"Buy Terraria"

Discussion in 'PC' started by Deer, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Deer Green Slime

    Supposedly you can now buy it from the "Coming soon" Section
  2. Dazbuzz Green Slime

    Yeah im buying it right now. £5.99.
  3. Sick Boy Squirrel

    you can buy it
  4. Maishogg Green Slime

  5. Hopscotch Cursed Skull

    I've been waiting for it forever
  6. zekc Green Slime

    hey guys I bought a 4 pack and I am looking to sell the extras for 5 dollars each transferred to my paypal account. I can be reached at:

    steam user ID: guitarrocker12

    xfire ID: zekc

    or come talk to me on ventrilo, i will have the username "james" info is: ip: tungsten.typefrag.com port:43924

    Also I interested in selling a copy of portal 1 for $2
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