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Discussion in 'Blocks & Decorations' started by ChaoticGamer, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. ChaoticGamer Cursed Skull

    Hello everyone, I came with strange idea and yet its clever for ppl who want to make a special map and other things for it, if anyone remember about the stone deactivate and active stone blocks (which everyone should remember)? I said to myself, that is not bad idea for crazy thing to do, then it hit me. Why not have majority of the of other blocks like woods and majority of the blocks (that can be put in the background or physic block) do the same thing for active and deactivate blocks.

    so this picture will described what I meant: [IMG]
    for the dungeon blocks, u just need a dungeon blocks and wires. This forum would fall into mechanism and also blocks category.

    P.S I only said majority, not all (glass blocks is not really good idea put in) if this was suggested b4 plz delete this forum as I say "whoops my bad, I didn't know"
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  2. Mr. Cthulhu Blazing Wheel

    I reallllly want this in game. +1 for you.
  3. ChaoticGamer Cursed Skull

    thank you for ur support.
  4. Paranσid [Insert Title Here]

    Yeah, it would make great in an adventure map.
    And generally traps.
  5. ChaoticGamer Cursed Skull

    that why I am here for, get something and look over the view of the dudes miss and give friendly suggetions they need.
  6. ChaoticGamer Cursed Skull

    is this forum is really dead that quick or no one cares about the blocks and decoration stuff?
  7. Gregorius Demon Eye

    Someone had this idea almost two months ago. In fact, I think there was a mod somewhere on the forum that had this implemented. In any case: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/block-a-variety-of-active-tiles.81980/

    And for the record, I think some of those are just vain. Active dirt and mud blocks? Active candy cane blocks? Frankly, I think the stone blocks are enough... maybe add a few alternate colors to match various styles of Dungeon Bricks, and give the option to make active tiles to match the shrines on the floating islands and that's it. There, I've cut your list from almost twenty down to seven or eight.
  8. ChaoticGamer Cursed Skull

    yea he only said gold or addy blocks. Not entire blocks of selections that could be used in good point of uses to be added into the game of ppl who deiced to make custom maps
  9. lukie brown Hell Bat

    now that you mention it, i too would really like this. but as to not clog of 'crafting menu' space, you would have to make so that the active blocks of all types were made at a tinkerer's workshop. just with wood next to crafting table, the menu is already super long. but yes, this is an awesome idea, would love to have some variety.
  10. Paranσid [Insert Title Here]

  11. Orangemm Black Recluse

    Very good idea, I just don't want stone blocks, they make my traps too obvious when you live in a cobalt brick house :(
  12. ChaoticGamer Cursed Skull

    wow it been more then just years and years no one reply to this forum for giant size potato can grow (in that meaning: dang last time remember updating this took me hard moment of time editing in paint)
  13. xland44 Lihzahrd

    Haha, I've always thought of this since the active/inactive stone blocks came out. However, I never suggested it because Redigit stopped updating. :L
  14. Klokinator Raincoat Zombie

    You guys both realize that not only is this a necro, but there is a mod linked above that adds exactly this to the game, right?
  15. xland44 Lihzahrd

    Yes, I realized I necroed, and no, I didnt notice there was a mod linked in the post above.
  16. Dtxtream Eskimo Zombie

    Lol, I think I suggested something like this a couple years ago. :p
  17. xland44 Lihzahrd

    Did you need to necro it?
  18. Dtxtream Eskimo Zombie

  19. xland44 Lihzahrd

    When you reply to a thread, it goes to the top of the list. A necro is when you reply to a really old thread that is dead. What I'm trying to say here, is that the previous post by me, was on Febuary 3rd, though that was just a necro by another player. The thread has been dead since June 5th.
  20. Dtxtream Eskimo Zombie

    I didn't know that. My bad.
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