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  1. onlymert07

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    guys we see spikes are really good thing but we cant use this but now you can see my idea

    *thorn: when we break this it gives nothing but now it is stackable and craftable
    -2 thorn+1 iron bar = spikes
    -25 thorn+5 iron bar+=wrisband(accessory)
    -45 thorn+10 iron bar=thorn sword (weapon)

    now see what is new thorn works:ability to defence vile monsters

    *wrisband so my band now see that stats
    %25 damage
    -%5 slowly speed
    %5 critical hit chance
    5 defence

    *thorn sword: ability to damage viles high
    35 damage
    extremely fast speed
    weak knockback
    effiecty (damaged) slowly drops blood takes 2 damage per second

    here is my thorn works if you liked please like :D
  2. Gregorius

    Gregorius Demon Eye

    My only criticism in this idea lies with your English—I'm more than sure that it is not your native language, but such problems can be fixed by asking someone to translate more effectively for you. It looks as if your writing was sifted through a bad online translation service. It makes it hard, if not near impossible, to actually understand some of your visions clearly.

    Although I have to say, your idea for the "Thorn Sword" is similar to—if not exactly the same as—the Fiery Greatsword in-game, albeit with a much faster swing speed. I just fail to understand how the wristband works as you intend it to.
  3. onlymert07

    onlymert07 Bunny

    I know alot of words in english and I am the goodest english speaker in my classroom but not enough sory
  4. While I'm sure you're the "goodest" speaker in your class, you should refrain from posting on forums if you are incapable of forming a basic sentence. The internet is in a state where we have enough children hammering away at their keyboards behind anonymous masks, belching out their uneducated, stubborn opinion in an alphabet soup of a comment.
    Now, on to the idea. I will use the same format I used in "[biome] the solar system", because it seems easy to understand (I hope):
    • Spikes are not usable for a reason, and probably the same reason cactus blocks do not deal damage any longer. This is to prevent easy mob farming and keep servers safe for new players, instead of having pitfalls leading to spiked ground.
    • Okay, you could start by explaining what this "Thorn" object is and where it spawns/how to acquire it, unless you are referring to the spikes found in the dungeon.
    • What's the point of destroying them if they don't drop anything? How would you even acquire the materials used for the crafting?
    • So are the Thorns the spikes in the dungeon or do you mean that we can craft the spikes with the Thorns? Because crafting spikes with thorns is quite useless, as, you see, we can already get the spikes in the dungeon, but we can't place them.
    • Does it raise defense against "vile" monsters or does it let you defend against them better by providing increased attack damage? Also, what do you classify as a "vile" monster?
    • I'm getting a headache trying to decipher your incoherent mess of a post. If some person could explain what this means I would be very thankful.
    • That's a bit overpowered for an accessory, don't you think? One stat would be enough. Also, what speed are you referring to, the movement of the character or the attack speed?
    • Viles high? I don't follow.
    • As I can't decipher if you mean effect or efficiency I'll address both:
      • If you mean "efficiency", then you are probably implying some sort of item degradation system, where this sword, in a broken state, would damage the user. That's silly for a wide array of reasons, although potentially interesting in a different context.
      • If you, however, mean "effect" (how did you even manage to misspell this?), which would mean much more sense, then as Gregorius said, that is pretty much the Fiery Greatsword, but with a lower damage per second (Fiery Greatsword inflicts the On Fire! debuff, which drains 4 health per second, while yours drains 2 hp/s).
    • All in all this sword is pretty much a weaker Fiery Greatsword, simply with the knockback and use time switched around, to make one faster, but not as mighty. The Thorn sword also suffers from the aforementioned issue of having a lower DPS debuff, therefore leaving it at a distinct disadvantage, compared to the marginally more difficult to acquire Fiery Greatsword.
    To sum it up, your ideas are potentially interesting, but as you lack the vocabulary and linguistic finesse, please stop posting, or start using some sort of spell-checker, because nobody can help you execute your ideas if you keep typing like this. Also, please use capital letters. After each "." you hold the "Shift" key while you type the first letter of a sentence. It might be cumbersome at first, but you'll get the hang of it.
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  5. onlymert07

    onlymert07 Bunny

    first of that is a hardmode sword fiery sword is more stronger than tis sword
    second I say when break it gives nothing BUT NOW it is stackable ok ?
  6. No, Fiery Greatsword is not hardmode. You craft it with 35 Hellstone bars, which you can get as soon as you have a Demonite pickaxe, and Demonite is acquired as soon as you kill a boss. Preferably the eater of worlds.

    Your sword is much weaker than the Fiery Greatsword, therefore making it useless as both a pre-hardmode and a hardmode weapon.

    Also, The Blade of Grass, Night's Edge, Fiery Greatsword and Muramasa have hardmode versions. That would be the Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite swords. One of them is lost in hardmode, but to your own benefit. They also fulfill the role of combining into an amazing sword, with the first set combining into Night's Edge, a really good weapon, that can hold it's ground even in early hardmode, maybe more. The latter set combines into the Excalibur, the strongest melee weapon to date.

    As you see, your idea needs a lot more polish, and while it could be interesting, I doubt you will fix the balancing on your own.
  7. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    What Beans said.
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  8. onlymert07

    onlymert07 Bunny

    yea it can be likely 4. sword and it will be good :D
  9. Sgt. Bob

    Sgt. Bob Hell Bat

    I believe by thorns he means the thorns in either the jungle or corruption that hurt you when you run through them.
  10. Well, that would explain quite a lot, yet I doubt that was his original idea.

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