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  1. Mega Slime is the hardmode version of King Slime.He would be made of metal and would be able to shoot lasers out of some sort of red mechanical eye located in the middle of his body.He would also be bigger than King Slime.


    8-10 Gold coins - 100%
    Metal headgear (6 Defense) - 33.33%
    Metal breastplate (8 Defense) - 33.33%
    Metal greaves (6 Defense) - 33.33%
    Mechanical Blade* - 100%

    *Mechanical Blade
    30 Damage
    20% Critical Strike Chance
    Knockback:4 (Average)

    Leave suggestions on a name (Mega Slime is temporary)
    changed damage melee to 45 and laser to 40
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  2. Jason_Hero

    Jason_Hero Green Slime

    The damage for the mega slime sucks. And i think the drops should be more slime related then mechanical related. cause every single hardmode boss is mechanical and every boss might as well drop it. Maybe goo armour or something? And i don't think the hardmode version of king slime should be mechanical. I know the other ones are but king slime is a miniboss. The hardmode version should be unique. How about a giant red slime that constantly drops fire under it when it jumps. And shoots goo rays at people.

    Just my opinion though.
  3. - Draekharius -

    - Draekharius - Green Slime

    The damage is too low and I guess Jason has took all I had to say away, the idea is medium, being part good and slightly part bad.
  4. Dragrath

    Dragrath Blazing Wheel

    Here is a way to improve this idea while keeping it intact, what if the boss was made of quicksilver, or liquid metal in addition give the boss extremely high defense(this is a reference by the way)
    Hp 100,000
    defense 90(if hp above 5,0000) 100(if at or below 5,0000 but greater than 2,500) 150(if below 2,500) 1000(if below 1000)
    -contact 90 damage melee damage would have a 15% chance to apply a confusion debuff(from the mercury),
    -metallic orb attack 100 damage (would fire like a boomerang at the player before returning 50% chance of poisoning the player

    when damaged (per 100 hp increments) a small metalic slime(100 HP 70 atk 80 def) would break off and attack you w/ slime AI, if these minions are killed they will stop moving before undergoing a small delayed(about 1 sec delay) explosion dealing 100 damage in a radius slightly smaller than a grenade

    can be spawned at any time by how about something like an item crafted from 15 souls of night, 15 souls of light, 15 iron bars, 15 silver bars, 250 gel...

    instead of droping weapons how about it drops souls?(a unique soul that can be used to make the items you want like the vanilla hard mode bosses)(along w/ greater healing potions and hearts of course)
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  5. San_Jacobo

    San_Jacobo Squirrel

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure a defense of 1,000 make's it invincible, unless you have a weapon that can deal that much damage
  6. dacin

    dacin Cursed Man

    A defence of 1'000 just makes you doing only 1 damage per hit (unless you weapon deals 502+ damage). Its not invincible, because the dungeon guardian has 9000 defence and you can still damage him.
    You can also find this at:
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  7. Hmmm... 100'000 HP and a defence number of 1'000.
    That would mean having to hit the boss 100'000 times, even if you were using Legendary Excalibur with all melee buffs. Best bet would probably be Cursed / Crystal ammunition. But, aside from that, seems a ridiculously high amount of health for a hardmode miniboss. ( Assuming that it IS a miniboss.) I'd recommend lowering the defence to a number that could have your weapons do 10-25 damage per hit maybe? HP could be roughly 18'000.
    I'm only outlining some rough ideas here, so sorry it 'aint very detailed.
  8. Dragrath

    Dragrath Blazing Wheel

    notice only the last part of the battle would it gain the high defense. This is to it really hard to fall during the last phase if necessary you could reduce the health threshold slightly lower but remember attacks can't be reduced below 1 damage and some attacks hit enemies multiple times too :)

    (actually thinking this might be to easy as like the king slime one could build a safe spot and hide w/ a Vilethorn. this guy probably would need an attack to render that impossible... or have to be set on a time like most bosses...)

    Edit: I had meant it as a boss as the Op seemed to want it to be one and after farming the destroyer and Skeletron prime all day solo I felt he was to easy.... As a mini boss you are right this guy would need a lot less health, and defense (ether way the only 1 damage from everything was a Dragon Quest reference so I would want that to stay (maybe around 100-150ish HP remaining being the trigger point for the defense boost?)

    also note that I said it's defense would increase only when its health gets lower it would start out with normal defense, and gain more defense the lower its health got with its defense maxing at 1000 when nearing death. (I wonder if someone could actually add this w/ a mod I might be willing to try and learn modding if I wasn't so busy w/ school...
  9. Nice concept.

    EDIT: It appears Dragrath has seen the similarity too. Good job.
  10. Dragrath

    Dragrath Blazing Wheel

    Glad someone got the reference :D
  11. thisonenick3

    thisonenick3 Bunny

    Made of metal? isnt that kind of losing the purpose of "slime"
  12. PinkeShy

    PinkeShy Eskimo Zombie

    Huh, I always tough that the Wyvren is a hardmode version of King Slime somehow....
  13. Interittus

    Interittus Dark Caster

    just go kill the slime king -.-

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