineart took me a REALLY long ass time to make, because of all the fleshing out I had to do.
    Request 15:
    I tried to take a new approach from the normal foreground background, and changed the position of the building, at first it wasn't working but I made it work. Shading was pretty fun in this piece, however the fleshing out took longer than I'd like, sorry about that xD.
    Request 16:
    Super power move ftw! I had so much fun drawing this piece, and actually did it very quickly, 3 hours, the fastest I've done so far, I have increased on shading ability and expressions, I even touched on perspective as well.
    Request 17:
    I tried to incorportate a focus on the image as centering on the character to both create a morbid effect and (slightly) censor the bloody bits :3 I will try to improve this type of display in the future hopefully.
    Request 18:
    I really worked hard on the lighting in this piece the most, I tried to get a contrast of lighting and extreme darkness all in one picture to show despairity and hopelessness, (Or at least tried to) I wonder if anyone can find my name as easily in this pic. xD
    Request 19:
    I found that the split screen really tells a story more than usual, I thought it wouldn't work but it did! Wonderful, I found that drawing the wall of flesh was a pain in the $^%$^ Because of all the detail he had that I just didn't have the patience to put in, oh well...
    Request 20:
    I really got better at shading in all aspects, I think that's the first time I've ever drawn a black person before LOL, I really found that intriguing so more people make requests with arms dealer!!!

    Spoilception No.3 (open)

    Request 21:
    This dragged onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, so long sorry I was pissed that I lost the file and was beating around the bush to get it done, however it looked a lot better after re-doing it so I guess that's fate for you ^^ the Metroid thing was tedious to to draw but I frikken did it!!!!! More knowledge of colours as well as a new approach on colouring grass.
    Request 22:
    This came out rather well but I must say it took forever to do the line art. I wanted to draw the mechanic too but it didn't work so this is the next best thing ^^. The lighting is the best part of this piece, as it really brings out life and activity, well that's what I think!
    Request 23:
    I was trying to convey the evilness of the corruption, but I couldn't get the colours to be sharply dark without making the entire image really dark, but it does look good nonetheless. The eater of worlds was a time consumer, but I think it looks good, a challenge was trying to make it look pissed without facial expressions since it had none and all the eyes focusing on the goblin tinkerer for throwing the spiky balls(lol) at him.
    Request 24:
    This took quite a long time to do, I really like the alternate area takes in this picture and the dramatic fight atmosphere that it brings, I haven't really learned anything knew but am praticing applying what I have learned. xD
    Request 25:
    These requests are taking me longer and longer to do X__X I think doing the background is getting to me finally (I never use to draw backgrounds before I started taking requests) the Twins look nice though :3
    Request 26:
    The lighting in this piece was quite the challenge but it wasn't too bad, I"m glad I got to work on a tricky lighting piece, I learned a lot of glowy and shiny effects to use later on. ^^
    Request 27:
    Small details and focus on itty bitty bits have been focused on the most I think. Gosh I'm taking my time with these arn't I X__X
    Request 28:
    Pretty sun ^_______^ That's about it xD 30/09/12
    Request 29:
    The red sky and highlights on the characters were fun, getting better ^^ 01/10/12
    Request 30:
    Sorry I skipped ahead, I found this easier to draw since I visioned it sooner than the other 2. I learned a new lighting technique and I must say one of my cleanest drawings to date. (finished it a long time ago too 11/07/12)

    Request 31:
    Had fun drawing dat Gungnir~ Drawings look like they're getting better overall ^^ o4/10/12
    Request 32:
    Wonderfully wonderful skin shading! Took quite long too~ 07/10/12
    Request 33:
    Spontaneous little story there, lol. Great work! 12/10/12
    Request 34:
    Had lots of fun on the robot head and lighting, Great work! 14/10/12
    Request 35:
    Got to mess around with a more general type of shading rather than my usual intricate style. ^^ 24/10/12
    Request 36:
    Wonderful sunset yet again ^^ 24/10/12
    Request 37:
    Got to play around with pretty dark environments again~ 25/10/12
    Request 38:
    Got to mess with day time suns and had fun with coulds and stuff 27/10/12
    Request 39:
    Wow lazy, though I did like the shading in this xD 16/11/12


    Zoodletec - lineart 0% Colour 0%

    If you like my art, Check out my Deviant Art page.
  2. Shadowcrazy

    Shadowcrazy Penguin

    my sig called USUAL ART REQUEST has my character if you want to draw him :)

    if he MUST have an NPC related maybe he could be fighting the GUIDE or maybe kissing the NURSE :)
  3. Tctoocold

    Tctoocold Bone Serpent

    Request - Dude in Mythril armor with a Crown (emerald gem in the middle), & spiky brown hair, holding a megashark
  4. Beta

    Beta Cursed Skull

    Okay, but which NPC do you want to be with and doing what?
    Ahaha, Fighting the guide it is ^^
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  5. Tctoocold

    Tctoocold Bone Serpent

    have Him chasing Santa over rooftops :3
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  6. Sokina

    Sokina Lady in Red

    Wow, that's some pretty nice art. I wish I had the talent for art/patience to learn how to draw. My hands are meant to destroy, not create. D:

    But if it's not too much, I'd like to request an arts~ Maybe my character (Image below) giving the dryad a jungle rose as a romantically inclined gift? (The rose is somewhat a staple of every single one of my characters.)


    You don't have to worry about the detailed things like the angel wings/random harpy, but if possible could my character's hair be quite longer than the picture shows? (To better match my real length.)

    I realize it's not the most exciting thing ever, though. There's absolutely no action in it. D:
  7. Beta

    Beta Cursed Skull

    No problem.
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  8. Cataclyzm

    Cataclyzm Green Slime

    Can I have a wyvern chasing the Guide and the Guide's face is red and scared.
    I don't like the Guide that much, only for recipes.
  9. Beta

    Beta Cursed Skull

    Yeah, but you're in a line, so be patient, k ^^
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  10. Cataclyzm

    Cataclyzm Green Slime

    I was just asking >.<
  11. Suika Ibuki

    Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    That's cute. Keep it up!
  12. Valanthril

    Valanthril Rikku

    Suika's stamp of approval !
  13. Shadowcrazy

    Shadowcrazy Penguin

    any chance you'll do a list of requests on the OP? would be nice to show people who's request is being done, how far it is from being completed, and who's next so they can be more excited when it's their turn :)
  14. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    g-g-g-grrreat work! i cant wait to see some of the requests :D i might make one when i get home
  15. Beta

    Beta Cursed Skull

    Great idea, I"m new to this fanart stuff, so I don't know any better, thanks ^^

    Ahaha, why thank you c:
    Oh, I"m sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude or anything, ><
    Uhm, I hope that's good ^^
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  16. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    suikas stamp of approval sure is a good thing :p also, please dont double post
  17. King Toad

    King Toad Dark Caster

    I'd like to request my char, he has white spiked hair, red eyes, sickly skin, and necro armor. If possible I'd like for the Dryad to be helping him brew something in a cauldron, but if that's too hard could you have the Dryad handing him a bottle of some sort of mystery liquid?

    Also, you have interesting art styles, and I'm sure you'll get lots of practice from requests of this
  18. Beta

    Beta Cursed Skull

    No problem.
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  19. Beta

    Beta Cursed Skull

    No problem.
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  20. Nathan B.

    Nathan B. Dark Caster

    question (feel free to say no duh) i was wondering if my guy could have a special shaped blade and a coat?

    if so could i get your style of this character

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