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  1. zaba

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    A new biome possibly containing yetis, pine-trees, blizzards and more! I was thinking of a vast snow filled landscape that towers over the rest of the world, holding new mobs. Here is the suggestion:


    Undead Viking: frostzombie.png
    90 health
    35 damage (on contact)
    20 damage (ranged attack)
    3 armor
    Same script as Zombie, only throwing javelins as well.

    Yeti: yeti.png
    120 health
    45 damage (on contact)
    4 armor
    High speed, chases player. Drops silver.
    Drops: (2% chance, Frozen Lance/100% chance, 5-10 silver)
    Mob is found on the surface of the mountains.

    Moose: MOSSE.png
    75 health
    20 damage (on contact)
    1 armor
    Drops: (50% chance, Moose pelt/100% chance, 5-10 silver)
    Mob is passive, wandering the mountain, fairly common. Will attack if provoked. Attacking, it charges and follows the player

    Viking (Default): VIk.png
    100 health
    25 damage (spear,contact)
    20 damage (javelin)
    3 armor
    Drops: (100 chance, 5-10 silver)
    Spawns in Viking Temple.

    Grizzly Bear:[​IMG]
    140 health
    30 damage (on contact)
    3 armor
    Drops: (100% chance, 5-10 silver/3% chance, Bear-Skin-Hat)
    33% chance of being hostile, will always attack if provoked.

    600 health
    35damage(on contact)
    Drops: (35% chance, mammoth tusk/100% chance 35 silver)
    Passive until provoked, when in combat charges at player at two times its normal walk-speed every 3 seconds

    Ice Slime: ICE slime.png
    70 health
    25 damage (on contact)
    2 armor
    Drops from icicles upon the ceilings of caves in the mountains, upon death it spawns water that will turn into a block of ice.

    Slush beast:[​IMG]
    250 health
    3 armor
    30 dmg (on contact) slows player down by 30%
    50 splash Slows player down by 30% for 5 seconds
    Large masses of sludge roaming the floors of ice caves sometimes letting out a plume of bone chilling air.
    Drops 50% bottled slush 100% 10 silver coins

    Ice Bat: Ice bat 2.png [​IMG]
    65 health
    15 damage (on contact)
    2 armor
    Normal bat AI, when hit player walk speed is reduced by 15% for 3 seconds. Found in ice caves.

    Pit Dweller:[​IMG]
    140 health
    45 damage (spits ice-shower: 3 seconds duration, 4 second cooldown, -15% speed for 3 seconds.)
    50 damage (on contact)
    5 armor
    Drops: (2% chance, Blizzard Staff/100% chance, 5-10 silver)
    Entrenched in ice, like an Antlion

    Antifreeze Burrower: Head.png BHODY.png TAWl.png
    health: 750
    damage: 60
    armor: 15
    special abilities: melts snow he burrows through, reverting snow blocks to their normal state and making him visible, Rarely found in ice caves
    drops: (100% chance, 5-10 silver/100% chance, 5-10 heat powder)
    Additional notes: Antifreeze is a worm similar to devourer.

    Frost Warrior: Frost giant.png
    85 health
    25 damage (on contact, ice ball)
    5 armor
    Drops: (33% chance, Ice Chunk/100% chance, 5-10 silver)
    Occasionally shoots ice balls like a caster mob

    Frost Giant: [​IMG] (player included in picture)
    150/300 health
    25/50 damage (on contact)
    40/60 damage (ranged attack, also renders player immobile, frozen for 3 seconds)
    5 armor
    Drops: (2% chance, Ice Hurl/20% chance, Ice Jewel)
    Has 2 size variants one would be frost brute with has 150 hp and the other frost giant with 300 hp. The frost giant would be twice as tall as the frost brute.


    Frozen Chest: Ice blocker.png
    Just another skin for Chest

    Defrost powder: Defrost powder.png
    Much like any other powder except used to melt ice blocks
    and restore snow blocks. dropped by the Antifreeze Burrower

    Ice arrow: frostarrow.png
    9 dmg
    35% chance to slow enemies walk speed and attack speed by
    30% for 5 seconds

    Shrine of odin:[​IMG]
    Found in special rooms in viking temples if broken causes viking invasions

    Crusher: Thor hammer.png
    38 damage
    Low range
    Slow Speed
    Knockback of 7 bricks
    Drops off a boss(Berkthgar)

    Glowing ice spike:Light source for ice caves

    Ymir's Plight: Yimmirs plight.png
    35 damage
    Slow speed
    Same range as blade of grass
    Slows enemies 60% for 3 seconds on hit, does not count for bosses
    Rarely found in chests in viking temples
    The very blade that put down Ymir himself.

