Biome/World Type Suggestion Megathread

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What biome do you like the most in this list?

Blub, I want an underwater world! 260 vote(s) 55.7%
Nope that's too wet, give me bonedry egyptian dungeon's! 180 vote(s) 38.5%
No! That's way too old, I prefer my biomes a little more modern ... and ruined 204 vote(s) 43.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. TJnr1 Green Slime

    This topic is mainly to easen Blue's pain, as he tries to keep up with the endless flow of suggestions, well... Biome suggestions that is


    Please go trough the topic, I know it's getting really big, but at least take a look at the titles! I will make a more expanded summary from what is in the topic below soon

    Also, if you really want to help me out! Post like this!

    Category of the biome:*Insert category here*

    Wether I may expand on your idea (like I did with others): Yes/No

    What difficulty tier:*Insert Tier here*

    *Actual idea goes here*

    And a link to an original topic will be listed aswell!

    Or, if you really just want to plant that idea, go ahead, the argument above is just (as I said) something to help me out a bit!

    That is all.
    Continue posting.

    Biome suggestion list:
    - Water based biomes
    - Air based biomes
    - Land based biomes
    - Snow based biomes
    - Mountain based biomes
    - Desert biomes (expansion)
    - Ancient biomes
    - City biomes
    - Underground biomes
    - Misc biomes
    - Biome and World mechanics ideas
    More to come

    Water based biomes:

    Basicly, this biome is a representation of underwater worlds, like seas, lagoons and lake's.
    The main feature here will be new plants and fish that are either passive and fishable with a fishing rod, or hostile and will try to kill the player for example a shark, or a giant eel, that moves trough water like a giant worm trough earth.
    Within these underwater biomes you will find underwater dungeons, for example, an old underwater city, or just a flooded dungeon. The loot here would be primarily based on water.
    This also brings a new place for a boss, like a monster, leviathan, kraken, moby dick? Whatever, you get it, sea monster bosses.
    If this where to be added, a boat would be a nice addition.

    This would be low to high tier

    An Idea from one of our readers! (by Panther876)
    Also, concept art from aavri!

    The Aquifers:

    , Read it all @ (By jojinator)

    This would be medium tier (my opinion)

    The Marshlands:

    If you can't remember, the mud was pulling you down. Originally posted here! (by Dito)
    Do you like mangrove trees? Oversized mushrooms? Or maybe giant insects? Then this biome is for you! Containing mostly plant and insect based monsters, this biome should be relatively easy to traverse trough.

    For a boss I'd like to see a corrupted Dryad, she summons plants and insects to kill you, but doesn't attack herself, she uses teleportation frequently to put a distance in between you and her, so run forest! Run!

    This would be low tier (my opinion)

    Air biomes:

    The Floating Ruins:

    Don't fall down! Originally posted here! (MintE)
    When walking the floating islands, you come across some ruins, towers that are resting onto pieces of floating land, and houses balancing on the clouds themselves.
    This biome brings alot of danger due to the possible danger of smashing your face into the ground below, and some occasional unique flying monsters, like giant eagles, gryphons, etc.
    Upon the small patches of land, there can be no walking mobs, because, sadly, the AI is to retarded for that at the moment :p, as they can't see the difference between a perfectly safe patch of land, and a 1km fall.
    The dungeons would be generated on top and in flying chunks, so that walls will prevent the walking monsters to fall into their deaths.
    A boss in the dungeon would be air based, as the player will undoubtly try and get him to fall down.
    Items found here would be, suprise, air based (maybe a bit sci-fi-ancient-civilisationish?)

    This would be very high tier

    The Stranded Airship

    Even the best pilots make mistakes! But crashing an airship into a floating island is a rather big one!
    This biome is actually more of a dungeon, and is basicly a large steampunk airship, crashed into a floating island, maybe this could be summoned by using a magnet on a floating island (bringing the ships compass out of control), the monsters within the ship are pirate-like people, who attack you on sight, for a boss, suprise, a pirate captain.
    Coming for items, I'd go for some pirate-ish items, handcannons, cutlasses, etc.

