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Discussion in 'Art' started by Eldmor, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Eldmor

    Eldmor Green Slime

    Since many people are looking for these bunny GIFs, I'll post them here.
    I am not the author of these GIFs.

    Author: CodeG (Original thread)

    [​IMG]BunnyHop2 (Reversed version)

    [​IMG]BunnyStay2 (Reversed version)

    Posted by Developer Tiy on Dev Blog
    [​IMG]BigBunnyHop2 (Reversed version)

    How to use them ?
    1. Click on your name's "dropdown" menu on the upper right corner
    2. Click on "Signature"
    3. On the "Edit Signature"-page, press the small image of a tree, and paste the image URL of the bunny that you want to use
    4. Press "Insert" button from that "Insert Image"-popup
    5. Remember to "Save" your signature!
  2. AIUnit

    AIUnit Green Slime

  3. Eldmor

    Eldmor Green Slime

  4. CodeG

    CodeG Green Slime

    I've got to speak to Tiy about his version. He's obviously never had a pet bunny like I have. His bunny's legs are breaking with each step. :p
  5. Tommyx42

    Tommyx42 Cursed Skull

    Does anyone know who made these bunnies? :eek:
  6. Eldmor

    Eldmor Green Slime

    If you open them in GIMP etc, you'll see that it is made from several different layers, a.k.a about 7 different pictures loop there.
  7. Tommyx42

    Tommyx42 Cursed Skull

    I'm sorry, what?
    Sorry but I got no expirience with pictures at all :p
  8. Eldmor

    Eldmor Green Slime

    Well, in the large bunny GIF, there are 7 different pictures that loop, and each picture is shown for 60 MS.
  9. Tommyx42

    Tommyx42 Cursed Skull

    And how does that tell who made the it? :eek:

    Edit: Oh I see why!
    You thought I was talking about how to make them. It was a typo. I ment "who" not "how" :D
  10. Eldmor

    Eldmor Green Slime

    Well, I have listed the authors.
  11. Eskinor

    Eskinor Cursed Skull

    How do I add them to my sig?
  12. Eskinor

    Eskinor Cursed Skull

    Ok thanks
  13. Eldmor

    Eldmor Green Slime

    Just deleted my message, added a "How to use them ?" part in my first post.
  14. Blib

    Blib Green Slime

    awesome :) thanks
  15. Catastrophe

    Catastrophe Slimed Zombie

    Agreed. Not to be negative, but yours look a lot more natural. :p

    Unless they're evil bunnies that turn into demons or something. If they're spirits of hell, then heh, broken legs aren't that big of a deal.
  16. kaleb pope

    kaleb pope Green Slime

    Love the little bunny.
  17. flamedance58

    flamedance58 Cursed Skull

    Wait...how about the Corrupt Bunny? Those would be pretty neat gifs :)
  18. Eldmor

    Eldmor Green Slime

    Well , these were made a long time before bunnies even did exist.
  19. flamedance58

    flamedance58 Cursed Skull

    Oh didn't know that. I guess not reading the post date didn't help either ^^;

    Any idea if a set of Corrupt Bunny gifs could possibly find it's where to this forum?
  20. TEH_N00B1337

    TEH_N00B1337 Green Slime

    Does anybody have any idea where i could find gif's of every monster in game? (LOL this is going to be hard)
    I've been searching alot...

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