TConfig Black Pelma mod v.1.1

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Aphonopelma, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Aphonopelma

    Aphonopelma Green Slime

    Black pelma weapons mod.png

    New update of my first Terraria mod!

    If you would like to see more in this mod, please suggest stuff I could add, it's pretty
    hard to come up with good idéas.

    If you want a download of this mod, be patient, and please, share this post with
    other people.

    Full changelog so far:
    19-12-2012 --> 21-12-2012

    +Added Shadow
    +Added Magic Anvil
    +Added Inferno Sword
    +Added Inferno Orb
    +Added Electrium
    +Added Electrium Blade
    +Added Death Bow
    +Added Deadly Arrow

    21-12-2012 --> 23-12-2012

    +Added Ultima round
    +Added Gigashark
    +Added Obsidian pickaxe
    +Added Ice Shard
    +Added Ice piece
    +Added Hero's pickaxe
    +Added Thor's hammer
    -Removed Magic anvil
    -Removed Changed the amount of Inferno Orb from 15 to 20
    -Removed Changed the crafting recipe for electrium from needing 20 copper, iron etc, to 15
    -Removed Changed the crafting recipe for the Death bow from needing a Wooden bow, to a Demon bow
    -Removed Tweaked the Death bow shoot speed

    All items:

    Deadly arrow
    damage: 8
    knockback: 2
    Shootspeed: 6
    Tooltip: Can stack up to 500!!!

    Death bow
    Damage: 25
    Knockback: 3
    Shootspeed: 14.6

    Electrium blade
    Damage: 34
    knockback: 7.3
    usetime: 30 -Higher = Slower-

    Tooltip: This is a magic item
    Value: 10 gold coins

    Damage: 30
    knockback: 5
    Shootspeed: 10

    Hero's pickaxe
    Damage: 10
    Knockback: 2
    usetime: 18

    Ice piece
    Tooltip: Cold...
    Value: 10 silver coins

    Ice shard
    Tooltip: Cold...
    Value: 50 silver coins

    Inferno orb
    Tooltip: As hot as middle earth!
    Value: 3 gold coins

    Inferno sword
    Damage: 8
    Knockback: 1
    usetime: 12

    Obsidian pickaxe
    Damage: 1
    Knockback: 1
    usetime: 1
    Tooltip: This pickaxe cannot be used for mining

    Tooltip: There's a shadow stalking you...
    Value: 1 gold coin

    Thor's hammer
    Damage: 45
    Knockback: 1
    usetime: 44
    Hammer power: 60
    Tooltip: Hit your enemies as hard as lightning hits the ground!

    Ultima round
    damage: 15
    knockback: 5
    Shootspeed: 5

    The mod is not available for download yet.
    It will be if more people get interested.
  2. Npatterson10

    Npatterson10 Cursed Skull

    What a shameful thread
    but the mod is nice.
  3. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

  4. Aphonopelma

    Aphonopelma Green Slime

  5. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Perhaps some non-video information would be nice?
  6. Npatterson10

    Npatterson10 Cursed Skull

    Yes, that would help that and an introduction.
  7. Aphonopelma

    Aphonopelma Green Slime

    Yeah, sorry for not doing that, I was in a rush when I posted this.
    But sure, I can post some written info.
  8. Aphonopelma

    Aphonopelma Green Slime

    Now when I wrote down some info will you take some of your time to read it?
  9. Npatterson10

    Npatterson10 Cursed Skull

    Just did and I think the tooltips could be a little more flavorful.
    I mean "This is a magic item." isn't really that good. It should more like "This items seems to be giving off a mystical aura."
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  10. Oblithirate

    Oblithirate Green Slime

    Looks Like A Nice Start. But Adding Some Crafting Information On The Diffrent Items Might Help.
  11. Aphonopelma

    Aphonopelma Green Slime

    It's in version 1.1 I've just started with this mod, but thanks for the tip.
  12. Aphonopelma

    Aphonopelma Green Slime

    Thank you.
    I will post crafting recipe once the mod is released, I see no point in doing that right now, because all crafting recipes are not done.
  13. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    I would look at some other mod showcases to see how to format yours.

    It's hard, at least for me, to enjoy reading about a mod (or get interested) if there's no sprite attached to the text (unless it's a complete WIP). It would be easier to collapse the items into smaller sections appropriately, as well. It's not only just visually appealing to look at but more easy to understand when reading the thread.

    That's just my 2 cents but this mod doesn't look that bad either, btw.

    EDIT: Also, "As hot as middle earth" doesn't make any sense. Maybe if it was as hot as Mordor or something.
  14. Oblithirate

    Oblithirate Green Slime

    EDIT: "It will be if more people gets interested." "It will be if more people get interested."
  15. Aphonopelma

    Aphonopelma Green Slime


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