[Biome] The Moon. It's like Hell, but it's the Moon.

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Are my ideas good?

  1. Yes! Completely!

  2. Nope. Not at all.

  3. Somewhat of Your ideas are good (I specified it in a reply).

  4. Needs something more (I specified it in a reply).

  5. I am happy with what I am now.

  1. DjKmeoW

    DjKmeoW Green Slime

    I recently have been thinking about terraria a bit... So there's a new biome thing I thoguht off... It's the Moon! But first... The Space Dragon Boss!
    It's massive, just like the Wall of Flesh. It has 26000 health points. Killing it will have a 100% chance to drop a Spacecraft bench. You cannot go to the Moon until you have beaten the Space Dragon boss. Using metals like Cobalt, Iron, Mythril and Adamantite you make spaceship parts: Contoller, Turbine, Engine, Wings, Metal Blocks, Metal Block Walls, Cyan Wires, Turrets etc. The spaceship's body is made out of Metal Blocks, Metal Block Walls and Glass. The parts above are exclusively spaceship parts. Any amount of players can get to the Moon as long as they all fit in. The pilot goes to the Controller and presses the F key. The ship leaves the world's grid to move freely without stuttering like an entity. When a player exits the controller (taps F key again), the ship joins world's grid and stands still like a building. To make the Ship's Controller recognize the body blocks, they all must be connected with Cyan Wires. Ok, so here goes the Moon biome-dimension thing thing:
    I noticed that when you go too high up in the sky on Terraria, the gravity decreases (Captain obvious). So, if you go very high up using the spaceship, you could reach the Moon dimension-biome thing. BUT before the moon there is the Outer Space biome. If a player exits the Spaceship there, athey will suffocate and freeze to death. The animation is like the player turns blue then falls out of the world. In the Outer Space, enemy Aliens attack player's Spaceship. Players need to use Turrets they built on Spaceships there. To man an armed Spaceship, there must be two players: One as the pilot and the other as the gunner. There can be more than one gunners. Turrets can also be attached on a house for anti-zombie defense. Ok, so on the Moon, the gravity nearly equals to zero. There are Alien Slimes (that drop Green Gel), Aliens that shoot with space guns (They have 5% chance to drop a space gun of any color), Alien warriors with phaseblades (They have 2% chance to drop a phaseblade of any color) and there's an ore called Moonstone. The Moonstone has yellowish texture, with white waves on it. The Moonstone is an ore like hellstone, though it doesn't pop lava out when mined, but it needs 5 Moonstone and 1 Cobalt Ore to be smelted into a Moonstone bar. The Moon also contains Alien Bases with decent loot but they are hard to enter as they contain laser turrets that can be picked up. A player can craft Alien Tech like Laser Turrets for their homes and Spaceships once they have an Alien Blueprint of a certain item they want to craft in their inventory, at the spacecraft bench. I think that Laser Rifle, Laser Gun, Phasesaber, Phaseblade and other laser weapons of laser has to be only accessed by crafting with Alien Blueprints or stealing from an Alien Base. You can also befriend Aliens... Until they find out you steal their stuff. Alien Bases would also contain Alien Ships (A.K.A. Flying Saucers). They contain lots of laser tech witch can be reassebled or taken home. Regular spaceships crafted by players use fuel like wood, charcoal or oil. Alien spaceships use mana as fuel as they're laser-tech. If mana is depleted, the turret, spaceship, etc. will use alternate fuel: oil. Oil can be crafted using Fireblossom and a Water Bucket. One bucket can be used to travel 250 ft. The fuel tank in the ship is automatically the controller. The controller interface tells how much feet you can travel with a particual amount of fuel. To open the interface, the player needs to simply right click the controller. The spaceship's fuel consumption and speed depends on the engine and turbine number. In Alien spaceships alternate fuel is used in the same way, though they only accept oil as fuel. Charcoal can be crafted at a furnance with 1 wood to 4 charcoal. One wood can go up to 25 feet and one charcoal can go up to 15 feet. Ok, that's all for now!
    I gotta go and remember to post more if you have an idea! I will quote the best suggestions in right here!
    Thank You for Your attention! Even one "Yes" can do a lot! Bye!

