Can't mine Cobalt Ore

Discussion in 'PC' started by DrMez, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. DrMez Green Slime

    For the life of me I can't mine cobalt with the molten pickaxe. Its a new 1.1 world. The only thing I did that might be a cause is I broke around 9 demon alters in a short period of time. Also i've found loads of cobalt ore in the world, but as yet no mythryl.


    Just confused as it was actually mythryl, not cobalt.
  2. MarthX Hell Bat

    You should be able to mine it. You sure it's cobalt and not mythril or adamanitite? Because molten can't mine those.
  3. HeroComplex Doctor Bones


    Mythril looks blue in regular cave light.
  4. PowerCosmic Werewolf

    Maybe you should fiddle around with your monitor's colors?

    No, it's probably the lighting in the cave. Whenever I find ore I can't immediately identify, I cover the area in regular torches.
  5. DrMez Green Slime

    well I was going off this pick... so the picture on the wiki is wrong?

  6. MarthX Hell Bat

    Sounds like your monitor's color is screwed up.
  7. HeroComplex Doctor Bones

    No... it's not wrong.
  8. MarthX Hell Bat

    nm. The fault is likely a splunker potion. For some reason they give off different colors than the ore themselves (why Red?)
  9. HeroComplex Doctor Bones

    Red is a very good highlighting color :D
  10. DrMez Green Slime



    The top is what I have, although slightly lighter in game. Sorry, but the wiki page (below) is not the same.

    I'll edit the original post as its not a problem; I just have tons of mythril everywhere and no cobalt. :D
  11. Archdragon97 Green Slime

    tons of mythril with no cobalt eh? opposite for me :|
  12. Kurohagane Lava Slime

    Mythril has slighty different texture than other ores. Good to know, and a good way to differ it with spelunker potion/colored lightning.
  13. GoldB Green Slime

    well that sucks for you because you need cobalt to make a drill for the mythril
  14. WolfMimir Cursed Skull

    mithril is blue admant is green....oh wait thats runescape...dammit
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