    This would be medium tier


    Spppppaaaaaaaaaaccccccceeeeeeeee! (I'm sorry) Originally posted here! (by TheBLueBear)
    Other readers gave their idea aswell, like this opinion!(by xXTechmanXx)
    Some more ideas! (by Cryder)

    And more ideas! (by Hivemind)
    Even more ideas! Read it all @ (by Danahi)

    The Land of Clouds

    Don't get here to soon! Originally posted here! (By tdoe)
    An idea compearable to this! Read it all @ (by Dragovia)

    Biometal Fortress

    Ah, makes me think back at the ufo series... Read it all @ (by Cervos)

    The Shrine of Purification

    See what I did there? Read it all @ (by jmc2048)

    The Aero

    Behold Aero! Dark lord of the skies! Read it all @ (from Neksar)
    Land based biomes:

    The Scorched Plains

    Do you smell something cookin'? Originally posted here by (king of slimes)
    Also some ideas from aavri!
    The Magnified Lands

    Wow, I should stop doing drugs... Originally posted here! (by PyroZombie)
    This would be medium tier (my opinion)

    The Living Woods

    Treehuggers...HuggingTrees Originally posted here! (by Mesaticca)

    The Tree Tower

    Can I build a treehouse in there? Originally posted here! (by tdoe)

    The Parasite

    And the title of Eater of Worlds goes to...! Originally posted here (by KDR_11k)

    "Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" Read it all @ (by Shiroiokami)

    The Realm of Time

    "Time to make your move" Read it all @ (by Zman12380)


    Only if we get sparrows aswell! Read it all @ (by bluestun)

    Spirit World

    Grandma is that you?! Read it all @ (by Dizzard) (CTRL+F)

    Tropical islands

    Sun, sea, and man-eating slimes! Originally posted here! (by lolzerXD)
    Snow biomes:

    General information on the biome... IT IS COLD! Read it all @ (by RandomFox)


    Mining clearly sucks here... Bloody permafrost... Originally posted here! (by iMMaNiNja)
    An idea from one of our readers! (by Liar)
    Some ideas from one of our readers! Read it all @ (by Cervos)

    Few more ideas from our readers on this topic! (by AlphaMiner)
    More ideas on artic biomes from one of our readers! (by RandomFox)

    Mountain biomes:

    Reach for the skies! Orriginally posted here! (by EightBlade)

    I haven't given this one a special name because of a good reason, I think that this should be the standard mountain range, this is just my opinion tough!

    Some ideas of our readers:

    The Mountain Range

    Just like broadback mountain! Only with giants this time! Read it all @ (by DZcannon)

    This would be high tier (my opninion)
    Desert biomes:

    Wan't some more bonedry content? Read it all @ (by DVcannon)

    Arabian culture should not be forgotten! Read it all @ (by Glasswork)

    Temples of the gods

    There should be a chance of a dungeon generating in form of an old egyptian temple or perhaps even a pyramid, these deserts and temples could have their own unique monsters, like scarabs, that tend to fly for short distances, and of course mummies, anubis soldiers, etc etc
    The "God" based monsters might even bring an new event to the game, a "God war", for instance, the monsters of let's say a Rah temple, will head out to attack the monsters of a Anubis temple, it doesn't matter wether they are both in the same desert biome. The soldiers will kill the player when in sight tough, and wimply bash down doors, and attack npc's!
    This also makes room for bosses, perhaps, you could fight mummy kings in old pyramids, and gods in a mortal form in temples (or their priests, winning from a god sounds odd) .

