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  1. Carcharodon

    Carcharodon Slimed Zombie

    Hello, I am Carcharodon
    I just had an idea for a boss and decided to share it with you.

    Ok, it's like a bunny but it's much bigger and uglier, with battle scars and blood splattered all over the place.
    Here are the stats:

    Name: The Rabbit
    Health: 7500
    Damage: 45
    Ai: A new ai that I will explain lower on this page
    Drops: 5 gold coins, Rabbitslayer Badge, Carrot

    It moves like a Bunny but attacks the player by biting him/her and spits vomit balls from its mouth. It can jump very high. When its health is lowered by half it moves faster and bites more rapidly.
    The Rabbitslayer Badge is an accessory that increases the attack, defense and speed of the player by 25%.

    So, tell me what you think of it :p
  2. Olaykemo

    Olaykemo Green Slime

    I was thinking at first, why would a cute and cuddly rabbit be a boss, then I read the appearance kind of bit... *shudders* I would totally be dead battling that beast. Sounds nice but I dunno if it would fit in game.
  3. Carcharodon

    Carcharodon Slimed Zombie

    I think it would fit in the game because there is no actual "use" for the Bunnies. The item that would summon it would be made out of drops from bunnies and some other hardmode stuff
  4. Olaykemo

    Olaykemo Green Slime

    True, apart from getting the Bunny Hood, but I see what you're thinking, I never really thought bunnies were needed in the game because they were barely useful.
  5. Carcharodon

    Carcharodon Slimed Zombie

    Yeah, and actually the Bunny Hood is dropped from Cursed Bunnies
  6. fightersharp

    fightersharp Dark Caster

    Just... No...
    It's under Balenced at it's finest... That and Terraria isn't getting Updates anymore.
    But i think this sucks.
  7. WTFmancat

    WTFmancat Bunny

    I think the idea is just not needed.
    I dislike... Meow....
  8. Carcharodon

    Carcharodon Slimed Zombie

    Ok I admit that this isn't Terraria-ish but I think it would be cool
  9. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Make it a normal, cute, fluffy bunny, and add the Holy Hand Grenade of Re-Logic. //If you need the reference to be explained, you should watch good movies.

    I would play such a mod.
  10. AzureMetal

    AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit


    Just okay.

    I don't get why people say this. As if the word "Just" makes it a good reason. It also means that that's just what you want to say, yet you say more after.
    It's got more health than Skeletron and almost as much as Wall of Flesh.

    That is irrelevant. There are modders.

    I think your opinion sucks.
    This, however, is a better opinion.
  11. thisonenick3

    thisonenick3 Bunny

    This is a interesting idea but it should be summoned after so many bunnys are killed then in kind of bloddy test should say "you've killed to many of us" and then the boss would be summoned and it would be collor if it stood on its back leggs
  12. Garnaken

    Garnaken Green Slime

    not a bad idea cause its funny and also it can throw explosive carrots and drop them :p

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