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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by xNSDxCrusher, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. xNSDxCrusher Green Slime

  2. Danikah Green Slime

    I approve written tutorials more.
  3. Black Scythe Voodoo Demon

    Very off topic, should be in the 'Off Topic' section..
    Anyway... starting with a progress bar on the first part?
    What about Variables? Objects? Functions? Methods?
  4. Foxet Green Slime

    Id rather suggest anyone who wants to learn a scripting language, to learn C++ instead of C#.
  5. xNSDxCrusher Green Slime

    Off topic? Terraria was made with C# in XNA studio I was just saying if you want to learn the language that Terraria was made in
  6. xNSDxCrusher Green Slime

    I like C++ more too but I did this because Terraria was made in C#
  7. Foxet Green Slime

    Please somebody who cares that terraria was made in C# and not in C++
    raise your hand.
  8. Black Scythe Voodoo Demon

    The 'General Section' is all about Terraria itself.
    It's for talking about the game, not the way it's made.
  9. xNSDxCrusher Green Slime

    Ok I was just trying to get people to know about C# because I'm learning C# C++ and java right now so I thought I would share a good series on C # tutorials
  10. Black Scythe Voodoo Demon

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to bash you :p
    It's a good thing to get people to learn programming, i myself am a C# programmer and i'm still a beginner.(Student)
    I was just trying to point out that it's in the wrong section :)
  11. xNSDxCrusher Green Slime

    Sorry for putting it in the wrong selection and Nice job on learning C# it's a nice language
  12. CrazyCoco Nipple Lazers

    Moving to Off-Topic.

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