    This would be very high tier

    An Idea from one of our readers! (by tdoe)

    Another opinion! (by bamman1108)
    The Tombs of the Locust King

    The wrath of the locust king be upon ye!, Read it all @ (By ty564321)

    My personal ideas about this would be having locust worshippers and warriors (all mummyfied of course), the warriors would attack the player in close combat, the priests would summon the locust and heal the Locust king actively (with a spell that can be canceled by punching them in the face with the weapon of your choice) Also the Locust king himself should start to flood the floor with sand, trying to drown the player in it before he can get to kill him (this goes very slowly)
    Also instead of darts, they should have throwing rings (like from Xena)

    Another very well explained idea on this biome from one of our readers! (by Thatdudewiththeface)
    This would be veru high tier (my opinion)

    The Glass City

    Don't walk into the glass door again... Read it all @ (by Wulf)

    This would be low tier (my opinion)

    The Mystical Outback

    A sandy biome splitted into 2 parts with vicious snakes, spiders, dingos ... with a Shaman who could give you a quest, quest that could lead to a dream or a nightmare !

    This would be high tier

    Ancient biomes:

    The ruins

    You decide to go behind the forest for exploration, and suddenly you find yourself in an old and abandoned town. Not much too see here, except the occasional ex-living-citizenish thing trying to kill you, this place brings you ruins of an old city, where you can loot and scavenge items of those that once lived here.
    The monsters here wouldn't differ much from original zombies, only with a sligther increase of them spawning trough the night, troughout the city you may find chests with very basic items, tortches iron weaponry and armor, depending on what building it used to be, for exaple, you may find some armor in an old guardtower, or some tortches in a normal home.
    There could be, instead of bosses, mini bosses, for example, a guard captain, a veteran soldier, etc... (all undead of course) and the boss would be a mayor, who is currupted, (like in most towns :p)
    As for special equipment, I suggest on having an Ancient tier, wich is slightly less sturdy then gold, but better then silver.

    This would be low tier

    The Graveyards

    Certain death awaits you there! Originally posted here! (By aavri)
    Made by aavri
    Maybe the tombstones should have a larger chance of spawning a zombie during the night, and you can have little family crest, wich basicly are small underground rooms with items and monsters in it.
    Also this biome should bring the skeletons up to the surface!
    For a boss I'd suggest the Grim Reaper himself, doing med damgage at high speed by spinning his scythe, and moving trough ground and walls, he also soul taps you to leech your mana, when killed he should drop his scythe (stats unknown) and his robes, wich gives a chance of having monsters run away from you, within a relatively large radius, for a certain duration, also, when obtaining the full set of his robes the effect CHANCE increases.
    The robes itself provide no armor tough!

    Some ideas of our readers:
    This would be high tier

    The Abandoned factory/Workshop

    Go capitalism! Originally posted here! (by Greywolfz)
    First of all, I think the factory biome should be linked with the ruins biome! So that it represents the industrial part of that city.
    Also I don't think it would have to be a factory, it could be a workshop, like in medieval times, and most of the loot found there should would represent the original use of the factory, for example, you find alot of weapons in the chest, welcome to the weaponsmith! Or you found alot of books in the chests, Run.
    About monsters and bosses, I would mostly recommend the same monsters as in the ruins biome, for the bosses however, it should be the boss of the factory/workshop. Like a master-tanner (undead of course!), etc.
    As stated before, loot should represent what the place used to make, this would also go into the drops of the monsters, and the bosses

    This would be low tier

    Industrial Waste Deposit

    Hmmmm, is that jelly? Originally posted here (by ShadeMalice)

    The Alien Crash Site

    Hey! That's not a meteorite! Originnaly posted here! (by Szeron)
    Personally, I'd love to see the spaceship shop up (with a very low chance) after you get the "A meteorite has landed", and the shipwreck would be posiioned under the meteorite... Also, crew should still be alive

    This would be high tier (my opininon)

    City biomes:

    City's that contain alot of NPC's, wich all have a certain alignment towards the player, they might help you and be nice, or they might decide to kill you on sight!

    As said, unique NPC's per biome are a must.

