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Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by Neospaz72, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Neospaz72

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    Same as the goblin kingdom, there should also be orcs:
    -Orc legionaire: Strongest out of all, if you kill him, no more orcs will spawn anywhere, high damage, high health, medium defense. Only one will ever spawn each goblin army
    -Orc Warrior: They make up the backbone for the orc army, and are most likely to spawn, medium damage, high health, low defense, 40-50% chance to spawn for every goblin
    -Orc Sniper: Deadly accurate, their arrows travel in a straight line, medium damage, high health, extremely low defense, 20-25% chance to spawn, 10% chance to use musket not bow.
    -Orc Berzerker: Another very common orc, they attack with axes, which allows them to break through wood, medium damage, medium health, high defense, can use ability to increase defense and attack.
    25-30% chance to spawn
    -Orc Mage: Rarest goblin to form, they can cast various spells for long range use, high damage, low health, low defense, 10-15% chance to spawn, they can cast: Heal, heals all damage to allies and user; Fire orb, medium damage, but burns through wood; summon, summons a small horde (10) of zombies; basic orb, low damage, travels through all materials.
    Again, please consider these ideas in the next update and support me, for i am a real terraria fan and this game truly rocks!!!!
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  2. Dinky Hooves

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    Good Ideas and all, but they wont be put to very good use since Terraria isnt updated anymore, maybe on the Console?
  3. grimrailer

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  4. Redigit

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    Very solid idea, thank you for the suggestion! Keep them coming!
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  5. dgmdavid

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    I always had this idea of another type of liquid. Oil. Used for some potions and that can ignite fire/explosion.
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    I tried posting onto the link you showed but i am
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    Nvm, i logged in the wrong way

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