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  1. fury12

    fury12 Green Slime

    K, I already posted this yesterday in the bosses suggestion megathread.
    But you cant rly discuss in there so I'll just make a new tread, feel free to delete it if this isnt allowed.


    v. 1.2

    - Nerfed Ghyrysho stone rate form 5% to .5%
    - In SP in Phase III Meteorites do 10 instead of 20 dmg
    - In SP in Phase III The rarity and channel time isnt decreased anymore

    v. 1.1

    Added loot:
    - Always:
    100 meteorite
    10 Ironskin potion

    - Uncommon:
    40 Stonecrush arrows: Oneshots anything but bosses. (22 dmg to bosses)

    - Rare:
    Summon Golem: Summons a Golem companion for 5 min (100 mana).
    Hp: 400
    Def: 7
    Dps: 12

    You can only have one golem at a time.

    Anyways here is the boss:

    Ancient Golem
    HP: 12000 (yeah its alot but its a big boss)
    Defense: 11
    Phase I (12000 - 6000 HP)
    Single target:
    - Crush: Golem raises one hand and hits a target (can't miss). Target gets hit for 50 true dmg (ignoreing all armour).
    dmg: 50
    range: anywhere in range of the golems arms.
    use: rare
    - Rockthrow: Golem launches a rock at a target (can be evaded). If the rock hits it deals 30 dmg.
    dmg: 30
    range: ~30 blocks
    use: common especially when the majority of the enemys are out of meele range

    - Earthquake: Golem stomps on ground causing the earth to shake (for 1sec). (Dunno how hard it would be to program that). Everyone touching the ground while the earth is shaking sustaines 15dmg / 0.5sek. During the duration of the earthquake the Golem is stunned.
    dmg: 15 / 0.5sek
    range: (dunno 40 blocks eiter side of the golem 30 blocks deap) depends on whats balanced and looks good.
    use: rare

    -Earth Pillar: Golems waves one hand upwards and after 3sek summons a pillar at a random distance (max 50 blocks, perferably under a player) in the direction he's looking. There is a warnig that the pillar will come up at that location though. Pillar size is 2x12. If a player gets hit by the pillar he is knocked into the air and takes 60 dmg + fall dmg after he comes down. The pillar stays for 12 sek before it crumbles.
    dmg: 60 + X
    range: ~ 30 blocks
    use: uncommon

    Phase II (6000 - 2000 HP)
    Single target:
    - Crush: same as in phase I only used more often.
    - Rockthrow: same as in phase I.
    - Stalactite: Throws a pointy rock at a player. If the player is hit he takes 50 dmg + 5 true dmg / sec for 5 seconds. Also the stalactite after it hits the player flys on and can hit multible other players these will get hit for 40 dmg but no dmg /sec.
    dmg: 50 + X
    use: uncommon

    - Earthquake: same as phase I
    - Stalagmite: basically the same as "Earth Pillar" only does more dmg.
    dmg: 100 + X
    use: uncommon
    - Bash: Golem bashes towards a players location (after looking at the player for a short time). Everything he hits on his way there gets knocked back and suffers 30 dmg. (One target can be hit multible times). If the Golem hits a pillar while bashing he suffers 200 true dmg and the bash is stopped.
    range: ~ 20
    dmg: 30 x X
    use: bit more uncommon than uncommon lolz

    Phase III (2000 HP - death)
    Basically the same as phase II only that there are rocks falling from the sky and for every hit you take you loose 20 HP. (10 HP in SP)
    Also, all his abilitys have a shorter channel time. (Not in SP)

    Throughout the whole fight:
    On a rare rate mini golems will spawn:
    HP: 200
    Dps: 14

    Dont aproach the boss alone, you'll be dead otherwise...
    Try to avoid everything you can while still handing out dps... Especially watch out for Stalactites.
    In phase II and III try to get your whole team behind a pillar, so you are protected form "Bash".
    Also, a healer class / spell would be needed for this fight to be doable.