    The Dwarven mines

    You are happily mining the depts of the earth, but you hear a sound in the distance! "I-'m a -dw-rf nd -m D-gg-n' a -ole, you investigate and what do you find! A city of dwarvenkin itself!
    This biome is about Dwarves, mining and cave exploration, this is a safe biome, if you do not attack any of the dwarfs (if so, the whole mine comes down upon you). The dwarves have houses, wich are pre-generated, and upon finding the biome, you can have a dwarf move into your base, he would be usefull for (Erm, suggestions? I prefer buying and selling ores, for a high price).
    The items are, suprise, mining based, special pick axes, grappling hooks, and other basic mining stuff.
    The boss would be a dwarven warlord, sitting in a house, that is wealthly decorated

    This is no-threat level (High tier when you try to raid them)

    Ther' be a very nice topic 'bout this aswell! Find it here @ (by Kurohagane)

    The World of Steampunk

    You just got steampunk'd! Originally posted here! (By Menen)
    This is a no-threat level on the surface (but it gets up to high-tier underground) (my opinion)

    The Factory city

    Producin' that corruption! Read it all @ (by Wulf)

    This would be high tier (my opninion)

    The Black Fortress:

    It's just a flesh wound... Originally posted here! (by tdoe)
    The White Castle:

    No, Camelot is a silly place! I came up with this idea thanks to tdoe!

    Same as above, only, what is supposed to be dark and evil, now is holy and good! But wait there is more!
    The player can decide wich faction he is going by killing memebers of the opposite clan! Then the order would accept you and you could be one of their knights, giving you their armor, but don't put on the armor of the opposite faction, because then they will kill you!

    Apart from that, there should be battles on the field aswell, let's say, you get a message: "The earth trembles under the feet of two armies approaching!" Meaning that both clans are about to go into battle!
    There will be knights going in melee, archers firing arrows, priests healing the soldiers (and stealing your children), and mages magickly maging their magick spells!

    Goblin Den

    Time to take the fight to them! Originally posted here! (by tdoe)
    Arcane tower

    "I cast spell!" - Honeydew on wizardry Originally posted here (by bearsuit)
    The Grand Library

    I smite t-SHHHHT! Originally posted here! (by shadowclasper)
    The Prison

    Maybe the safest place in the game! Originally posted here! (by shadowclasper)
    I will add a bit more on this later

    Scary Town

    You are a pirate! Originalli posted here (by aavri)
    Armagedon castle

    Armagedon is he- HEY! That's another game! Read it all @ (by Zman12380)

    I think this should be a world event, a message should appear stating: "The earth trembles, armagedon has come" making this castle come out of the ground, tearing apart the world, and changing all the biomes into a hellish world (YOU WILL HAVE TO CAST THIS SOMEHOW SO DON'T PANIC, let's say, you'd start it by making a car)

    This would be ENDgame tier

    Spectral City

    And whilst walking the land, daytime arrived! Originally posted here! (by CederzXxXBasically)

    Underground biomes:

    The Lost world of the dinosaurs

    Zombies to easy for you? Wel this biome has it covered! Read it all @ (by Shen-Lon)
    Personally, I'm a great fan of this idea, it reminds me of alot of good movies and games.
    But first of all, why only like 4 dinosaurs (none of wich is a T-rex), if you are going for it, then go big, passive dino's, hostile dino's, I'm not saying every dino should be added, just the popular ones.
    About the dino's themselves, much like what we know of them now, they hunt eachother, eat plants, and defend their nests with violence.
    The plants of this biome should be dinosaur based, like large trees, wich drop special acorns, so that you can grow these trees again.
    And let's not forget the insects, mainly the ants, wich grew up to 3 m long. These would form an underground dungeonish place for you to explore to get really ancient loot.
    About bosses, a T-rex. This would be a enemy that rather trys to chrage you and throw you around by grabbing you with his beak. A bronchiosaurus, wich is passive at first, but may be turned hostile when attacked, main attacks would be slamming and trying to crush you.
    And then an Giant Ant Queen! She would attack you by mainly sending ants towards you!

