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Discussion in 'PC' started by Corpsebloom, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Corpsebloom

    Corpsebloom Green Slime

    Is it possible to build functional rooms underground? You can't knock out the back dirt wall or place walls on top of it that I can tell... Is there any way to build rooms underground in which NPCs will move in and you can set your spawn?
  2. ibitepizzaa

    ibitepizzaa Green Slime

    You can build underground rooms, but it takes some effort. Knocking out dirt walls require the walls themselves to not be surrounded by other dirt walls. In other words, you'll have to destroy the walls from the surface until you get to your desired area. Then you can place your own walls.
  3. The_ShadoW

    The_ShadoW Doctor Bones

    There's no default walls past the upper layer, you can place whatever you wish.
  4. Gez

    Gez Voodoo Demon

    Go the Settings menu. Set a high value for parallax. Notice something odd about the background of the underground layers that you don't get with dirt walls (or any other kind of walls, for that matter).
  5. RedPillow

    RedPillow Green Slime

    Is there any idea behind this?
    I find it stupid to hammer 700ft of wall just to cover it in a minute when it reaches my base.
  6. The_ShadoW

    The_ShadoW Doctor Bones

    You can hammer them from below, if it'll make you feel any better.
  7. Ordosis

    Ordosis Green Slime

    I only have build a room underground once, but if i'm not mistaken you don't have to hammer off the background. Since the underground background is on the same layer as the sky, meaning you can place a wall above it.
  8. The_ShadoW

    The_ShadoW Doctor Bones

    There's the "surface" layer which filled with dirt walls by default. You have to hammer them off if you wish to build something here.
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