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Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by onlymert07, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. onlymert07

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    hi guys we has a new biome it is the crashed ship


    it is hardmode of meteorite and it have chest the chest have chance of

    *moon charm
    *gravity potion
    *gold coin
    *space gun
    *bars and ores

    these have new monsters and if it is not cleared it summons a new biome
  2. Well, seeing as this is pretty much my idea, I don't have a lot to say, but I'll provide you with what comments I have, in the bullet-point format that I used before:

    • No, you can't has.
    • Why one chest? The items you specified aren't even that rare, so having a single chest for a rare, hardmode event is a bit underwhelming.
    • You should specify what kind of ship it would be, as a spaceship is quite nice, but an alien sailboat would be quite interesting too.
    • Why the Moon Charm, of all things? It's supposed to be a werewolf drop, not alien technology. Just because the word "Moon" is space related, doesn't mean this is a space-themed item.
    • Well, let's start off with the fact that by the time you find this event, you will have accumulated enough wealth to buy a third-world country. Gold is probably the least of your concerns.
    • Why would you need that? Unless we're talking cobalt, mythril or adamantite ores and/or bars that's about as useful as having random furniture generate in the chest and even then, I believe the furniture would be more useful.
    • Would you kindly specify what types of monsters we could expect? You should always include this sort of information, even if it is still in development stage.
    • This was a fairly interesting part and you just seem to have forgotten to address it completely. What kind of biome? Alien-corruption? A flood hive? Some sort of alien colony?
  3. onlymert07

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    you say something true but something false
    *only 1 chest because it is hardmode
    *that summons a biome so we have a new
    *some aliens live in moon or bloodmoon it is possibly to drop moon charm
    but you say good thinks for me I like someone say me interesting thanks
  4. WTFmancat

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    onlymert07 On your second responce to what snoop dog said you actually learned to use english correctly, furthermore never the less this post is meaning less waste of my time to be even looking at it. For some constructive critisim Look up a dictionary Not to offend but bring more information to a post like this it leaves with so many drop offs without a cliff. And if you still do not know what I just said it was a metaphor referring to how you barly leave any information on this post
  5. onlymert07

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    you are critize my english every times but WHY NOT CHECK THAT ─░DEA ???? I want upgrade these ideas but you not commenting :SS and remember you are critizing my english, why you not critize my idea ? (because that is so good?)
  6. Cricket

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    I find it ironic that you are criticizing onlymert07's English while you yourself have many mistakes in your post. Your English is barely better than onlymert07's.
  7. Classikly

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    I bet you double-checked your post for any mistakes before you posted it :D
  8. Cricket

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    For that post, yes I did. I usually don't, but I do when I go grammar nazi.
  9. onlymert07

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    guys not possible to a people suggest something in turkey ? why and I am not 18 I am 12
    edit:I am the best english speaker in my class

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