    This would be very high tier (my opinion)

    The Hive

    Bring big boots! Read it all @ (by Quote)

    Other users shared ther eopinion to! Like this one! (by DonutRaider22)
    The Endless Abyss

    This is minecraft 2D! Minecraft? THIS IS TERRARIA! Originally posted here! (by KDR_11k)
    Worm Breeding Grounds

    Fishing, anyone? Originally posted here! (by tdoe)
    Spider lair

    Underworld Dungeon

    Just like the normal dungeon, only a bit hotter... Originally posted here! (by Deoxysprime)

    The Void

    And you tought hell was bad! Originally posted here! (by ShadowDimentio)
    More ideas from our readers! (by Mr.whisker52)
    Slime spawning ground

    "Have you been chasing slimes again?" Originally posted here! (by Jpeg)
    Ancient city of dwarfkin
    (Author, do you approve this title?)

    I'm a dwarf and I'm living in a cave, cavy cavy dwarf! Read it all @ (by toasterpastries)

    Gem Cavern
    An idea very similiar to this idea! (by Slowdownsugar)
    Underground Bunker
    Misc. biomes:

    Treasure rooms

    Small rooms wich can be found underground in caves, or in little temples on the surface, altough, the deeper you go, the more valuable the items get. Also, these rooms should be made out of relativly rare materials, like red stones, gold wals, etc.
    Maybe there could be a standard mini-boss who defends them, and the deeper you go, the more health and damage he has

    Another suggestion rich of content like this is sitting in an treasure chest! Find it here @ (by lazyfireguy)


    No it's not fluorescant pudding... Originally posted here! (by jojinator)
    This biome is base don the landscape around real life volcano's, and the volcano itself of course! Upon closing in on the volcano, ash will start to fall out of the air, you will find cracks and crevices wich contain lava, and when you manage to not fall into the lava and get killed instantly, you will be able to get to the top of the volcano! Here I would suggest a boss fight! A helish monster (demon?) will appear out of the lava, about half the size of skeltron! Upon defeating the boss, he will drop fire base items, and ores but in small quantity's, because he has onther very usefull trait... He will lower the lava in the area to underworld level, allowing you to dig out precious minerals and ores that have formed due to the lava cooling down and forming rocks!

    This would be high tier (very high if you are bad at maneovering difficult terrain)

    An Idea from one of our readers! (by tdoe)
    An idea from another reader! (by Musou_Tensei)
    Biome and world mechanic ideas!

    Themed worlds

    Let's go to candyland, yaaaaaaay! Originally posted here! (by Menen)

    The Skylands

    I believe I CAN'T FLY, SHIT! Originally posted here! (by aavri)
    Deep Space

    SPPppaa... Ah you get it already! Originally posted here! (by tdoe)

    Main part of the world

    Sub-parts of the world

    World event (only on normal worlds)

    As you can see, I re-ordend it into a World suggestion, in stead of a biome suggestion, I hope you don't mind?

    Wacky Wonderland

    Candyla... aw... Originally posted here! (by tdoe)
    Desert World

    I need some bottled water! Read it all @ (by blustun)

    The Insane World

    I actually don't have an little joke for this one, that's insane! Oh wait... Read it all @ (by GenschoTanzakaya)

    The Stormlands

    THUNDASTORM! Originally posted here! (by Anti-Positive)

    World Mechanics:

    The Ferryman

    Let's do this RPG style! Originally posted here! (by aavri)
    This would be very cool, also in order for it to work you should have dynamic spawns, so that you spawn at the end of the map, and not in the middle

    Gravity fields

    Crack the wall, and you've got a vaccuum cleaner! Originally posted here! (by Jack Napier)
    I have seen an angry bones bug out in the game and he was walking upside down, but that was just for the textures, if they where to import this, they would have to adjust alot of the gravity code... But I don't think it's impossible

    And actually, inside the earth there are giant caves, in wich theoreticly, gravity changes, and these are filled with a superstrong type of crystal (10x as strong as diamond), so that would make up for some nice items!