    Frozen Twist - th_FrozenTwist.png From New Weapon Classes by-Delra
    24 (12 per slash) Damage
    Average Speed
    Medium range
    50% chance to freeze enemies for 3 seconds after 10 hits in a row
    found in frozen chests.

    Glacial bow:[​IMG]
    9 damage
    crazyfast speed
    crafted from 100 ice blocks silver bow and
    10 ice chunks 10% chance to freeze baddies on hit

    Frozen Lance: Frozen lance.png
    35 damage
    Medium range
    Slow speed
    Sows enemies speed by 30% for 3 seconds upon hit
    Drops off yetis and in frozen chests

    Ice Fury: Ice flail.png
    25 damage
    5 second cooldown
    Found in chests
    Immobilizes enemies (excluding bosses) for 3 seconds on hit

    Blizzard Staff: [​IMG]
    18 damage
    Slow Speed
    Slows enemies on hit for 30 for 3 seconds, bosses for 5%
    Drops off Pit Dwellers

    Frost Shard Blaster (Gun):[​IMG]
    Damage: 26
    Speed: Very Fast
    Ammo: Ice Blocks
    Crafting: Handgun,10 ice shards, 75 Ice Blocks, 10 Bladeflowers
    on hit 50% chance to freeze enemies.

    Fires icicles that pierce an enemy then explode, sometimes causing freeze.

    Ice Block: Ash_Block.png
    Found on surface of ponds and lakes of the highlands, make up most the walls and floors of ice caves. Players slip on the surfaces of ice blocks which can be mined, they can be collected by the players ,if bottom of block is exposed to 2 free spaces icicles will form icicles have a 1/10 chance to turn into ice slimes, the block will melt into water if placed in underworld. When broken drops a block of water. Starting picks are ineffective against this material.

    Snow: snowy.png
    Rains down from sky in highlands, turns dirt blocks into snowy dirtblocks and stone into snowy stone...ect after a while of being snowed on a pure snow block will form on top of it

    Pure Snow Brick:[​IMG]
    the left over brick from an avalanche and found on top of snowy blocks can be mined has the same gravity properties of old mud blocks if walked on for a while the player will sink in one block deep

    Ice Brick: Mythril brick.png
    Crafted from 2 ice blocks, does not melt outside of Highlands. Players will slip on this brick, starting picks are ineffective against this material.

    Ice Brick Wall: Ice brick wall.png
    Crafted from ice brick

    Ice Shard: Ice shard.png
    Material for crafting frost armour and ice flail

    Ice Wall: Ash_Block.png
    Melts into water in the underworld, crafted from ice bricks.

    Frozen Grapoon (flail): Harpoon.png
    20 damage
    Slow speed
    Pulls small humanoid enemies towards you upon hit, second click releases them.
    Found in frozen chests in viking temples

    Bear skin hat (vanity):[​IMG]
    Beef eaters.... Dropped by bears 3% chance

    Kilt (vanity): fancykilt.png
    What good is an Scottish lad without one? (Taken from viking raids on Scottish settlements.)
    2% chance to be dropped by vikings.

    Ice Hurl: [​IMG][​IMG]
    35 damage
    40 mana
    Slow speed
    Range: 16 blocks
    Renders enemies immobile for 3 seconds on hit
    Fires a large block of ice also has a small splash radius, dropped by frost giants.

    Pine Furnature: Wooden_Chair.png [​IMG]
    Just furnature but slightly darker, found in viking temples

    Frost Armour:[​IMG]
    Helm: 5 armor (silver helm, 13 ice chunks, 2 rubies)
    Breastplate: 6 armor (16 ice chunks, 3 rubies)
    Grieves: 5 armor (13 ice chunks, 2 rubies)
    Set Bonus: On melee hit: attack and walk-speed slowed by 20% for 4 seconds.

    Norse Armor: Norman plate.png
    Helm: 5 armor (Iron helm, 1 diamond, 10 ice chunks)
    Breastplate: 6 armor (Iron beastplate, 3 diamonds, 14 ice chunks)
    Grieves: 5 armor (Iron greaves, 1 diamond, 10 ice chunks)
    Set Bonus: +10% axe damage, +10% melee speed, +15%walk speed, +10% melee crit chance.

