Tier Can't be bothered to mine Hardmode ore? Farm Ectoplasm!

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Chaotixx, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Chaotixx

    Chaotixx Green Slime

    This is one of my few gripes with the new armour sets. You can get Spectre armour before; fighting a single hardmore boss or finding a single piece of Titanium/Adamantite. (Molten armor + Nights Edge + Dark Spear allows for easy farm or the Dungeon mobs)

    You only need to have a molten pickaxe, then mine 45 of either Cobalt or Palladium, make a pickaxe or drill, then mine 40 Mythril or Orichalcum and make an anvil. This equates to finding 2 or 3 veins of each ore.

    This creates a huge power jump by bypassing Adamantite or Titaniun, Hallowed, and Chlorophyte.

    The drop rate and method of obtaining Ectoplasm should not be changed, but the processing into armour should be. With the addition of Hallowed bars as a drop from bosses, a Hallowed anvil could be added which would be required for Chlorophyte, Turtle, Shroomite and Spectre armor (Possibly Hallowed aswell), another option could requiring a Chlorophyte Anvil for the 3 armours above Chlorophyte, or all 4 of the armours above Hallowed.
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  2. LoeweClown

    LoeweClown Zombie

    well, i have now got hallowed armor (together with my accesories 63 defense), an unreal megashark and a demonic excalibur and i am not able to farm ektoplasm properly, because i get killed pretty fast in the dungeon.
    i dont think you could farm ektoplasm with the equip your using
  3. Exodus Death

    Exodus Death Angel Statue

    I started farming at like 30 or so Armor. Sure i died alot. But i ended up with the Magnet Sphere Spell,Spechtere staff and 30 or so Ectoplasms so far.
  4. flashL

    flashL Mouse

    I also had difficulty - but I also skipped the spectre set because of how game breaking it was. Then I got vamp knives. lol.

    Personally, I reckon 10 souls from each of the hardmode bosses would be enough to make people work for it. (per piece)
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  5. r543

    r543 Clinger

    You could farm it, but remember that it won't be easy if necromancers or skeleton snipers spawn. It's supposed to be the end game mage armor, so i can understand the bonuses. The Healing might seem to be a bit op, but it doesn't work well on fast enemies
  6. Vaztes

    Vaztes Bunny

    I agree. Hallowed armour takes way too much work compared to all other armours. Terraria is made in such a way that if you don't mind dying a little and you how good knowledge of how the game works, it's really easy to "cheese" your way through the content. (building your way around, knowledge of how all the monsters work, to work your way around).

    Having started over since 1.2, I found myself bored having to farm adamantite again (after having a full mithril set), so I headed towards the new hardcore jungle. Not too much of a challange, but I wanted to mine the chlorophyte ores so I made a spawn ontop of the dungeon, to start farming for the ectoplas. All I had was mithril gear, a golden shower spell and a nights edge.

    Frustrated at first with the necromancers, I eventually figured out a way to completely counter them by placing certain blocks (not game breaking, though). Now all I had to do was build some wood platforms over a ledge and slowly kill my way to ectoplasm. 72 was the magic number for a full set + pickaxe for the chlorophyte ore.

    Ended up with everything I needed and two new spell items. Combine the spectre armour with the Magnet Sphere and you're pretty much invicible. I won't bother getting hallowed armour if only for the vanity.

    I personally think it's a game breaking combo (killed 11 ice gaints in one night w/o pots or buffs) but I'm having fun.

    TL;DR - Good suggestions. Spectre needs more than one source of materials
  7. r543

    r543 Clinger

    1. Hallowed Armor takes 3 boss fights, wich isn't much.
    2. Most people skip the prehardmode ore armors and get shadow scale, skipping was always there.
    3. The dungeon can be hard, so it isn't too easy to get.
    4. You can still get killed easily from strong bosses
  8. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    It's your choice to skip tiers. I have no qualms over skipping copper, iron and gold altogether whenever I start a new character, so why should skipping three/four/five tiers of HM armor be a problem?

    I don't see anything there except freedom of choice. Yes, the spectre armor is "OP," "godlike" or any other such adjective you may place on it. Doesn't mean you must use it. I'm perfectly happy using Hallowed armor now that I've technically beaten the game.
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  9. Eleiryn

    Eleiryn Mouse

    You know the funny thing is that you can still die when in Spectre armor, honestly I've yet to find a spell that does so much constant DPS to bosses (without wasting an accessory slot on mana flower for infinite mana, anyways) that you can just 100% facetank plantera in rage form. Melee can. Don't even need turtle armor, chlorophyte armor and vamp knives are more than enough. Melee is more survivable, does -more- damage to bosses that are susceptible to facetanking (Plantera/Destroyer/that fireball eye come to mind immediately, and to some degree skeletron prime), and did I mention that vamp knife lifesteal + dramatically higher armor than spectre means that you are god damned immortal on top of doing more damage?

    And yanno what, if you get lucky with a crimson key drop that's an even easier setup to get than spectre - and flat out better to boot. Even without the luck thing, all you really have to do is set up a meteor farm in crimson and afk 'til you get the key and then BAM vamp knives, theoretically without even having to kill a single hard mode enemy. Yes spectre armor is faceroll easy, and that+magnet sphere is faceroll easy, but you can still die in spectre armor - not so much as melee chlorophyte, or god forbid turtle armor.

    And you know what? I'm fine with that. Ranged shroomite armor has truly obscene damage with a sniper. Mages are pretty good at killing mobs, probably better than melee due to the ease of use of magnet sphere/shadowbeam staff. Melee are pretty much the god of standing there and facetanking literally anything other than dungeon guardian. All of the endgame sets are op as hell, and frankly if you know what you're doing, all of them except spectre are pretty easy to get without fighting much of anything in HM.