    The Darkness

    Darkness consumes us all... Originally posted here! (by pliskin22)
    Alternate dimensions:

    You are now thinking with portals! Originally posted here! (by shedowclasper)
    I really like the idea of this one, well thought trough...
    And indeed, being a worm sounds uninteresting and takes away the mining aspects of the game! And the world save file does keep track of how many monsters you've killed of what type, it is so, that the eye of chinullu can attack you at night, or that the Eater of Worlds comes out in corruption (yes he now spawns when killing sufficient corruption monsters)
    Maybe have a Portal Mage NPC who sells some kind of "Key" item supply that you place at the center of a Portal-Gate that actually produces the portal once placed so you can right click it >> personally don't like it as much though :p

    The portals are one way. You have to either die (and go back to your home world that way) or bring natural materials from your home world to build a portal BACK.

    The portal you built (and where it links to) would be marked by some glowy swirly >> but to be able to use it to get BACK safely you need to have stone or dirt or something with you <sage nod> and construct another portal-gate around it to allow you to go back :D[/quote]

    And slime girls... Someone spent alot of time looking at aavri's sig! :p

    This would have a varying tier (medium to very high)

    Some ideas from one of our readers! (by Musou_Tensei)
    Another idea from one of our readers! Read it all @ (by jmc2048)

    Left to Right biome system

    For polar bears head right please! Originaly posted here! (by ToG)

    The Battle Lands

    Darling! Fetch me battleaxe! Read it all @ (by Jesushat)

    Ice world

    Diggin' them pinguings bro! Originally posted here! (by Dark Kreig)

    Multiple world ideas

    Read it all @ (by SmorepionKid)

    Game modes:

    The Arena

    To the death! Originally posted here! (by tdoe)
    An Idea from one of our readers! (by shadowclasper)
    I like this one ALOT!

    What about your ideas reader?
    Please do post ideas, if the other posters and myself find it good I will undoubtly add it to the thread!
    Or, do you know a topic that I've not seen yet?
    Please tell me, so that I can contact the authors and ask them wether I may add the ideas here!
    Do not steal an idea from another user.
    If I forgot to mention your name, topic link and possibly updates posted by you, feel free to punch right in my face with a PM!

    -Floating Fortress
    Did I forget to put something on the list? Please tell me!

    Special thanks to:
    -aavri, Pro contributer, frequent reader, concept artist
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  2. Skipper Scootaloo Dungeon Guardian

    Well, My biome is going here. The Aquifers. An underground water filled cavern.

    (He contacted me)
  3. TJnr1 Green Slime

    Added ty564321's Locust King tombs idea
  4. aavri Cursed Skull

    Graveyard Biome: Only on the overworld. Spawns ghouls and whips. Can find tombstones, gravedirt, and other things here. Has a plant called fogweed you can plant to create fog in an area.
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  5. TJnr1 Green Slime

    Added jojinator's Aquifers! Going to change lay out soon! Currently it looks like I'm prioretising my ideas, wich is not wat I want! I want classes and sub-classes...and cookies
  6. TJnr1 Green Slime

    Added Aavri's Graveyard Biome idea! Mind if I continue thinking on other additions? Or is there perhaps a link to a topic you made about this?
  7. Skipper Scootaloo Dungeon Guardian

    I got two more sections of the aquifers done. The main idea is done, with only the boss of the area and the craftable and findable weopons left. And since the weopons section isn't big and is mainly just me saying "Red and Blue will make the weopons, not me, but here are 2-3 ideas" I'm nearly done.
  8. aavri Cursed Skull