    Moose-hide set (Vanity) [​IMG]

    Moose pelt: moose pelt.png
    Used to create Moose pelt clothing

    Frost Jewel: Frost jewl.png
    Found in frozen chests and on giants, combining 3 allows the player to summon the boss Ymir's offspring, if in the boss room.

    Glowing ice spike: Puck.png
    alot like a jungle spore but for the ice caves gives of light for 8 blocks
    can be shattered with any weapon.


    Like vines but they grow on ice instead.
    (size and shape varies)

    Bottled slush:[​IMG]
    Droped by slush beast can be used for crafting


    damage 40
    speed slow
    found on the peak of the tallest mountain of the highlands
    on hit 25% chance to knock back mob 20 blocks. 0_0
    idea by

    Chilled Protector:[​IMG]
    +3 defense
    Negates knock back
    25% chance to freeze baddies for 3 seconds (when you recive close combat dmg)

    Ymir's Offspring: sprited by Zblueboltz

    7000 health
    70 damage ( on contact)
    120 damage (jumps, attempting to land on player, his shadow will warn where he is jumping)
    Summons Ice Warriors for support
    13 armor
    If trapped in a pit he will destroy blocks and charge/jump out to avoid range-farming him.
    Picture him as a giant ice god-figure

    Pleisosaur: [​IMG]
    (idea By RandomFox)

    6000 health
    45 damage (on contact)
    30 damage (ranged, slows player for 30% for 3 seconds)
    11 armor
    Giant dinosaur-like enemy from prehistoric times, found at the bottom of the frozen lake...frozen.
    Swims after player until the player leaves water. Once player leaves water he will poke his neck out of the water and will spray an icy mist( like Aqua Scepter) at the player. If the player leaves the area it will regain its health, staying in the lake until defeated.

    Midguard Serpent Idea by
    DemonSword And Cupcake Massacre

    -Tail Swipe- 70 Damage unarmored
    -Poison Fang- 50 Damage unarmored, instant poison for 6-12 seconds
    Phase type:
    -Frost Crush- 80 Damage unarmored, Pillars of ice fall, 3 Pillars on Phase 1, 5 on Second/Third (If a Third becomes possible)
    -Constrict- Player is Bound to the Boss for x seconds, if player has not tried to get out by attacking, last second does a random move (Non-Ultimate, can use Phase 1/2 moves) which does the damage, move then unavoidable.
    Planet Rattler- Summons floating "planetoid" like rocks that will try to encase the player inside, encasement does 50 Damage regardless of Armor and explodes doing 120 damage. Can be avoided. Gives time to heal once encased, but after all is done, applies Debuffs [Darkness, On Fire!!, Curse]
    Occasionally mini snakes will pop out of the boss that deal 6 dmg and have 15 hp


    Pine Tree: pinetree.png
    A normal tree grown in the highlands, would spawn as pine tree

    Blade Flower: Blade leaf.png
    Blade Flower Seeds: Blade flower seeds.png
    Used to make berserker potion, found on surface of mountain blooms for 10 mins every 2 days

    Winter Shard: winter shard.png
    "Seed" for planting snowy bricks and snow fall found by removing snow off of blocks 1/12 chance for snowy bricks to drop winter shard. Basically acts like jungle grass seeds, but only spreads as far as the mountain biome.

    Frost Cap: Frost cap.png
    Seeds: Frost cap seeds.png
    Used to make Ice-path potion and Wisdom potion, found in ice caves, blooms when on top of ice blocks.


    Wisdom potion: [​IMG]
    Alerts player of what enemies lie ahead by showing a bubble above the player's head displaying the upcoming monster
    Duration: 5 mins
    Recipe: (Bottled water+FrostCap+Moonglow+bottledslush)

    Berserker potion: bezerker.png
    Melee speed increase: 15% (cap still applies)
    Melee damage increase: 15%
    Walk-speed increase: 5%
    Duration: 5m
    Recipe: (Bottled Water + Deathweed + Bladeflower + Fireblossum)


    An avalanche is a event that happens on the highlands that has a 50% percent chance of occuring daily it leaves a large deposit of Pure snow on a random part of the highlands

    Ice berg:

    a small body of hollow ice located in the ocean near the ocean next to the highlands contains one frozen chest.

