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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. Redigit Developer

    Sorry for the long wait since our last post. Even though we've been pretty quiet the last few weeks, we've been very busy getting the game ready for the next update. Right now, we are aiming for a December 1st release.

    The new hell boss, Wall of Flesh, is pretty much finished along with two out of three hard versions of the older bosses. You are definitely going to want to bring a friend along if you hope to have a chance against them.

    We've also been finishing up a new mechanics system that will allow the players to create some interesting devices. Though, they are still very much a work in progress. Here are a few that I've come up with while playing around today:

    Gel factory:

    Skeet shoot:


    Of course, you're going to want something to do with all the gel you've collected...
  2. Bunny Bunny

    good thing i got enough cookies to keep me satisfied til 1.1
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  3. TheEimas Wandering Eye


    And now again my text wall of new things:
    1. New releases date: December 1st
    2. Wires
    3. Buttons
    4. Pressure pads
    5. Birds
    6. Slime, Bunny, Birds spawner?
    7. New Weapon: Shotgun
    8. New Weapon: Flamethrower
    9. Unicorns
    10. New Hell boss: The Wall of Flesh
    11. Harder types of already existing bosses
    12. New desert background
    13. New biome
    14. Possible new ammo
    15. Block that shoots a projectile
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  4. Mynameisak Voodoo Demon

    Oh my god its a flamethrower.. UNICORNS
    I don't understand what the switches and statues dooo, its annoying me...
    ( Woop: 3rd :p )
  5. Dr. Fantastic Green Slime

    So, a flamethrower huh? I don't quite understand the bunny bird statue thing, but christ, that looks like fun.
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  6. Demonator Guest

    Lesgo. Just made a vid! Don't hate on my voice I know its abit high. (Likes bar disabled and comments by approval now.)

    13k views danke! :)
  7. Ijwu Crimera

    This is amazing. I absolutely can't wait!
  8. Napalm of Spades Green Slime

    Well, damn my soul if I don't want that flamethrower!

    Edit: DAMN, IS THAT A SHOTGUN? Kinda want!

    Edit2: I think I know what are those statues, aside from decoration. They summon what they represent [The Bunny Statue summon bunnies, the Bird one summons those little birds he is shooting with -what looks like- a shotgun!].
  9. Stormzblade Green Slime

    yes, now i have something to make for my art thread! thanks redigit!
  10. Stavius Dreeg Green Slime

    What game is this, and what did you do with Terraria?!
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  11. Zman12380 Dark Caster

    I"M INSANE :D :( :) ;) :mad::cool::eek::p:rolleyes::D:mad::eek::confused:
  12. Gameinsky Penguin

    this pretty much says what's in my mind.
  13. Sedmun Demon Eye

    So much win in this post
  14. Cobaltcakes Illuminant Slime

    Just goes to show: Once you think you know the 1.1 update.

    10 new things are added.
  15. Terrariking Piranha

    Wow I'm impressed. We've all wanted harder and more bosses and we have them :D Mechanics to make traps? AWESOME!!! btw the desert background looks nice. I also like the flamethrower idea.
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  16. flyforshine Pixie

    yes shotguns, thank you and is that a flamethrower thank you and is that an...
  17. NightsOwl Dark Caster

    Just gonna say... It's about time.

    Now just release it tomorrow please...?
  18. ahamling27 Map Expert/Admin

    Sweet! Looks like some awesome stuff I can use to make even better adventure maps. =-)
  19. darkninjx Piranha

    awesome!!!I love the flamethrower idea :) i cant wait for the update to come out :)

    and i would love to use that ''wire'' things :) and finally we will get a hell boss :)
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  20. Soviet Creeper Green Slime

    Ive lost all faith in Terraria, You guys had to resort to BURNING innocent unicorns? I cant even... *cries*
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