Cant find Goblin Tinkerer >:(

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    Bit of a back story, you can skip this paragraph if your super smart =D

    I defeated 3 goblin armies in a row, the first was just random event and I had two of them flag things in one of my chests so I thought I should I just run through all three at once. So after that, I looked up where to find him and people said "Dungeon, Jungle or Underground". I ran through the entire Dungeon on my large world, and he was not there. Same story for the Jungle. Then I went down my Hellivator and skimmed through the underground (not underworld) thanks to my drill and daemon wings. After all that, and hours and hours of searching I have all the adamantite gear, cobalt gear and mythrl gear. A wizard and the mechanic, which i found in the underground and the dungeon respectively and Santa O.O ... but no goblin tinkerer.

    So i was just wondering three things:

    1. I have a goblin tinker work shop thing because i bought it from another small world, but i wanted a large world so i moved it over. Could this stop him spawning?

    2. Does he spawn like a rare mob like Tim the wizard and you just have to get lucky or does he spawn like a meteorite and you have to hunt that one location?

    3. When i log in and out, does he respawn and change location?

    I ran through the wiki and responses and googled like mad. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated because i really need to reforge some items =)

    Thanks for your time, Steve.
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    He spawns randomly around while you are exploring. You are most likely to find him in the Cavern Layer.
  3. I believe one of the requirements for him spawning is that the goblin army needs to be defeated.
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    Derp answers... I defeated 3 goblin armies, as mentioned, and the first guy just copied and pasted off another wiki.


    No worries... ill just hunt more
  5. Actually not derp at all.
    This is the quote from the wiki:
    The Goblin Tinkerer is an NPC, who must be saved by the player after a Goblin army has been defeated. His spawn location is completely random, but he has been observed to spawn mostly in the Cavern layer. He will randomly spawn near you while you are exploring. Talking to him in this state will free him, and he will wander the area until he gets killed by any nearby enemy or hazard, or until you move far enough from him. After that, he will move into an available house like any normal NPC.
    Goblin Tinkerer has the option to reforge a weapon, tool, or accessory for a variable price in Gold.

    So you first need to defeat the goblin army. Then you will find him randomly, most likely in the cavern layer :)
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    I did not copy my post of a wiki! I rarely use the wiki (except for crafting items)!
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    Y U NO ASK GUIDE! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) (ps. nice profile pic)
    He is such a nice man... :(

    On-Topic: OP was probably just unlucky, just go digging and stuff, you will find him after a while.
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    I do, but usually the wiki gives me more info.

    p.s. thanks

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