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Discussion in 'PC' started by ValtermcPires, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. ValtermcPires

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    So guys i kind new to Terraria, but i read is possible to fight against Boss, how can i do that? Is by a mod? Or is a long progression?

    One more thing, how can I get my safe? 've Clicked several times on the right mouse button and nothing happens. The same is true for the oven.
  2. nogloxiator

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    Read this wiki on terraria for help. It should explain it all.
  3. Space Sphere

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    Ok, here's some help:

    the Oven: You don't right-click it to use it. If you are standing nearby and you open the crafting menu you will automatically be able to use furnace crafting recipes. So all you have to do to smelt ore is to stand near a furnace, press escape to bring up the crafting menu,then scroll down until you find the type of ore you want to smelt. To make metal tools you will need an anvil, which is 5 iron bars at a workbench.

    Bosses: Once you have gear around say, silver or gold, and are better at playing the game, there is an area you can head to called the Corruption. It has purple grass and black-purple rock. You cannot mine the rock yet. The sky turns orange-brown when in the corruption and there are deadly enemies. There are huge chasms across the corruption, and you must find a way to get down safely, where some of the chasms connect to a large horizontal tunnel. In the tunnel plenty of these glowing, spiky things called Demon Altars spawn. They're background decoration, but if you try to hit them with a hammer you lose half your HP. Opening up the crafting menu with one of them nearby will allow you to craft a "suspicious looking eye" out of 6 lenses. Then, you may leave the corruption for now, and, at night if you use the suspicious eye it will summon a boss, the weakest one.

    Keep in mind often talking to NPCs will tell you something that you need to go to or do.
  4. Hector D. Uirbe

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    I just finished fighting Skeletron :eek:

    I've been recording my boss fights, and have been doing well on first attempts. I'm thinking of fighting the Wall of Flesh with a Sandgun and the Necro set.

    I am uploading the Skeletron video now. Demonite gear is good for melee, Meteorite gear is good if you're going to use the Space gun, Jungle gear is good for mana stuff, and the Necro set that I am talking about is good for range damage. :mad:

    Recipe list:

  5. W1K

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    Actually the Meteorite armor is good for dps oriented casters, in combo with a Wizard Hat, giving a totally retarded high magic damage with a totally low defense. The Jungle set is more for the survival and mana consuption side, while giving a minor damage boos through critical hits.
  6. Star and Moon

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    Your safe, do you not have it yet or can't open it?

    If you don't have it yet and are trying to buy it from the merchant, it's not letting you because you don't have enough money (That thing's 50 gold!)

    If you can't open it, well I can't help you there.
  7. Trae?

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    one thing that has helped me out a lot is building a wooden platform 15 blocks from the surface. Along with that, some potions. You can also make potions after making an alchemy table. One thing this game is about when it comes to bosses are preparation and trial and error. Best of luck.
  8. KLouD KoNNeCteD

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    Pro-tip: When you make a video put some damn light sources down so other people can actually watch it. I couldn't watch the Skeletron video because you decided to fight him without any light sources around.
  9. Aelov

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    Surprised nobody posted recipes for boss summoning items.

    Anyways, here's how to summon every non-hardmode boss in the game:

    Stand near a demon altar ( look it up in the wiki ) with 6 lens to craft a Suspicious Looking Eye, which summons the easiest boss in the game, the Eye of Cthulhu.

    Stand near a demon altar with 15 rotten chunks and 30 vile powder to make worm food, which summons Eater of Worlds

    Talk to the old man in the dungeon ( Dungeons are found either at the far right or far left of your world ) at night to summon the Skeletron

    and last, but not least...Drop a guide voodoo doll into lava found in the underworld to summon the Wall of Flesh, the hardest non-hardmode boss in the game. ( If you want to fight him, make sure you have full molten and top-notch non-hardmode items, because killing him triggers hardmode. Hardmode significantly increases the difficulty level of Terraria, though I never had trouble starting out. ) Guide Voodoo dolls are dropped from voodoo demons.

    All bosses, except for eater of worlds ( which you MUST fight in the corruption ) and wall of flesh can only be summoned at night, so don't worry if your boss-summoning item isn't working in broad daylight.

    Forgot king's really more of a mini-boss and too expensive to make it's summoning item, not to mention it's drops are functionally useless, but here's the recipe for a slime crown, which summons the king slime:

    A crown ( which is crafted from 30 gold bars and a ruby ) + 99 gel makes the slime crown, and again, this must be done by a demon altar.

    Also, like trae mentioned, making wooden platform skybridges makes navigating super easy, and trust me on this, makes fighting bosses a lot easier.
  10. Star and Moon

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    Wall of Flesh can be summoned during the day.
  11. Aelov

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    You're right, gonna edit my post
  12. W1K

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    This makes me wonder why a wiki actually exists.
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  13. UselessNoob

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    All the information you need right there. Tells how how many bosses, what bosses there are, how they are summoned, and the extra info on the bosses (such as damage, defense, special abilities, etc.)
  14. Razor Knight

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    To fight a boss, you put on copper armor, grab a spear, and decimate the fool in a minute. Later on, you replace the spear with a cyan one, and fight armored tapeworms and Unicron wannabes while wearing the Cyan Ranger's armor. That's how fighting bosses went for me, at least. Seen tougher bosses in Tetris. "But Tetris didn't have any bosses!" Exactly.

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