    A blizzard is and event that takes place on the surface of the highlands a Blizzard will cause a player to have a 50% chance every 5 seconds to be pushed back 3 to 5 blocks
    Duration-Half a day
    25% chance every day

    Hot spring: Hot spring.png
    A small body of water located on the highlands When standing in health regens faster. (basic idea)

    Viking Temple: Vik temple.png
    Temple to the Norse gods. Found entrenched in the side of the highland slopes, contains frozen chests.

    (the drawing is crude, just a general idea)

    Overall view of the biome (basic drawing)
    Based upon RandomFox's statement, here is ButterBuns' suggestion:

    Viking raids. They happened IRL, Norsemen would launch raids upon small villages, loot, burn, slaughter. This would fit perfectly in here.
    1. Player with 400 health on the server
    2. No raid in the last week (every week has a base 40% chance of happening)
    3. Shrine to Odin has not been destroyed

    Viking Berserker:
    150 health
    15 armor
    60 damage (on contact)
    Passive skill: Rend: 10% chance to apply on a successful hit, reduces armor value by 15
    Skill: Charge!: +25% movement speed, immune to knockback for 10 seconds
    Drops: (100% chance, 5 silver/100% chance, 1-3 Ice Shards)

    Viking Hunter:
    120 health
    15 armor
    20 damage (on contact)

    30 damage (arrow, cannot be deflected by swords, but be dodged)
    Passive Skill: Snare: -20% movement speed on hit, 30% chance of applying
    Drops: (100% chance, 5-10 wooden arrows/100% chance, 5-10 silver/ 100% chance 1-3 ice Shards)

    Viking Shaman:
    100 health
    10 armor
    40 damage ( iceball, like goblin shamans/fire imps)
    Skill: Summon wolf: Summons wolf, up to 1 wolf maximum per shaman
    Drops: (100% chance, 5-10 silver/0.5% chance, Ice Hurl)

    Wolf stats:
    120 health
    5 armor
    50 damage (on contact)
    Passive skill: Torn throat: 10 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds (ignores armor, 30% chance to apply upon damage)
    Drops: Nothing

    Now, you have defeated this raid once. What if you do not want this to happen anymore? Well, you have to raid the viking temple. As seen on page 1, the temple will lie somewhere on the mountain, you have to find it. You can hack 'n' slash your way through hordes of bloodlusty vikings 'til you find the "Shrine to Odin" somewhere in the middle of the viking temple, not too far in though, as these mobs are tough. Then, you have the option to destroy the shrine. If you do so, all mobs in the temple stop spawning. You have seven days to prepare your town for an assault, the vikings strike back. On the seventh dawn, you get a message foretelling the assault.
    Mobs: Same as on the normal invasion, plus a boss: Berkthgar

    3000 health
    15 armor
    60 damage ( on contact)
    50 damage (He throws his axe, cannot be deflected, only dodged)
    Skill: Frenzied Charge: +30% fun speed, +10 contact damage, lasts 10 seconds
    Skill: Cleave: AoE around him that hits 10 tiles around him, 3 seconds induction, he strikes twice, each hit dealing a 5 tile knockback and 50 damage
    Passive Skill: Frenzy: 20% chance for a 10 tile knockback upon contact damage
    Drops: (100% chance, 5-10 gold/Crusher (currently named Thor's Hammer))

    Berkthgar will be 5 tiles tall, 3 wide. He will spawn when 50 of the 100 mobs of this last invasion are defeated. The reason for his low health is that if he took too long to kill, you'd just get mashed up from fighting other mobs as well as him at a time. Once he is slain the invasion stops, and the rest of the mobs on the screen just charge you, and have 200% damage. Once they are dead the invasion is finished, and the vikings are gone. You still have the option to rebuild the shrine though, once you've rebuilt it mobs start spawning again, and invasions can happen again.

    Ice Dragon section :
    All Ice Dragon content is unlocked in hardcore
    idea by

    Name:Ice dragonling.
    Drops:1-5 gold. Icy scales.
    Sometimes does frozen breath which does a 75% chance to freeze you and make you slower.
    It has a 15% chance to just freeze you when attacking normally.


    Name:Ice dragon.
    How to spawn it:Make an item from icy scales at the shrine that gets destroyed during the invasion and use it at the highest place in the highlands during a blizzard.

    Frost breath:Sends a giant wave of frost at you out of it's mouth dealing about 50 damage and has a 100% chance to freeze you.
    Claw:Just tries to claw you and does about 35 damage his most common attack.

    Drops:30-50 gold, 30-50 True ice dragon scales, Ice dragon fang. (very rare.)

    New armor! And weapon!

