Pre 1.2 Can someone help me make orange?

Discussion in 'Guides' started by tacos4lolz, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. tacos4lolz Squirrel

    I'm trying to make a character with an orange shirt, but I can't seem to get the color blend to make it. Does anyone know what the colors would be?
  2. chyppsatz Green Slime

    RED: 255
    GREEN: 165
    BLUE: 30

    Seems orange, to me!
  3. rustedzeke Green Slime

    Yes I tried it and it works.
  4. Inferndragon Blazing Wheel

    Yellow is red: 255, Green: 255 and Blue: 0
    So do RGB 255, 128, 0 for pure orange
  5. Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    For a pure orange hue, use
    Red: 255
    Green: 128
    Blue: 0

    Orange is usually red being anywhere near 255, green being in the middle, more or less 128, and blue being a very low number; usually 0.

    Dangit got ninja'd!
  6. Inferndragon Blazing Wheel

    Well Early bird gets the worm. Unless the worm is actually the plague... O_O
  7. Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    Early bird may get the worm, but second mouse gets the cheese ;>
  8. weed33 Green Slime

    actually i feel like being an OCD asshole by saying that green should be 127 for pure orange as u should count 0 as a value and therefore 127 is exactly halfway (not that u'd ever notice) :p
  9. EPPES Green Slime

    check this link: for a RGB color chart (Color Name, RGB-code, HEX and sample) --> there is even a special table for oranges
    Search the orange you want to...
    I hope that all of them work.

    cheers ;)
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  10. Zarialah Green Slime

    That's fine with me, I'd rather have toast and coffee...
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  11. rubeszilla Flying Snake

    Take note of EPPES link folks, I used this in character creation when I first got the game: very useful.

    For the record:

  12. PunctualEmoticon Cursed Man

    Look up any color on Wikipedia and you'll get the RGB coordinates.
  13. wolf1234link Green Slime

    Or in this case the pokemon!
  14. Or in this case, the charmander!
  15. HTOdinTH Zombie

    Wow, now I got hungry. I'll go eat an orange.
  16. resistentialist Demon Eye

    Never heard that one before... lol.
  17. HTOdinTH Zombie

    I think the first one is eaten by the cat :p
  18. Snipeant465 Green Slime

    My character has orange clothes and I use RED: 255 ; GREEN: 100 ; BLUE: 0.
    Hope it helped you :)
  19. novabuzz Green Slime

    I use:
    Red> 255
    Green> 115
    Blue> 0

    Like this if it helped you!
  20. knifeproz Green Slime


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