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  1. subbelowzero

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    Aug 27, 2011
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    This is a suggestion for a hard mode boss called "Triaxis"

    The look: Triaxis would look like a grey, metallic walker with white translucent armor protecting it. it would have a rounded kite shape for its head with 3 red eyes and more armor protecting it.
    It would have 3 legs (Hence the name "Tri-axis") two of them at the front and one at the back.

    Summoning: To summon it you will need to make a metallic tank. to make the tank you will need 3 iron bars, 2 copper bars 5 souls of light and 5 souls of night. The tank looks like triaxis

    Difficulty: the difficulty would be slightly easier than skeletron prime but harder than the twins. Meaning some hallowed equipment would be recommended .

    Health: Triaxis is split into 4 parts.

    Armor: 20,000 Defense: 10
    Back leg: 7,500 Defense: 7
    Body: 10,000 Defense: 9
    Head: 5,000 Defense: 9

    So in total he has 42,500 Health. a longish fight.

    (Note: I'm not good at the equations for damage and defense please tell me if the damage is too high or low)

    Contact (Excluding back leg): 50 (Because you probably wont touch him at all during the fight)
    Back leg:Works like skeletons arm Damage: 40
    Eye lasers: six lasers fired in rapid succession of each other aimed directly at the closest player. Damage: 30 each.
    Laser barrage: Fires three lasers in a equally spread pattern then two where the center of the gaps where then the three again. Damage: 30 each.
    Sol laser: Fires a big laser below his head. Damage: 70 (You really should see this move coming.)

    The battle: When he is summoned triaxis falls on you. Yeah... Falls on you. trapping you between his two front legs. (and if you escape he will pull you in using his back leg) his front legs wont move during the fight and will adjust to uneven terrain.

    As i said earlier his back leg will kind of work like a skeletron arm but will only move around for 10 seconds before having to touch the ground again. (The bottom of the leg will damage you, but the leg itself wont)

    Every 7 seconds he will use a random laser attack witch has a 2 in 5 chance of being a eye laser or laser barrage and a 1 in 5 chance of being a sol laser. When hes about to use a sol lase his head will glow for 3 seconds before firing. taking up half of the space you move in.

    Triaxis is protected by a heavy sheet of armor witch protects his whole body from damage except his back leg and the area under his head. when destroyed the time between attacks will decrease to 6 seconds and when its back leg is destroyed it will be 5 seconds. (Or 6 if its destroyed before the armor

    After his body is destroyed his head will detach and fly around doing all its previous attacks except sol laser and they will now alternate. also he will try to ram the player after 2 attacks. After the head is destroyed the fight is over. (thank god for that!)

    Drops: After the fight he will drop a large sum of money (10-15 gold?) and will either drop the triple laser (Like the space gun but 3 lasers and stronger) or the beam sword (a huge sword with a red aura which uses mana but if you don't have any left it uses a weaker, smaller sword.)

    I will add some concept art later but for now, What do you think. Good? Bad? Needs changing?
  2. thisonenick3

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    Jan 12, 2012
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    It doesn't seem like it has Terraria theme to it becoming to mecha

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