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Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by darkstarzx2, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    NOTE: PLEASE READ ALL PAGES BEFORE POSTING. Repetition is starting to become a real issue on this topic...

    This is a suggestion for a new boss. This idea came to me from a thread about the lack of actual skill needed to beat bosses.

    Simply put, you would fight yourself, only a darker version. They would have something akin to Anti-Armor, which would be a dark version of the Hallowed Armor. The whole concept would share similarities with PvP, only in singleplayer.

    Anti-Players would be much stronger and faster than normal players, even with a full set of Hallowed Armor equipped. This would implement a need for skill to beat such a tough enemy. The actual battle could span entire maps, and could be fought in any biome.

    Anti-Players would have the ability to use Anti-versions of all the weapon types in the game.
    I'm thinking they would be able to use them in stages depending on how low their HP is. For instance, they can only initially use a basic anti-sword. After a bit they start using guns, and so on. At lower health, they are at their strongest and fastest, and can use anything from anti-flails to an anti-breaker blade. The Anti-players would be controlled by an advanced NPC system, superior to any seen before in Terraria. They wouldn't just act like humans, you'll believe they're humans. :D

    Let me know what you think. :)

    And yes before anyone says anything, I know this is horribly cliche for videogames, always fighting a copy of yourself. But I think it would work nicely with Terraria.

    Edit: You can only fight them in singleplayer mode. This prevents easy kills.
    Edit 2: Name updated to Shadow.

    Edit 3: This is Xrizux's take on the animation and the beginning of the battle:

    Edit 4: Stickynote's rendition of an Anti-Ore:


    Edit 5:
    • Shadow drops Dark Matter, which is used to make Anti-Weapons/Armor/Etc.
    • Shadow does not mirror your movements; he has is own AI.
    • In multiplayer, Shadow's Summon item, All's End, will summon The Shadow Legion.
    • Shadow fights you with Anti-Version's of your current inventory. For example, if you have any sort of sword, Shadow fights you with an Anti-Sword.
    • Shadow's stats increase each time you defeat him, making him progressively harder.
  2. Danorpx

    Danorpx Voodoo Demon

    Wow its awesome idea and you should add light players or players wich help you
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  3. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    Hmm... Unlikely. The entire point of this boss would be that you would have to face it alone. I edited the OP and added some new things. :)
  4. Telepurte

    Telepurte Floaty Gross

    What would they drop?
  5. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    Hmm... I haven't thought about that yet. Probably something like Anti-Armor. But then they would just be too easy to defeat...

    If they were to drop something, it would make the fight a bit easier, but not too easy as to make fighting them simple. Any ideas? :confused:
    I also hope that the devs could make them as advanced as I want so that they act nearly like a human player. :D
  6. DoomFire

    DoomFire Cursed Skull

    In my opinion.

    I think they should drop either something novelty. Like a Whoopee Cushion or something. Or vanity. Anti-Hero suit? Anti-Tux? ect. Or they should unlock another stage of progression. so much like the WoF.
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  7. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    Hmm... possibly. I don't like the idea of a novelty or vanity item. It would make the boss seem insignificant, in my opinion. However, it could possibly open up the next stage of progression, if such a thing ever occurs.
  8. DoomFire

    DoomFire Cursed Skull

    I think vanity/novelty is a good idea. It wouldn't make it seem insignificant. because if its enough of a challenge, people will want to fight it anyway. but if you beat it once. it wont become any less of a challenge after. you might just look cooler.

    The other thing is it might drop something like "Anti-Matter" that can be crafted with rare ingedients to make various EndGame items.
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  9. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    I like the anti-matter idea! And you do have a point, vanity items would make them no less of a challenge.

    Perhaps the first time you beat it, its drops a vanity item. All other times, it drops Anti-Matter. Therefore, the first and second fights are the hardest, and you must beat it twice before the fight get's any easier. Brilliant! :D
  10. DoomFire

    DoomFire Cursed Skull

    Yep that sounds good :) Either that or you need small amount of anti-matter to make vanity items. more to make weapons and armour.

    So then you could make it so you need to kill him about three times before you have enough to make anything useful. Therfor making it more of a challenge.
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  11. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    Once again, brilliant. :)
    I have seen bosses in other games that have something similiar to this. Most players find them to be very annoying, and that's exactly what is needed here. Annoyance = Challenge = Satisfaction/Badassness

    It could even be made to be that after you defeat him the first time, he statistically becomes harder. A bit more hp, higher speed, and a shorter hp period between switching weapons. Instead of pulling a gun out at, lets say 100,000 (exageration), he would pull it out at 110,000.
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  12. DoomFire

    DoomFire Cursed Skull

    Yep that does sound good :D I can Imagen people trying to farm him and getting utterly pissed off XD
  13. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    There is a sadistic satisfaction to that. :)

    Just hope Redigit sees this... :(
  14. DoomFire

    DoomFire Cursed Skull

    Well he did just log on. So there is hope! I'm sure if the idea becomes more structured it will bring more popularity and eventually be noticed.

    By structured I mean

    -Spawning conditions
    -AI (attack patterns, dodging, ect.)
    -Sprites, for the mob, and all the drops and new items.
    -Ectectect, and everything I cant think of at the moment :)

    Its also good to keep the idea well updated if your serious with it.
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  15. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    Thank you. The problem is that I'm not very good with sprites or statistics. I'll attempt, but I'd like to ask the members who this to help me out with it and provide some stats of their own. :)
  16. Professor Coffee

    Professor Coffee Green Slime

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  17. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    That's actually a really good idea. Instead of creating a brand new vanity item, keep it simple and make evil items! :)
  18. DoomFire

    DoomFire Cursed Skull

    I'm also terrible with statistics. But I could try my hand at maybe making a sprite or two. But if you wanted good quality work. go to the art thread in the forums and find a good sprite maker.

    Also I like the Dark-Matter Dye idea.
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  19. Gingermace99

    Gingermace99 Green Slime

    They should drop Souls of Smite, which are used to make items SLIGHTLY better than ones made with souls of fright, like say...
    an Anti-flamethrower? Like the Flamethrower but with dark fire? And the Dark Matter Dye could be another ingredient
  20. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    No offense, but I don't want souls, I don't like how it rhymes, and Anti-Matter sounds better. Furthermore, whatever is made from the drops would be rather powerful, but that's okay since you have to beat the Anti-Player several times to even begin creating stuff. Sorry.
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