Boss [BOSS] The Spider Queen

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    Hi all, i think terraria misses 1 boss : The Spider Queen

    To spawn the Spider queen you need to collect 149 cobwebs and 8 ruby's to craft the Spider Head
    ( can only be crafted at a demon altar )

    Stats of the spider queen:
    0-10 defense : 45 damage
    10-20 defense: 39 damage
    20-30 defense: 33 damage
    30-40 defense: 27 damage
    40-50 defense: 21 damage
    50-60 defense: 16 damage
    60-70 defense: 10 damage
    70-80 defense: 4 damage ( only be possible with all accesoires +4 defense )

    Speed of the spider queen:
    she always have 10% move movement speed then you have

    The spider queen has 5200 Health

    Spiderlings: Spawns a spider with 150 health and deals 30 damage ( every 10 seconds)
    Acid: Spits alot of green acid to you, when hit, you will lose 25 damage (always) and get a poison effect ( 5dmg/s )
    Explosion Jump: Jump high in the air and gets down like a meteor ( will break blocks around with the size of a bomb explosion )
    Transform: when she reaches 50% of her total health she will transform into a bigger and stronger one ( damage increased by 15% defense with 10% and speed with 20% )

    Drops around 5-10 gold
    Drops Spider Cloth ( new item ) around 15-30
    Drops around 60-100 cobwebs
    Drops around 40-60 poisoned knifes
    15% change to drop Spider Gloves ( accesoire )
    You can climb on vertical whenever you want

    Spider Cloth Set:
    9 defense
    9% increased ranged damage

    14 defense
    15% change to not consume ammo

    11 defense
    20% increased movement speed and ranged attack speed

    Set bonus Fires 3 arrows at once with a bow or repeater

    The look of a the spider queen:
    Black/Green colours

    8 legs with sharp blades
    8 eyes and a normal sized head
    the spider queen is around 16 blocks wide and 8 blocks high
    Sharp fangs on her head with blood on the end

    Have some more ideas??? Please Comment

    - Jeffaboy30
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    Forgot to add the look of the armor :

    The set is Black/Green just like the spider queen
    The helmet has 8 eyes (just like the spider)
    The armor has 8 legs on its back
    The greaves are very hairy
    When fully equiped, it will give a green light around you
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    not bad of idea i give its a
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    BEST IDEA EVER! * * * * * 5 star rating
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    No, in all seriousness, how can this be a copy idea when there are like oneninethousandhundreds <(totally a number) of "Spider Queens" ideas in our world. Plus look at the dates, the Spider Queen has been added in Don't Starve on december.
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    so if there is Spider Queen, there must be spiders
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