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    I think that the ocean biome (if there will be one) should be home to a city called Atlantis. Most of us know what Atlantis is. So the only way to unlock Atlantis is to first obtain the "broken aqua ring". This ring can supposedly create water and will allow transportation from the surface to Atlantis and from Atlantis to the surface (woah terrible grammar). You must make this by using 10 cobalt bars, 10 mythril bars, 10 adamantine bars, 5 buckets of water, 10 glass, 2 ruby, and 10 sapphire and a magical water droplet. The only way you can get this "magical water droplet" is to do the following (GUIDE HAS TO BE ALIVE TRY NOT TO KILL IT)

    1. There should only be 0-1% of corruption in the world
    2. All bosses in the world must have been defeated at least once.
    3. Go to the guide once the top two have been completed.
    4. He will ask you how your morning has been. He then will realize that you have defeated the Skeletron Prime he will get really excited and will reward you with the magical water droplet

    Once you have the magical water you can craft the broken aqua ring. Then you talk to the Dryad for more information on the item. She will tell you a story about the ring. I will create a sample story to give you the idea of what it might look like.

    "A Long time ago Terraria was one big ocean. At the depths of the ocean was the thriving city of Atlantis. Skeletron Prime was bored one day and decided to curse Atlantis. He said that whoever tries to go above the surface and succeeds will cause all water Terraria dissolve way. It was a custom for the people of Atlantis to go to the surface of the ocean and bathe far away from their city from then on the people of Atlantis has to bathe in the dark depths of the ocean that surround the city. Then hundreds of years later a boy decided to swim up to the surface and see what was above the water. When he reached the surface the water of Terraria started dissolving away. Then the boy knew that he had made a terrible mistake. He looked around and saw a tiny island coming out of the water with a chest on it. He opened the chest and found a aqua ring. He used it to keep the water stable at what we call "sea level" today. Soon the curse went away and the aqua ring ran out of energy. However without the aqua ring it would be impossible to get back to Atlantis. He was only lucky enough to get to the surface without dying. Then he became a lonely man for another hundred years but then one day a boy/girl named (player's name) showed up and brought back joy to his heart. He had vowed to take care of you. His name is (the guide's name)."

    Then the Dryad tells you to the goblin tinkerer since he knows how to make it start working. When you reach the Goblin he will ask for 5 platinum coins which can be a pain to get. A way of getting around this is by placing a barrel in the room he is in and place ONE ale is each spot which will make about. This will require at least 20 ale. Much better than paying 5 platinum coins for it. If you take to the guide he will noticed the fixed aqua ring and he will just say ".......Good luck". Then you must go to the nearest Ocean Biome fully prepared with gear that will help you breathe underwater. Then as you fall down the ocean there will be a mini level where you will have to fight a giant jellyfish

    Giant Jellyfish:

    1000 health
    20 defense
    20 ranged attack
    40 melee attack

    When you kill this monster it will drop sacred ink which will boost your speed underwater (lol). Then when you reach the bottom of the ocean you will find a bright white orb. You have right click it with the aqua ring and then suddenly a white flash appears. When the white flash fades away (btw a depth meter will not work here) You will find yourself in the city of Atlantis. The NPCs there are:

    Guards: They use tridents
    Citizens: The do not have any weapons, only some will have regular spears.
    Soldiers: They have Blue phaseblades
    King/Queen: Aqua Scepter

    In Atlantis there will be people who will tell you what what the depths of the ocean are like. There is also a merchant who sells items that cannot be found on the surface. Then there is the soldiers camp where you can learn about some weapons. Now lets not forget about the King/Queen. The King/Queen lives on a floating island in the underwater (you will have to use regular block to get up to the top). However there will be tons of monsters that will try and stop you. Once you get to meet the King/Queen people around Atlantis will have question marks above their heads. Some might be small missions the other might lead to big boss battles. When all 100 missions have been complete you will be awarded with mechanical gills which will always lets you breathe in water once you consume it. There will also be some new armor like coral armor or something :p (plus tools and weapons)


    Atlantis is a very lit up area but once you leave Atlantis to go and complete missions the world will suddenly get darker (you will have to buy magical torches which cost 1 silver coin per 50 torches. You can dig underground but all you will collect will be sandstone (wonder that name came from). The "slimes" of this world will be jellyfish. There also be other mobs but the jellyfish is the most commonly spawned.

    I have put too much into this so if you see flaws just leave a comment.
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    Updated Thread: Please a comment on what you think of this
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    There is two ocean biomes... One at each edge of map...
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    I know but there not actually oceans :p

    There have like no depth at all to.
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    weeeeell....its would make the new water gear more usefull....guess im supporting this.
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    Please leave some constructive criticism people. I worked a good 10 min on this :p

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    I really like this idea! and with neptunes shell added it would work perfect.
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    Jhall stop with the double posting, self bumps, and one word posts please, thank you. Same with you that Guy, stop with one word posts.
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    Moving this thread from the archive. Unlocking this thread.
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    Yay this thread has been finally unlocked people. All I need is constructive criticism from people. Thanks!​
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    You know that there are 0% chances they will make this official now, not?

    No more updates. Never. Feel free to post ideas here: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php#starbound-the-game.1
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    But, there is a very high chance it could be a mod. If I see too many "This can't be in game" type posts, I'll have to add it is a "Do not do this" rule. :/
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    I hope you understand how ridiculously hard it is to obtain 0-1% Corruption.

    The Giant Jellyfish is way too weak especially considering that you've basically just tamed Hardmode. And why does it drop Sacred Ink? (For that matter what exactly IS Sacred Ink? An accessory? A consumable item?) It should drop an item that is required to fix the Aqua Ring. The Goblin Tinkerer would say something like, "I need X item to fix this. I heard that you can find it around large bodies of water." This would hint the player to go to the Ocean Biome to fight the Giant Jellyfish.

    I don't like the idea of NPCs having weapons. I think there should just be new Ocean Mobs. The whole "Missions" thing is kinda pointless when the reward is a Mechanical Gill. The Neptune's Shell already covers all needs to survive underwater. And to require 100 missions would mean that who ever is coding this for their mod would need to think up 100 missions themselves that aren't redundant ones. In summary, the Missions aspect should be removed from this suggestion.

    Maybe there should be an even harder boss for the player to fight after they've met with the King/ Queen. They could say something like, "X has been making our citizens disappear. We could reward you immensely if you could rid us of it's nusance." and then the player goes to kill it to get X item.

    One silver coin for 50 torches is insanely cheap. Maybe the price should be upped a little.

    Coral Armor is a nice idea but I don't think there should be any tools coming from Coral. You should consider adding in what the mobs will be and their stats, what the Coral armor would look like and it's stats as well as how to craft it.

    (This is all I got for now. I'll probably think of something else later.)
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    Fight Jaws!!!!

    Too bad you can't build your own oceans into the world... Tried it :(

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