[Biome] Heaven (don't leave Atheists!)

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Wikkowokki, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Wikkowokki

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    Don't leave Atheists, **** is about to get fake.

    Explanation, go!
    Space is a giant collection of stars and planets and galaxies. Lets take that all down and add some bull****. Heaven, a giant area surrounding Earth made of clouds that you can walk on and had nekked people flying around with giant feathers on their backs. Well, why not add it, Terraria already has silly things like flaming pickaxes and Grapple hooks made of vines.

    How the heaven do I get there?
    To get to heaven you would need to build a tower to the highest point. Then if you use a gravitation potion or angel wings (no demons allowed) and go up you will enter a vortex where the screen gets distorted. After a few seconds of epileptic spasms you will find your character on a cloud with golden gates and two people with wings. You can talk to the people and they will tell you to go away or fight them, like a mini boss battle. After defeating both you can get into heaven.

    Now on to mobs, animals, monsters, whatever the heaven you want to call them.
    Heaven would consist of some terribly thought through mobs;

    Angels: These are humanoid creatures that act like NPC's (they were togas XD). When attacked any Angels near them will help attack the attacker making them hard to kill in "packs..." and they also start flying like demon eyes, but coordinated. They hold Excaliburs and have Hallowed Breastplate and Hallowed Trouser/shoe things. Each angel has 500 health. So unless you have full hallowed armour, wings and an Excalibur, get the heaven out of there (that is the third time I have used that now...). Angels will always drop souls of flight and light. They will sometimes drop gold clouds. They will rarely drop a piece of Hallowed armour or an Excalibur. Sometimes a dark angel can be found, he will look like an angel but will be a DEMON. If you talk to him he will come live with you and sell certain skyward things.

    Cherubs: Like the above but smaller and weaker. Also they are nekked babies.

    Moas: Peaceful birds that are befriend-able. You can feed them with (whatever the heaven I feel like) and make a saddle out of leather to ride one! ZOMG! After tamed the moa is bound to you and will follow you around but will stay out of the way of attackers like zombies but will not take damage. Moas can be: Blue, orange, white, pink or gold(rare) and resemble Loftwings from "The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword". Name tags can also be crafted with gold and leather to name your moa and give it a 2 defence bit of armour... If your moa does not have a name tag then the scroll over name of it will be [Player name]'s Moa.
    Moas can be taken back with you through the hole you got through! (To the left of the gates)

    Wyverns: It's already in the game, deal with it.

    Aero Imps: What's the point of having fire imps if they are the only imps... Now we have imps, in the SKY! WHAT! These little buggers are white imps that shoot clouds at you. They are poison clouds so yeah, ouch.

    Aeroslimes: My my, another kind of aero mob, how creative. This is a slime. A slime that will infect you with the "Freeze debuff". Most mobs give you this debuff. They are exactly the same a lava slimes but with different sprites, particles and a debuff.

    What else is in this Satan forsaken place?
    Gold brick buildings much like the buildings in hell, but you know, gold. Also a main block here is skystone, it's looks almost exactly like pearlstone but it has small clouds on it.
    Also thunderclouds will randomly appear and strike anything made of metal with lightning, take off your armour or feel free to get a new debuff called Paralysed, you could be the Steven Hawking of Terraria, except your not smart...

    Blocks! MOAR BUILDING!
    Mine clouds and new ores like: Thundore ( :3) and other random crap I can think of. You can make cloud armour here which would be pretty stupid because clouds are useless protection, but gold is soft so clouds are hardcore, however you need some stuff to craft this, 20 adamantite, 50 cloud, 10 gold cloud and a ruby/topaz/emerald/amethyst/sapphire. That is all for the helmet...
    Unobtainium could also be an ore found there, if you have no clue what that is and hope to figure out in the near future click it! This ore would really fit in well with this game.

    Finally some more crap!
    Heaven is an Anti-Hell. And by anti I mean, the same. You can fight the wall of flesh here, except instead of a wall of flesh, it's a fence of... fur. It has the exact same stats as the wall of flesh and is another way to get into hard mode. Also the game should add in three new ores to the overworld which give Adamantite, Mythril and Cobalt to the Angelic Altars. Also light orbs in the hallow. Just to balance out the stuff in the corruption.