    People are acting like it's the end of the world that mages are getting a chance to shine - remember 1.1? Remember when the Megashark trivialized every boss and ranged was easily the strongest option? If anything, 1.2 is MORE balanced than the game was before, because now every class can get "op" instead of just one of them*.

    *to be fair hallowed melee+excalibur was pretty good, I used it primarily myself, it just never came even dubiously close to the damage+immortality of megashark+grav potions
  10. LoeweClown

    LoeweClown Zombie

    @Eleiryn: 1 word: Heat Ray.
    You can even facetank golem with spectre armor and Heat Ray.
    Btw: can you explain that meteor Farm in crimson thing a bit more to me? :D I'd love to have that Vamp knives :S
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  11. Eleiryn

    Eleiryn Mouse

    That didn't work for me- Heat Ray is really nice for the aoe, but the damage/rate of fire is fairly meh even with good mods. Leaf Blower is about the only magic weapon I've found that can kinda do the facetanking thing, and it's pretty rare... and you have to beat Plantera to get it, very possibly 10+ times, which kinda defeats the point of counting it for facetanking. Imo.

    On the meteor head thing - if you have 50+ blocks of meteorite ore placed in an area, meteor head spawns replace the area's default spawns entirely. They can drop Keys and Souls if in the appropriate biome, or both if in the appropriate underground biome, ex. underground hallow = souls of light + hallowed keys.

    Both drop rates are fairly bleh, but meteor heads are no threat whatsoever, especially if you sit in a small pit of honey, and using turtle/chlorophyte armor lets you just afk as long as it takes to find what you're looking for. In this case, you just go into the crimson, preferably underground so you can also farm souls of night, build a small farm, and... sit there until it drops. Boring to watch but if you host a server you can alt tab out and play League or read a book or write a book or invent time travel and it'll do its job even with you gone. If you plan on afking though, I HIGHLY recommend the honey pit, just to be safe.
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  12. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    "You can" is subjective, and the day everyone realizes this, then this kind of threads will be gone forever. (Though it would be more likely for strawmen to become extinct first.)

    I can do that, facetanking the Golem with either of the endgame armors, or even the Chlorophyte set. One of my friends who's more into easier games can't handle the HM Dungeon and thus chose to treat the game as a building game (nothing wrong with that IMO, I do too, it after I'm done vaporizing bosses.)
  13. Eleiryn

    Eleiryn Mouse

    It's certainly possible I'm doing something wrong or using the wrong spell or something. What spells did you use, and did you use the mana flower or that... mana on damage ring whose name I can't remember? Kinda forgot the latter existed until a second ago, I imagine that'd make it a lot easier with a high-dps spell, though Spectre set's dramatically lower defense still makes 'em a bit squishy comparatively.
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  14. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    Got a fair amount of ectoplasm using Orichalicum armor and pre hardmode weapons.
    It's all about not dying I guess, which could be a bit tricky.
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  15. Eleiryn

    Eleiryn Mouse

    Idk. I farmed up a set of Spectre gear using Hallowed+Excalibur, same as how I do everything. It's mostly just in learning enemy attack patterns and how -not- to be where they're aiming. With Megashark I'd imagine it'd be pretty easy if you used decent ammo, Meteor for piercing or Crystal for damage, assuming you don't have access to Chlorophyte at that point?
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  16. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    In my case I used Heat Ray, a quadrillion mana potions, and dodging. Wasn't in the mood to farm for magic accessories for something I would most likely only do once.

    Golem's attacks aren't too hard to dodge to me, but I was trained by the eighties to analyze the enemy AI on the run and find holes and pauses in its pattern.

    Gotta admit that the Spectre set+Heat Ray was the hardest set to facetank with, but that may be due to me almost exclusively playing with melee pole arms.
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  17. Solenix

    Solenix Eskimo Zombie

    When I first entered hardmode, my very first hardmode weapon was the Mushroom Spear.

    I already had a Mushroom Biome set up before hardmode. The Truffle NPC moved in very quickly and I had enough money to afford it.


    I'm not liking the fact that all drills can mine any ore possible, with the exception of Chlorophyte for some.

    The whole fact that these ores are all optional was a large game-skip for me.

    The entire game is fine, they just have to do something about this huge hole they made.
  18. Eleiryn

    Eleiryn Mouse

    To be clear, I thought we were talking about literally sitting there and facetanking a boss - never moving, no healing potions, just sitting there and holding down the attack button. Golem boss patterns were silly easy and the boss itself is in no way hard, I was referring solely to just sitting there and taking his full contact damage+melee damage etc. Same with Plentera, etc. Essentially my point is that bosses do a certain amount of damage per second if you just sit there and tank everything they throw at you, and that spectre armor+most magic weapons is not sufficient to overcome that without using healing/mana potions, while melee can do so effortlessly.

    Dodging at all, ever, =/= facetanking
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  19. LoeweClown

    LoeweClown Zombie

    Has the world to be on Hardmode to get the Key to drop? i guess yes but im not sure
  20. Eleiryn

    Eleiryn Mouse

    Yessir, hard mode only to get keys to drop. However, note that you can USE the keys in a non-HM world; if you -REALLY-want to cheese it, just meteor head farm a crimson key, then generate a new world and go into easy mode dungeon to find a crimson chest. The chests are predetermined at world gen and as far as I can tell crimson chests ALWAYS have a set of Vampire Knives.

    Honestly I had more fun going into HM dungeon in Hallowed gear and fighting to earn everything in there, but nothin' wrong with not wanting to get chunked hard repeatedly!
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