Boss Order is All Wrong

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Voyager, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    I think the Bosses are backwards.
    Skeletron should be the first one you fight followed by Eater of Worlds THEN Eye Of Cth...
    Just by the names, it makes more sense. I had a lot more fear of the Eye then of a skeleton.

    If you did this, you would have to make Cthulhu have more fazes then the two it has now.
    Possibly have it spawn more demon eyes too.
  2. Sunboy128

    Sunboy128 Cursed Skull

    I think the bosses are fine, although i do agree that the Eye of Cthulhu did not live up to its name :C. maybe it should be renamed to "The Third Eye" or something else that's eye-themed.
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  3. shipoopie

    shipoopie Cursed Skull

    i never really thought the bosses had much of an order well i mean theres the obvious eow and eoc before skeletron but other than that nope.
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  4. TheWierdo

    TheWierdo Demon Eye

    even when i had molten armor i was still more scared of cthulhu than skeletron
  5. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    See, there you go devs! The names demand the change - you should work up to the scarier bosses.
  6. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus Wraith

    Nah, first we need to add 2 more bosses. A very early game boss: DREAD LORD GY'LTHAX, RULER OF THE UNDERWORLD.

    Late game boss: JOHN ROMERO'S HEAD
  7. Flaafy222

    Flaafy222 Cursed Skull

    Personally with a few stat changes it should go Eoc, Skeletron, EoW
    EoW was the most terrifing one for me, I beat skeletron without taking dmg but EoW tore me up,
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  8. mrmcmo

    mrmcmo Blazing Wheel

    Its up to you for wat order u want it in. i beat eow 3 times on my own. and i beat king slime once.
  9. AzureMetal

    AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit

    What are you talking about

    King Slime is the most fearsome one.
  10. Korin

    Korin Possessed Armor

    Just the regular slimes were trouble enough.
  11. Merch

    Merch Fire Imp

    No, the bosses are fine by themselves, just keep them as they are. But definitely Eye of Cthulu's name should be changed.
  12. McPwnMuch

    McPwnMuch Green Slime

    Yeah, Eye of Cthulhu seems to be too easy of an opponent, not living up to the name, but I can't wait for the epic 1.1 update with a new boss apparantly.
  13. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    I fought the EoC, then Skeletron, then much later on I bothered finding out what was so awesome about the EoW. Turn out it was nothing at all.

    So, yeah, bosses don't have an order. There's nothing stopping you from summoning a boss before any other. In fact in most new worlds I create, I go beat the crap out of Skeletron first, because he's the easiest of the three IMO (arm swing, arm swing, ROFL, rinse and repeat.)

    What King Slime?
  14. Xarkox

    Xarkox Doctor Bones

    Eye of Cthulhu is a good name for the boss, imo, as it does sound like it is a scout for Cthulhu. The only problem being, we have no Cthulhu boss.
    Add a dungeon boss named Guardian of Cthulhu located at the bottom of the dungeon, guarding a hole which leads to a special part of the underworld where Cthulhu can be found.

    (Random suggestions below, not topic related, just post related)
    This also reguires some sort of thing that makes Cthulhu undefeatable as long as the Guardian is alive. One option could be a special non-floating liquid that covers the whole Cthulhu boss area. Destroying a wall into the boss area would make the liquid stay in its place. But if you touch it; you die. Or there could be an undestructible block or maybe... (Goes on forever).
  15. Ndraxian0

    Ndraxian0 Green Slime

    Honestly... I'm of the opinion Eater of Worlds is the boss that needs either an upgrade or a name change.
    A name like that suggests he's a threat to the planet that must be stopped ASAP. In practice? The goblin invasion is a bigger threat.

    Now... maybe he's really "Larval Eater of Worlds" or "Infant Eater of Worlds" or "Lesser eater of worlds" and there's a bigger badder one later. But really, Eater of Worlds is a name given to end game boss types.
  16. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Those would be good if the game was meant to have a set-in-stone progression everyone should follow.

    It doesn't need one. It's what makes it sandbox, you can drop down to Hell with a nightmare pickaxe, dig yourself full molten gear, and skip the rest of the game if you want to. //Totally not what he did.
  17. Blitzkriegx

    Blitzkriegx Green Slime

    I find Eye of Cthulhu the strongest one.
    I fight, EoW, Skeletron, EoC.
  18. Filipfonky

    Filipfonky Fire Imp

    Fear of =/= Is actually hard to fight.

    That sign in the middle means "is not equal to".
  19. pso_zeldaphreak

    pso_zeldaphreak Squirrel

    A more common symbol for that is !=
  20. Filipfonky

    Filipfonky Fire Imp


    Back on topic: Who the hell stops you from fighting the bosses in that order?
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