    Moar bosses? I hate you so much, sooooo much
    I feel that the game's bosses get boring after a while and don't really get a mixture of them, it's either giant floating things or things that move through walls.... and that is it. Now there are two new bosses with amazing capabilities. The bosses are God, and Satan, they will only appear once the Hardmode has been unlocked from BOTH worlds. Then you have a choice to summon them but instead of them trying to kill you, they help you! In fact, you control them! They will be 10 times the size of you so you better summon them in a big open space. These bosses will only be fight-able if BOTH of them are summoned, they can be out all the time so you don't need to worry about time limits. If you talk to one of them there is an option that says "Battle" by clicking you will disappear and the screen will get smaller so their whole body will be on screen at the same time. When either boss is at half health the screen will disappear and there will only be white, God and Satan. Now you don't need to worry about gravity, but to go up and down use (default) W and S. This will be really fun on servers too! Once the other is defeated you will gain 5o platinum coins and the shop owners will sell better things for cheaper prices! However, if you lose all NPCs in the current world will be killed and will not respawn until the winner is defeated without the help of the loser... Good luck :3
    God: You can summon him with a Golden cross made with 100 gold and 15 Hellstone. If you are in a forest, God will fall into the mountains in the background and walk up to the main screen.
    Satan: Summon this bad boy with a red star made with 100 Adamantite and 15 Hellstone. If you are in a forest, a mountain in the background will become a volcano and Satan will crawl out to the main screen.

    Thanks for reading a post by Wikkowokki. >:O
  2. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    If we can dig a hole down to a fiery hellscape full of demons, I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to build a tower up to a land of solid clouds with angels.

    In fact, it should probably replace floating islands entirely.

    So the Underworld has Demons, Imps, Lava Slimes, Hellbats and Bone Serpents. Also, it has Obsidian Brick buildings and Hellstone.

    While the Heavens(by pluralizing it, it makes it so you are referring to the sky/outer space, and not the religious belief) would have Angels, Cherubs, Cloud Slimes, Skyhawks and Wyverns. Also, is has Gold Brick buildings and Skystone.

    EDIT: I modified a pic I made for a different thread to show how I'm picturing this:

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  3. Wikkowokki

    Wikkowokki Slimed Zombie

    Wow, I totally agree. More mobs for the win. Also I forgot to add the buildings :3.
  4. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    I'd want a space biome first. The maybe "heaven" or its Terraria equivalent above that.
  5. Wikkowokki

    Wikkowokki Slimed Zombie

    Ever made a giant tower? Also there is almost nothing in space to explore other then, low gravity.
  6. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    So make space bigger? We know Terraria has at least one moon.
  7. Wikkowokki

    Wikkowokki Slimed Zombie

    I will leave the moon to all of the moon posts thanks.
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  8. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    Pft, I don't read that. I only clicked this topic because it was displayed on the front page with the word "Atheists" and I was hoping to watch a good fight. A "Heaven" biome would be cool though. Maybe ally them with the Hallow, and the Underworld with the Corruption, for a good old fashioned war.
  9. Wikkowokki

    Wikkowokki Slimed Zombie

    I wasn't thinking of that, but heaven could be the anti hell with it's own wall of flesh.
  10. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    Pfft. Everyone knows the Heavens are Lawful Good, the Underworld is Lawful Evil, the Hallow is Chaotic Good, the Corruption is Chaotic Evil.

    And the Player is True Neutral. Despised by all for his indecisiveness!
  11. Wikkowokki

    Wikkowokki Slimed Zombie

    I have no idea how, but that made me make a boss fight.
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  12. Sunboy128

    Sunboy128 Cursed Skull

    If holy altars create new ores, then the old ores should be switched to those altars.
    Leaving some new ores for the demon altars.
    For instance, Uranium could be the dark counter-part for Adamantite.
    And i also think that Heaven could be a pre-hardmode Biome, but whatever, It's just a suggestion.
    And you should probably call it something else, something cloud-related.
  13. Wikkowokki

    Wikkowokki Slimed Zombie

    And naw, pre hardmode is for pussies, this is the opposite of hell in that its the same.
    But then why have hell without heaven?
  14. polakisa

    polakisa Slimed Zombie

    reminds of the aether mod for minecraft X)
  15. MikuoHatsune

    MikuoHatsune Penguin

    I don't agree with fighting angels or raiding Heaven. That is a total attack against any religous beliefe. Now if they wanted to make a heavens like another person suggested with mystical monsters rather then angels then fine. Heavens could simply describe a land in the sky and not be going against any religous belife.
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  16. jadkni

    jadkni Dark Caster

    Not really. Angels are never mentioned as having wings, only artistically depicted as such.

    "Belief" not "belife". It's driving me insane.
  17. Sage of Thyme

    Sage of Thyme Dark Caster

    Things are only offensive if you let them be.

    I don't care if someone is "attacking" my beliefs. I support.
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  18. Mjcabooseblu

    Mjcabooseblu Eskimo Zombie

    A total attack against any religious belief? Are you implying that ALL RELIGIONS have the same concept of heaven? While we're at it, how on earth is this an attack?

    On topic: Very interesting idea, an interesting new take on the "sky realm" suggestion. If people choose to be offended, they can certainly be offended by themselves, while the rest of the community discusses a genuinely interesting idea.
  19. Wikkowokki

    Wikkowokki Slimed Zombie

    Whoever said I was attacking Christianity, if I was, I would be killing Jesus and naming him Christie.
  20. youpi

    youpi Lava Slime

    Uranium armor... I don't think that's a good idea...

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