Can't seem to find any pyramids

Discussion in 'PC' started by Inurian, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Inurian

    Inurian Cursed Man

    I've made about 7 different worlds, but I've yet to find a single pyramid... has anyone else managed it yet?
  2. LeRandomGuy

    LeRandomGuy Voodoo Demon

    Pyramids are a rare spawn in a desert... Blame the RNG.
  3. TheSameShark

    TheSameShark Mouse

    I found one on my first small world I made, I almost missed it though because sand was covering the sandstone... I had to dig down quite a ways but i found it and I got myself a Pharoh's Robe and Mask!
  4. Komar

    Komar Green Slime

    Damn, i can't find it too and i made about 5 worlds.
  5. CosminNegoita

    CosminNegoita Squirrel

    I found a pyramid on my first world, which was large. I found a Flying Carpet :D Also found some Climbing Claws in a cave :D This update rocks!

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