    Ice dragon scale armor![​IMG]

    Helmet:11defense. (Made from 40 True ice dragon scales.)
    Scalemail: 12defense. (Made from 60 True ice dragon scales.)
    Greaves: 10 defense. (Made from 50 True ice dragon scales.)

    Set bonus:All your attacks have a chance to freeze!

    Ice dragon fang:A long broad that looks like a frozen fang of a dragon.
    Does 39 damage and has a chance to freeze. (Does not stack with Ice dragon armor.)

    Some of my favorite ideas people suggested
    for this thread listed here:


    1)I posted in one of the other "arctic biome" threads, figured I'd throw my idea in here since the highlands biome is similar. (and a cooler sounding name too)

    I was thinking that during a snowstorm / blizzard, unless you have a fur outfit / fur vanity set (or maybe just a single item "fur pelt" accessory), you would slowly lose health due to the cold. So your character has to actually be properly outfitted to go higher and deeper into the cold. Think of it like the obsidian skull, but for extreme cold. The damage should be slow though, without knockback, but more like a really slow draining of your health. This way, you first priority when enterting the biome would be to hunt some moose or timber wolfs for fur, so you can craft the fur pelt accessory before a snow storm hits.
    did you know Jake the dog and Marcus from gw have the same voice actor
    Another idea that sorta goes along with the above; if the player hasn't been lucky enough to hunt a moose or some other furry animals... you can actually craft another new item: the campfire. Using a lot of wood, some torches, and gels, you can craft a camp fire, that lights up a whole lot of the screen, and acts as protection from the cold (so within a certain range, your health doesn't drain). It would also act as protection against enemies too, which would stay out of reach of the fire and heat. (or maybe it would only repel certain ice-based enemies, such as ice bats or ice giants, which obviously don't want to be near heat) This way the highland biome requires a different strategy to play through, with the player setting up multiple camps along the way to act as pockets of safety, warmth and light. I think this adds more depth to the game-play, as well having the new items you need to craft for this biome, not be too difficult to craft or obtain. you could enter unprepared, but unlike other difficult biomes, you could slowly work your way through the very first time. Maybe have the campfires only require 15 wood, 5 torches, 5 gels. And have the fur pelt accessory be crafted from 5 furs.

    If you're not sold on the idea, 1 screen of pixel art showing your character next to a campfire in the middle of a snowstorm, with great big pine trees in the back, and wolves hanging around the edge of the screen howling in the night might help.

    ALSO, also: fur pelt could halve ALL damage received from ice magic attacks, making it a worthwhile accessory to keep for end game, and the dungeon (if they happen to add new magic attacks)

    As for everything already in this thread, just incredible, the mountain look to it, with indoor and outdoor areas is great. Like having another dungeon area, but above ground.

    Concept for entering the highlands
    This system would allow more room for future biomes.(idea by Arroz2003)

    password for server: holopop

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    lol awesome
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    they are thinking about adding new biomes, maybe thisll be one of them. this is a great idea. this needs ALOT of attention. its a great idea and i support it.
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    The boss should look like this ymir[1].jpg
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    And there could be viking villages there too ! :D
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    Wow :D Looks like me in winter mornings
    Infraction has been given for this message by Darkas-Pony. Details | Aug 4, 2011
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    It's very good, but can you please correct your spelling? I can't tell what some things are.
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    never was my strong point lol
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    Ocean on one side of the map and the Land of Always Winter on another =)
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    The frost lance seems a bit too powerful,
    If you use the flail staying next to someone, you can permanently stun them. =(
    Blizzard staff seems underpowered
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    perhaps and how much damage do you think the blizzard staff should do its a spray so it might be over powered if it does to much damage and i may lower the damage of the spear to 30

    positive feedback?lol
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    Anyone have any pix art ideas for yimmirs offspring?
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    nono the picture is just not showing the whole thing
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    Sorry for being total noob but how do you use that ?
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    70,000 is a bit too high.
    If it were 7000 or 10000 I would agree for it being a boss, as low health enemies really dont make sense with a 70k HP boss...
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    yea it is way over hped up sounds good
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    u copy the url by right clicking and past it in your signature
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    a moose how u guys like[​IMG]
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    I think it should snow and double creature spawn rate

    terraria stuff.png the boss should look something like that

    the green stuff is moss :)

    im working on a better version

    i made the 1st prototype for the boss

    terraria stuff 2.png petty cool huh just imagine that attacking you in terraria

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    I like the yeti sprite. Reminds me of the muppets for some reason.
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