Castle Vulcan: Gifts of the Gods

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  1. Kaing

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    Gifts of the Gods is a free roam type rpg. There are no hoops to jump through or lava pits to avoid. I design this game as an extension of Terraria as is, only giving it more of a story and plot line. Exploration of the land is highly encourage and co-op is also highly recommended.

    Story: You are a young farmer living in the Village of Vulcan, which sits next to Castle Vulcan. Unfortunately these are dark times and the Kingdom is at war with the Corruption. The Wall that once protected the land is beginning to crumble and the last of the knights sent to protect The Wall have failed. King Vulcan VIII decides to abandon the Kingdom for safety of the people, until the Corruption has been dealt with. This is were you, the humble farmer comes in. You and several others have been elected to search for the Gifts of the Gods. Centuries ago, the Kingdom use to worship the Gods, and in return, the Gods gave man gifts. These gifts were powerful armor and weapons helped keep the Corruption at bay. Foolishly, not so long ago, King Vulcan II decided to abandon the Gods, as he believed that the legendary Order of the Cobalt Knights were enough to keep the Corruption at bay. He ordered the gifts be return to the temples from which they came, began construction of The Wall. Peace was about the land for centuries later, but the Order of the Cobalt Knights began to change, for you see, the hearts of men can easily be corrupted. For unknown reasons the wall began to crack, the order began to fall, and the rest is history.

    -Begin your journey young warrior, for the Gifts of the Gods, and seek out the source of the Corruption

    Rules for basis play:
    Start new character
    Follow the directions on the signs, they are there to benefit you
    No buffing unless you want to (cant really stop you from doing so)
    No crafting of armor or weapons except ammo
    Must have fun

    Rules for hardcore play:
    Start new hardcore character
    Follow the directions on the signs
    Buffing allowed
    No crafting of armor or weapons except ammo
    Must have fun

    In Game Features:
    Castle Vulcan/Village of Vulcan
    The Wall
    Temple of the Sand
    Temple of the Sky/Tree of Life
    Altar of Corruption/Eater of Worlds Lair
    Temple of the Jungle/Snakeway Cave
    Lair of the Keeper of Death/Graveyard of the Fallen

    Thank you for those you have helped me on this game- your bodies have been buried in the Graveyard of the Fallen

    Screenshot of game in the next post

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  2. Kaing

    Kaing Penguin

    A direction sign
    Temple of the Jungle
    The Wall
    Altar of Corruption
  3. Liquidhalo231

    Liquidhalo231 Green Slime

    I must say the work in this map is amazing i've been watching the forums for an update too ;)
    I hope you don't mind but i imported some of your designs to my private world because they just look so awesome.
    Don't worry i don't claim stuff as my own and its my own world so no one will see it but me (and you if you really want to).
    I see by the blocks under the tree of life you also use TEdit

    Also i kept your map in my map list too its fun to play but i'm just to stunned by the man hours you must have put into this. (also can i get the schematic for the ungriefed forest temple please?)
  4. cauldron corn

    cauldron corn Green Slime

    this map is amazing!
    i love that terraria online has such a talented
    but there was one thing if u want i could work on the storyline about humanities desperate attempt, to find the gifts the gods left. I already have ideas for it i can pm u i mean u must be busy and i understand and i want to lift some weight off that.:D
    Have you seen the update list? Under future updates it says, enemy factions will come to your world and make cities. We could call them the CORRUPT FOLLOWERS or something like that.
    The story is not bad, but could use more detail. But if u built buildings that go with story, they could almost speak for them selves.

    sincerely Cc.
  5. Kaing

    Kaing Penguin

    sry liquid, but i dont think i got the ungreif version on me anymore, i will have to double check to see if i do, but i dont usually save my schematics, although i should. Ill get back to u as soon as i can
  6. cpanda

    cpanda Hell Bat

    Did I mention that making clouds out of glass is ingenious? Really cool idea I'm downloading this meow
  7. Liquidhalo231

    Liquidhalo231 Green Slime

    plz and ty ^^
  8. Ruben Venczel

    Ruben Venczel Demon Eye

    Just gonna go ahead and run a server........ how many players?...... hmmm...... i'll type 8!
    HAHA this map is epicly awesome
    or as toby would say EPICOSITY
  9. Percival

    Percival Green Slime

    Aw, man. Look at that tree! My tree is a sapling next to that monster. The roots go everywhere! And you've got glass clouds. Why didn't I think of glass clouds? That would have been great as part of the sky island chain on my world.
  10. cpanda

    cpanda Hell Bat

    I couldn't place it as to exactly why your leaves looked so much better than the tree I made. But after scaling that tree I noticed your use of green brick walls to make the foliage appear thicker. Very inventive and I'm totally stealing it.
  11. Kaing

    Kaing Penguin

    yeah thats true, at first i did it without the green bricks and it just didnt look right, after i put the green bricks in the background it looked much better and not just green dirt rings on trees
  12. Lan EX

    Lan EX Cursed Man

    Tell me you didn't place that Yggdrasil tree just now >_< must try!
  13. Kaing

    Kaing Penguin

    i actually had to google the term since i had no idea what you were talking about :confused:
  14. Rennix

    Rennix Green Slime

    Truly incredible work, Kaing. I am inspired. :)
  15. Kaing

    Kaing Penguin

    will be posting an update soon, but i came up with an great idea for a prequel

    you guys will get hints from the story line

    now i just actually got to finished this one and do a sequel
  16. cpanda

    cpanda Hell Bat

    Do you ever stop?

    I never want you to stop.
  17. Kaing

    Kaing Penguin

    no never, i have way too many ideas going on in my head right now, the acutally game is nearly finished. Im hoping by Friday for a finished product
  18. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    I'm using all my patience to prevent myself from playing this before it is done ;p
  19. Kaing

    Kaing Penguin

    theres a beta version if u wanna help me
  20. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    but but.. spoilers TT

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