    Ancient ruin dungeon at the beginning / end. It would have to be a completly flat battlefield. (Also makes the programming easier).

    - 100 Meteorite
    - 250 Enchanted Clay. (Can be used to make anything, about as efficient / durable as demonite)
    - 2 platinum, 50 gold coins
    - lots of health & mana
    - 10 Ironskin potions

    - heart of the golem (accessory):
    increases armor by 5

    - earthbound amulet (accessory):
    makes you immune to lightning spells (incase that is implemented)
    + 1 life regen / sec

    - 40 Stonecrush arrows (Arrows):
    Oneshots anything but bosses. (22 dmg to bosses)

    - Ghyrysho (sword):
    29 dmg
    0.5 % chance on hit to turn non boss enemys to stone for 10 seconds. (They cant do anything during that time).
    Fast attack speed
    Range: like lightsaber

    - Summon Golem (spell):

    Summons a Golem companion for 5 min (100 mana).
    Hp: 400
    Def: 7
    Dps: 12
    You can only have one golem at a time.

    Thanks for reading this, I hope that if it not gets implemented it atleast was fun to read^^.
    Ps.: I'm still pretty new to this game and not that familiar with its balance. But this is a boss for 3 - 5 people, and he shouldnt be easy^^.
  2. djdross

    djdross Green Slime

    how are u supposed to defeat him is SP then? or a multyplayer only boss interesting
  3. ToxicSilver

    ToxicSilver Green Slime

    I think that the dmg should be decreased, or in 8 hits (max life) you die.
  4. EXACTLY..... And the earthquake move? Imagine you die, while trying at him, He comes after you and he destroys the world you have, since you can't avoid him at night. I would put the hp atleast to 10k, 12k is to much, even for multiplayer..
    PLUS, alot of moves, imo... Earthquake AND the pillars are TO much, people without lucky horseshoe will die in an instant after hitting that ground, unless you have a ciab or rb to lower the fall damage, IDK.. I personally believe that this boss, could go through if you did a little adjustments, yes I do realize, you're still new but still..
  5. fury12

    fury12 Green Slime

    Yeah like I said he shoud
    1 be a multiplayer only boss
    2 he should go back to sleep when you leave the fighting area (forgot to mention that)
    3 I said youd need a healer class or sth
    4 He's intened to be hard^^.

    Also in singleplayer he would be doable since you can dodge most of his stuff and in Phase II hell always run after you. So you can easily lead him through his pillars.
    -> Hell be dead quite fast if you get him down to 6000 (not easy tho)

    As for the Earthquake, easily avoidible w rocket boots
  6. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    Some nice ideas, quite a few points I'd like to make though.
    1. I don't like the idea of multiplayer only bosses, you're therefore taking away content from people that want to play single player, or do not have the required number of players. If they introduced a system to scale enemies to the number of players then this could be overcome fine.
    2. There is no such thing as a completely flat battlefield. The problem with games like this is that players can place and remove blocks at will. I think that is why they haven't made any walking bosses yet because they first need to think of a way to overcome this. Otherwise you could just block the boss off, or just build a platform above him, and then he'd never be able to get to you and would be easily killed. This needs to be overcome before they can introduce bosses that can't pass through blocks.
    3. His drops are pretty rubbish considering how hard you've made him. By the time you'd be able to beat him you'd be well above the level of demonite ore, and there's far more useful accessories than just having 5 extra armour.
  7. fury12

    fury12 Green Slime

    K, thx didnt think about the blocking in stuff.^^
    The battlefield thing was because the programming would be easier.
    Like I said above he would be doable in SP (maybe you can decide if you want him to be there and if not the dungeon will contain worse loot?)

    As for the drops. K, I'll work on that^^. Just didnt want to make anything OP.

