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  1. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    Hi, I'm Bumblebeetle13 ,my Deviantart is http://chibibumblebeetle.deviantart.com/ if you want to check it out.

    I draw Terraria stuff


    Gif version
    and the small frogs
    While i like the name Ranagigantica i think bullfrog is more memorable.
    5000 life

    Drops: Soul of rage (10-15)
    Gold Coin/s (10)
    Bullfrog Horn (1-2)
    I guess the average person is around 1.7m tall if you are wondering what that is doing there.

    Basics: I imagine that this would spawn randomly in *swamps in hardmode worlds. It would at first remain neutral but if you attacked it the boss fight would begin.

    Attacks: Charging in your direction and jumping over large gaps in a similar way to a unicorn. To fight this boss you would need to be able to jump over it when it charges or duck under it whenever it jumps. If you try and fly/run too far from the Bullfrog it could pull you back down to the ground with its tongue and inflict quite a lot of damage, this would hopefully prevent people from gunning it down from somewhere it cannot reach.
    The boss would also be accompanied many little frogs which would each drop a heart upon death.

    Souls of rage: I will find a use for these later

    *A swamp biome is just something I thought of when i saw the trees in this video as they made me think of something boggy

    But who knows, maybe there will be swamps in the new update :D

    Other Drawings-
    Wyvern and Wraith-
    I got a speedpainting of this one




    Mother Hornet (Unfinished)-
    I started this one with the intention of doing justice to the 1.2 spoilers but lost motivation. I might finish it off eventually :l

    Sorceress (functional name)
    APPEARANCE- (pictures)
    In sprite form-

    PURPOSE- Can give a random buff to a piece of armour or a debuff on a weapon for a significant amount of gold and the permanent removal of some of your health. The only way to regain this lost health would be to locate more heart crystals.
    i.e. A Muramasa that causes confusion.
    Gold Chainmail that has "thorns"
    I imagine that "enchanting" a full set of high tier armour would cost 400+ health and 80(ish) gold.
    The high prices and health loss would hopefully prevent this from becoming too overpowered

    ACQUISITION-She can be found randomly walking somewhere in the underworld after the wall of flesh has been defeated. However you would need to pay her 50 health to bribe her to come and stay in a house.
    She would also be immune to lava+fire and not get attacked by any of the underworld monsters

    DIALOGUE- "It's so cold up here, can't you get some lava heated floorboards?
    "Come now, my rates are fair, i'm sure we can both acquire what we desire"
    "If [Arms dealer] gives me that look one more time I swear I am going back to the Underworld"
    "Time is money, make it quick"
    "Do you know who built the houses in the underworld? because I don't"

    Amara, Else ,Amalia ,Lydia, Kaitlyn ,Ava ,Leilani ,Dani.

    Figured i would just put her in here ;)


    Watercolour for once. The background is white because I did not want to make Golem less visible :s

    Show Spoiler

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    just leave a comment if you have any questions.
  2. 532

    532 Green Slime

    You should add "grammar" to your "..i don't do" list.
  3. Creeper_Man

    Creeper_Man Eskimo Zombie

    I'll wait and see some of your sprites and then I'll decide.
  4. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    Sorry about my english, are you interested in making a request?

    Ok, i will update the post with a picture for proof if i get a request.
  5. XoGenius

    XoGenius Doctor Bones

    draw me a bottle of coke xd
  6. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    Its not terraira related but i suppose as something to get me started i may as well make it. I don't have access to my computer with the design tools on at the moment though, but i will do it tonight ;)
  7. XoGenius

    XoGenius Doctor Bones

    i will send you to jail if you dont draw it properly C,'
  8. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    Not everyone speaks English as a first language.
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  9. degage11

    degage11 Blazing Wheel

    ummmm you said you cant do humans but can you do a penguin for the artic biome? that would be cooooool
  10. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    Sorry about not responding to you guys and not getting anything done here yet, something unexpected just happened shortly after making this thread. Hopefully i can start this again and get something drawn for all you people :)
  11. ZV151

    ZV151 Unicorn

    I'll request after you made one theme because I can't decide what drawing I want now.
  12. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    Alright, i will upload something soon to get this thread started again.
  13. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    Ok i have put one up
  14. ZV151

    ZV151 Unicorn

    Very good, now can you do my character fighting the Goblin Army in a town? (all buildings should be made out of wood)

    Use this : [​IMG] for my character.
  15. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    Ill give it a try, but it could take a while because it sounds like quite an intricate picture :)
  16. CaptainBubbles

    CaptainBubbles Eskimo Zombie

    These are pretty good!
    if i could request something my character with shadow armor(no helmet)White hair, tan-ish skin(thats a word i made up) with demon wings,and make him not fighting anything.also he's a male.
    thank you:)
  17. Wizyrd

    Wizyrd Slimed Zombie

    Epic o.o
  18. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    Thanks :)
  19. Bumblebeetle13

    Bumblebeetle13 Cave Bat

    I will do soon but i am currently still working on ZV151's request. I can hopefully start yours tomorrow though. If you could also include a picture of the character it would help but it is not necessary if you don't want to/can't.
  20. Danthelittleman1

    Danthelittleman1 Slimed Zombie

    Wow you look like a pretty damn amazing artist, it would be amazing if you could do a youtube background for us ( currently we have 25,000 views and are partnered with Zooming tv).

    If you can could you please draw this is would be greatly appreciated
    4 peolpe figures fighting any mob/boss you choose, ( like skeleton or something, whatever looks cool)
    Can the figures looks like this
    -someone who is wearing full jungle armour
    -someone who is wearing tuxedo pants and shirt, with sunglasses
    -someone in a hero pants and hero shirt with a robot hat
    The forth person can be anything you want,

    Take as much time as you need if you want to do this and if you do decide to do it, thanks in advance
  21. Blackjack1000k

    Blackjack1000k Blood Crawler

    Damn awesome:D . do i need to pay?

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