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    Simple suggestion to change an obvious game mechanic flaw with the introduction of hardmode and the clown. Basically, in its current state, too many blocks are destroyed by bombs. It also seems that only hellstone (and possible hellstone brick) are the only blocks that won't break when near explosions. The problem with using these to protect your home is obvious, NPCs won't live in houses made of hellstone. So, the obvious solution sets in. Make certain blocks more resistant to explosives. I would do it on a scale of 1-4 for simplicities sake.
    4 - indestructible to anything.
    3 - indestructible to bombs resistant to dynamite.
    2 - resistant to bombs.
    1 - No resistance
    Some example of each number would be: 4 - Hellstone Brick 3 - Most other types of brick + Ebonstone 2 - Stone, Gems, etc 1 - Dirt, Sand, Mud, Glass, etc #? - Ores should be spread across the levels based on their overall difficulty to obtain.

    Obviously this change would call for a rework of the way explosives...well, explode. I was thinking something along the lines of: When a bomb explodes, it has a certain value, 2, which should be it's "health". For every block within range,it checks to see if if can be destroyed starting with the nearest block and working its way outward in all directions until it reaches how every many blocks the bomb can reach (seems like around a radius of 4 from the origin) in a linear fashion. If it reaches a block it cannot destroy, the explosion won't progress in that direction. If it reaches a block with the same resistance number as base health, a value (I was thinking 1 if a bomb, 0.6 if dynamite) is subtracted from its health. Once it reaches 0 health in a certain direction, the explosion won't progress. If something like this already exists, disregard this paragraph.

    Note: I have not played in hardmode yet, but I have read many times about this being an issue and I am nearing that point myself.

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