    Adding more to the graveyard idea: There are iron fences in the background and iron gates (with spikes on top so jumping on them is a no-no) at each end of the graveyard. Destroying some special tombstones in the graveyard will cause a bloodmoon to rise. Finally: special "dead" trees will be in the area. While some trees are truly dead, there are also evil tree spirits that will attack you if you walk pass.

    keep adding ideas to the graveyard TJnr1. I was just posting a basic concept.
  9. MrManNo1 Green Slime

    My problem with all of these biome suggestions is that the world isn't particularly large. Adding in too many biomes would make it so worlds don't get all of the available biomes. I wonder if there's a workaround for that.
  10. TJnr1 Green Slime

    Well, that backs up the cross server item system, imagine, you are playing and a friend PM's you:

    Dude I've found an awesome pyramid/ruined city/etc., come check it out!,
    Because you might never have found one of them yet, you have a look at the dungeon, and you can play with a friend! 2 for 1 just like that, no seriously now, I think these add some value to the multiplayer experience, and the feeling of... Rare

    Also these biomes don't have to be 1/4th of a world big! And from what I've seen and heard from the LP's they get pretty big, even on small
  11. MrManNo1 Green Slime

    But it also means that you can't stick to one server. If you want the cool item from the pyramid "biome", you have to go to a different server. And then you have to find another server, because neither of those servers have the ruined city "biome."

    Without either lengthening the world significantly, or making all of the biomes prohibitively small, anything larger than, say, 8-10 overworld biomes are too many. And we already have 4 (5 if you count the ocean as its own biome).
  12. aavri Cursed Skull

    Well, they could add the special or needed biomes for the smallest world and move up from there. However, the biomes alone never add any tier of content that can't be made up else were.

    Example of the tiers. Current tiers seem to go like this for areas

    Overworld -> Dirt level underground -> Stone level underground -> Corruption -> Dungeon -> Underworld/Underground jungle. Floating islands and an Ocean biome (since every world has an ocean that is not used currently) won't hurt or hamper.

    however a larger world might have...

    Overworld -> Dirt level underground/graveyard -> Stone level underground/Ruins/desert -> Desert Temple/Dungeon -> Underworld/Underground Jungle.

    While the new biomes does add flavor, the players shouldn't miss anything major with the first path on a smaller world.

    I only count 4 overworld biomes.... Normal, Desert (which needs to be flushed out more), Corruption, and the Ocean at each end (which also needs to be flushed out more). Dungeon really isn't an overworld biome. It starts in the overworld for a tiny part, but then dives underground. That is like chasms. Sure, they start on the overworld but quickly dive down.
  13. TJnr1 Green Slime

    Fully Edited The Graveyards (by aavri) Also, added some personal ideas about the biome
  14. Skipper Scootaloo Dungeon Guardian

    Take down the more info later. I added TONS of info.
    In fact, not much info left.
  15. MrManNo1 Green Slime

    Takes up roughly a screen and a half. On a large map, that's 2.5% of the map. It's sufficiently large that it can be considered a biome on the overworld.
  16. Greywolfz Green Slime

    what about a factory biome? with forges and stuff
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  17. TJnr1 Green Slime

    It could be a part of the ruins biome, all abandoned and stuff?

    Jojinator's idea has been taken out of the OC face and changed the layout a bit

    Added Greywolfz idea, with some of my ideas
  18. TJnr1 Green Slime

    Added a link to Kuroghane's Dwarven topic
  19. TJnr1 Green Slime

    Updated with Wulf's two bime suggestions!
  20. Ditto Zombie

    I think there should be a sort of swamp/pond biome, doesn't really have to be very big at all and can just consist of a small pond with a few trees, some tall grass with cattails mixed in, and a few lily pads sitting on the surface of the water. What I like about this idea though, is that you can stand on the lily pads without falling into the water, and you can surface through them, so they act like wooden platforms that float on the surface of water. And you could pick them up and place them elsewhere (on water) to boot. :)
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