    I especially loved the idea of Red Moonstone and Red Meteorite and how the guide encourages You! Oh, the idea with NPCs sharing crafting recipes is cool too!
    Thank You Moon and Star!
  2. Silverity

    Silverity Blazing Wheel

    This will be an amzing mod... if you can pull it off. If you cant pull it off, its a rather bad idea because its extremely hard to pull off. But if it works, Looks amazingly super awesome.
  3. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    What? You stole my idea that I was going to post but never did.

    Actually my idea was a bit different, upon receiving at least one piece of Hallowed Armor (it's meant to be an end game event), your next blood moon would spawn a meteor wielding a new ore know as red moonstone, announced by the message "A strange meteor has landed!" The Guide encourages mining this ore. You craft a spaceship with the ore, and it automatically takes you to the moon (No flying, that's unnecessary and too complex). On the moon there is moonstone, an ore that you can craft stuff out of. There's also high level monsters and several bosses you can fight. You cannot leave the moon while it's day, you can only leave when it's night (when the earth is in the sky). On Blood Moons, the moonstone on the moon becomes red moonstone. It is also possible to find small pockets of red moonstone at any given time. The Moon, being circular, also wraps around. Red Moonstone and Moonstone can only be mined with the adamantite drill or hamdrax. That's pretty much my idea, I never really got into monsters or new items and such.

    I like your ideas, but some features (building the ship, flying the ship, blueprints, ect.) are a little complicated and confusing.

    Blueprints could actually be replaced with another idea I had but never posted. NPC's sharing recipes, you just click crafting in their menu (and maybe pay a small fee) to view special recipes for items that cannot be crafted until they show it to you. For example the mechanic could have a recipe for Red Wire, and maybe aliens could have recipes for special guns and swords...
  4. Zaffre2

    Zaffre2 Mouse

    Oh look, another moon thread. Never seen that one before, am I right?
  5. DjKmeoW

    DjKmeoW Green Slime

    Yep, exactly!
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  6. nogloxiator

    nogloxiator Clinger

    How original!
  7. grimrailer

    grimrailer Green Slime

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  8. onlymert07

    onlymert07 Bunny

  9. Savade

    Savade Bunny

    You're idea was kinda different and not that good,this is terraria it's not a logical game where you have solar systems and galaxies and stuff, it's a place of wonder where only unexpected things can happen,his idea makes the moon more interesting.
  10. Icarusael

    Icarusael Green Slime

    I came here thinking about the Moon too, it is a simple idea :p low gravity and need a special suit or else we run out of air as if we were in the water :) and why not hidding other biome inside the moon? ;)
  11. Trixie Lulamoon

    Trixie Lulamoon Green Slime

    Well, its a good thought, except I don't really like the spaceship idea. I just don't like how it would be almost impossible to make it to the moon without someone as player 2 shooting down the aliens. Also, the WoF style moon boss would kind of be "Awkward" because it would be on the ground. I was thinking of a more Eye Of Cthulhu style boss, that could resemble a moon of some sort. I really like the oil idea, and think that over all with some tweaks this would be a good mod, I don't think it would be implemented into the actual game itself.
  12. Night-Hawk

    Night-Hawk Mouse

    To make it more simple: when you defeat the Space Dragon boss, he drops an item of some sort that lets you go to the moon?
  13. Wall of Steel

    Wall of Steel Angry Nimbus

    First of all, TAKE ADVANCED TECH OUT OF YOUR MIND! Spaceships do not fit Terraria whatsoever. Yes, there are guns and mechanical bosses, but bosses are "mythical" creatures and guns are not really guns.

    Second of all, Red said he will not include a space/moon/galaxy/solar biome. Some people really have to check spoilers.

    There are millions of threads about space biomes, so stop crying.
  14. Zombiewalrus

    Zombiewalrus Cursed Man

    I think the mon should be reached by combining some new object with the spectre boots, crafting a space suit and helmet and then flying to he moon like that. All the rocket stuff is not my cup of tea, but everything on the moon itself seems really cool.

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