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    Blind PVP
    A fun PVP game mode for Tshock based Terraria Servers
    By Opalium/Sonic

    Welcome to Blind PVP!

    Blind PVP is a fun PVP game mode for Terraria that brings a refreshing new game-play experience to the game we all love.
    In Blind PVP, players take part in a PVP deathmatch - with a twist: everyone is invisible!
    The players cannot see each other, and must try to find and kill their enemies while only using a specific group of items.
    Hunt your enemies, ambush unexpecting players, and remember to always watch your back...

    - Automatic handling of players - keeping them invisible, handling deaths, PVP mode and group assigning, etc.
    - Random respawn locations - players will respawn at random locations to make the game more unpredictable - all you have to do is place a bed at the location. (More details below)
    - Server Side Characters (SSC) based - safely modify a character's stats and items without affecting the actual character save.
    - Customizable - allows the user to set what items can be used, player HP and MP, monster spawning and other options.
    - Periodic item check - prevents players from using banned items or bringing their own items (trash-can exploit, for instance).
    - AFK feature - players may take a break from PVP using a single command.
    - Auto Idle kicking - kicks players who are inactive for a period of time, defined by the user.

    Notice: I have tested this mod as much as I could, but you may still run into bugs or other problems with it. If you ever do, please report them to me so I can work on fixing them.

    **Blind PVP requires a server running Tshock**
    **Blind PVP currently works on API 1.14 - meaning it supports all Tshock versions since Terraria v1.2**
    1. Extract BlindPVP.dll to the "ServerPlugins" folder at your Terraria Server directory.
    2. Run the server. You will see a message informing that Blind PVP has been loaded successfully and that the config was created.
    3. Close the server and browse to your the Tshock folder at your server directory. There, you will find a new file named blindpvp.json - this is the config file.
    4. Open the config file with any text editor and edit the settings to your liking. You can find more information about how to edit those settings below.
    5. Run your server and select your world. After it loads, the plugin will generate the spawn list. Wait for it to finish.
    6. Done! You may now connect to your server and start playing Blind PVP!
    You can customize the behaviour of Blind PVP using the .json config file, located inside "TShock" in your Terraria Server directory. You can open this file with any text editor.
    The following will explain the meaning of every variable:
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    "Items": Here you can define which items will be given to the players when they play Blind PVP. You can supply any item ID, allowing a variety of gameplay styles.
    If you define an item that has a stack, the maximum stack of this item will be given. You can define the same ID multiple times to give multiple copies of it.
    If no value is given, the default items (Sniper Rifle, Magic Mirror, Dual Hook and two stacks of Crystal bullets) will be given.
    "Items": [

    "ItemStacks": Here you can define how much of each item defined in "Items" will be given to the player. You must define a value for each item defined, in the order they were defined.
    If you set an invalid value, define more/less values than needed or leave it blank/null, the plugin will ignore this setting and provide the player with the maximum stack size of each item.
    Notice that non-stackable items (like weapons) will always have a stack size of 1.
    "ItemStacks": [
    Will set an amount of 1 to the first item you defined, 20 to the second, 250 to the third and 999 to the fourth.

    "MaxHp": The maximum Health (life) points players will have when playing. Must be a number between 100 and 500.
    "MaxMp": The maximum Mana Points players will have when playing. Must be a number between 0 and 200.

    "IdleAutoKick": Whether or not to kick players who do not start playing (using /letsplay) after a while. If this is true, you may set how many minutes will it take to kick those players at the next setting.
    "IdleAutoKickTime": How often(in minutes) will the server wait before kicking players who don't start playing. If "IdleAutoKick" is disabled, this setting is ignored.

    "LimitAfk": Whether or not to kick players who stay AFK (using /afk) for a while. If this is true, you may set how many minutes will it to kick those players at the next setting.
    "LimitAfkTime": How long (in minutes) will the server wait before kicking players who stay AFK. If "LimitAfk" is disabled, this setting is ignored.

    "AllowMonsters": Enables or disables monster spawning when using Blind PVP. Some people may find it useful.

    "HealOnRespawn": Enabling this will heal the player every time they respawn. This includes using Magic Mirror!

    Creating Random Spawn Points:
    Whenever a player dies in Blind PVP or uses the Magic Mirror, he will respawn at a random spawn point. A spawn point can be set by placing a Bed object at that location.
    When you start the server, the plugin will set a spawn point wherever there is a bed in your world (except for locations where it is impossible to respawn).

    You can also edit those locations after the server has loaded! Just use the command /reloadspawns (Must have the permission "blindpvp.spawns") and you're good to go!

    Version History:
    Fixed two typos.
    Initial release.


    Q: What Terraria version is this mod for?
    A: This mod supports all versions from 1.2 to (API version 1.14) - it all depends on your TerrariaServerAPI and Tshock version.
    If you aren't sure (or have no idea what I just said), just download the newest version of Tshock - and it'll be fine.

    Q: How do I start playing?
    A: Just type /letsplay in chat. It's simple as that.

    Q: I have added/changed some beds in the map but the spawn points do not change!
    A: Use /reloadspawns (must have the "blindpvp.spawns" permission) to regenerate the spawn list.

    Q: Do I need to make a new character to play Blind PVP?
    A: Not at all! Blind PVP uses Server side characters, meaning that all modifications to your character, like HP, MP, inventory, etc. are saved on the server - not on your player save file.
    This means that once you leave the server, none of these changes will be saved. So, you can just bring any of your characters without being worried about your progress!

    Q: Something doesn't work/I found a bug:
    A: Please report all issues you find in this thread. If you receive any error in your server log, attach it to your post. This will make it easier for me to solve the problem.

    Q: I have a suggestion for improving the mod:
    A: You are more than welcome to suggest it in this thread!

    Q: I can see other players' HP bars when they are injured even when they are invisible. What can I do?
    A: Unfortunately this is a problem with the Terraria client, and not the server. I can't really do anything about it. Sorry!

    Thank you for trying out Blind PVP. I hope you will enjoy using this mod as much as I enjoyed making it. :D

    Have Fun!
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