    - Edit -
    K, added some loot (see changelog)
  8. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    Yeah, it's just there's no such thing as a flat battlefield. If his programming only worked on flat ground people would just put blocks all over the battlefield and his AI would fall to pieces. Still some nice ideas though! Just not sure there'll be anything like this in game for a while until they can work out how to have walking bosses :)
  9. Newominus

    Newominus Yellow Slime

    Whats OP is that theres an ability that you can't dodge.

    Does the king slime count? You could completely box yourself in and kill him slowly with Vilethorn or Starfury.
  10. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    Ooh yeah I forgot about him! Still haven't fought him :( Yeah I assume that would work wouldn't it? Which is quite a big problem. But at least he's only a mini boss and not a proper boss that really leads to any new areas or anything.
  11. Lazaro

    Lazaro Lava Slime

    I really like the idea and I think you could just make it easier in single player, and a lot harder in multiplayer.
  12. Iblob

    Iblob World Feeder

    If its thick rock deflects stars then i support.
    But there are a few flaws
    250 demonite tier ore and 100 meteorite is much to little for a 12,000 health boss with huge defence desinged to be fought with 10+ people.
    Say 10 people fought this super boss
    Each person would have to deal 1'200 damage with the phoniex blaster only dealing 24 damage against it.
    Each person would only get 25 clay and 10 meteorite
    And the stonecrush arrows would insta-kill anyone in pvp.
  13. fury12

    fury12 Green Slime

    Well I'd think he should be able to punch through blocks then^^.
    The not dodgeable ability isnt OP I think... It's nothing you cant heal through.

    And like I said there should be a healing spell^^.

    - Edit -
    Btw. Im not saying he wouldnt work on a rocky battlefield... Just that it would be easier to programm because of the earthquake. (Or maybe im worng^^)
  14. Newominus

    Newominus Yellow Slime

    Thats beside the point. Every single way of damaging you in Terraria right now is avoidable. You could go through the entire game and get every item without taking a single point of damage (technically speaking). But with this boss and its crush ability in place, its impossible. You can dodge every single attack in terraria, but if this ability made it in, there would be lots of bitching and moaning. Say for example, the boss had 78/12000 hp left, you with 46/400 and you were about to Flamelash it to death. It could suddenly use crush and kill you and your progress.

    See what I mean?
  15. fury12

    fury12 Green Slime

    Hmm you got a point but:
    1 He wont use it that often

    2 There should be a quite lengthy animation so you can react^^. Again, a healing spell would be nice to go with this^^.
  16. Newominus

    Newominus Yellow Slime

    Yes but see, as you go on, he uses the crush ability more and more. Halfway it becomes somewhat common. Then downward from 2000hp his channeling time becomes shorter on crush and rocks even fall on you. You could also get crushed and be hit by a falling rock.

    Therefore when you think you've "got it" at the end he pulls out some crushes and you die.
  17. Darian Wulfbane

    Darian Wulfbane Green Slime

    My main concern right now is that sword that it drops. Completely immobile for 10 seconds is way to long. Maybe 2 or 3 seconds, but I'm not even completely convinced immobility is a very good idea all together. Even with the tiny chance for it to occur, that would make defeating some of the stronger enemies in the game too easy when it does happen.
  18. fury12

    fury12 Green Slime

    Well first off I wanna say thx for all the responses^^.

    @ Newominus: Hmm... true I probably have to do something about that^^.
    Maybe I'll make it so in Multiplayer the channel mechanic stays but in SP he'll always have the same probability and channel times...

    @ Wulfbane: Well... it only works on normal enemys... I think it isnt OP...
  19. Zenyo

    Zenyo Blazing Wheel

    its over powered theres a 5% chance of it turning people to rock and its fast as hell
    its like a 30% chance of turning people to rock decrease its speed where it wont be OP
  20. fury12

    fury12 Green Slime

    Hmm yeah probably true if you look at it that way.
    Ima see what I can do^^.

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