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  1. manabi

    manabi Demon Eye

    When Terraria1.01 was introduced, I had already begun to build this great castle. I'm from China and life in China is busy, so I didn't have enough spare time to build it.

    :eek: Version1.1 changed a lot. Just like a hardmode worldmap, we builders also run into a harder building mode. I'm very surprised that woodenbeam and other new materials make a structure so awesome. Terraria staff Good Job!
    Here's the birdview:
    (Date: 31.Dec)

    I have arranged the screenshots:
    Castle Keep (open)

    the East entrance (open)

    ↓There will be many changes in them. Check out in world file.↓
    Cathedral and Market street (open)

    the Gateway and Hanging Gardens (open)

    Auditorium_Dance Hall_Cube and Hotel (open)

    ↓I used TEdit to paste a smaller one into my world.↓ It's on the very right side beside.
    the Smaller Castle (open)

    (NEW) Library is the first 1.1 built part. Enjoy!

    theGreat Library (open)

    I will upload more screenshots when an other castle part is finished.

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  2. OphelieSeize

    OphelieSeize Piranha

    Ohh my god....
    This is beyond amazing never seen something of such sheer shameless scale O.O
    Plus i love Castlevania, This is brilliant just brilliant.
  3. Fergy1337

    Fergy1337 Doctor Bones

    i hate you !!!! this is gunna make my HUGE castle look erm small !!!!!

    Awsome work really cant wait to see it finnished and you BETTER release this the people must have the sheer pleasure of running around this MWAHAHAHA

    P.S you mentioned you havent had alot of time to work on it , have you gained time or will this be a an over time product , just so i can set myself up for a longgggggg wait ;( (soon or later i dont care this is one of the best creations ive had the pleasure of seeing in-the-works)
  4. manabi

    manabi Demon Eye

    really sorry for the shameless castle scale
    Um I'm thinking to share the world file after today's work because file is at home. Some domestic friends have exploded the creation in my world copies. They felt so good :-D

    The east Gate maybe finnished in 12 hours
  5. cpanda

    cpanda Hell Bat

    This ... just this.:eek::D:D:mad::D

    The emoticons describe my reaction
  6. grimygamer

    grimygamer Zombie

    i want that map this is amazing i want to work with you in it i love building so mush i want to help :)
  7. NightsOwl

    NightsOwl Dark Caster

    Great. Now I can play pretend with vampires that dont sparkle.

    If only the game had a whip...

    In other news! This is fantastic. I'll fancy a download once it's done. ;3
  8. manabi

    manabi Demon Eye

    Thank you for your help ;)
    But it's not an easy work in cooperated mode, because the combination of blocks, wood, platform, and how to choose them, and the most important thing: design, they are all difficult steps. Two players have two designs, three have three, and hundred have hundred designs. So I think "terraria engineering" and "terraria drawing" are quite different. It is better for several players who are in a same room to try a terraria project, they can discuss easily and aviod some potential quarrels.
    I'll share the world file at #1.

    Okay, but when it's all done, the time may have passed for several months or more.
    I'll upload another file after another when the castlevania has an important progress.

    (New: Eest entrance updated at #1)
  9. Kaing

    Kaing Penguin

    Great just great. both sarcastically and sincere :mad::D

    just when i think im about to make the next biggest thing in terraria, this guy comes along
    great job so far man and keep up the great work
  10. grimygamer

    grimygamer Zombie

    you make ma sad saying i can`t help i love building very mush and i will help you if you agree :(
  11. manabi

    manabi Demon Eye

    I truly understand your enthusiasm while I prefer a solo building job. I'm always worring about making mistakes in the construction site, there's no reference for my castle and other's structure may not be a right structure that I hope. Another reason is the slow speed in an international net conect, dropping off line is so usual. So don't be sad my friend.

    I'd love to let all of you to continue the castlevania construction by yourselves, and make your own idea into it.
    In addition, I prefer a slow project because fast building may born useless structures or ugly things. (I am a serious slowcoach :p )
  12. cpanda

    cpanda Hell Bat

    Hey the op put up the world file so download and do what you will!

    I feel the same way call me selfish but what I do is what I do and what other people do is there own business. It's great that you helped them springboard their creativity but I like to make what I want. To bad about the connection though:(

    I do hope to see more progress in the future so please continues soldiering on.
  13. grimygamer

    grimygamer Zombie

    i know i can download it but i love to build with someone it makes it easier and mush more fun and what you said just made me really sad :eek: :( :mad:
  14. cpanda

    cpanda Hell Bat

    Aww I'm sorry man. I can be insensitive and meant no harsh words. I can see how it would be more fun I just don't do it for already stated reasons. Still this guy has good reasons for not playing online ... bad connection and who can blame him? Why don't you download and build with some buddies?
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  15. Fergy1337

    Fergy1337 Doctor Bones

    TBH i'll wait years to see this finnished i dont care how long it takes its a piece of history in the making imho , will be following this work eagerly ....

    Got map and had a run around amazing work and a concept i know alot of people here will truely appreciate

    Kudos + 99999999999999999999 ;)
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  16. mandu

    mandu Green Slime

    Oh man, that is righteous! Nicely done!
  17. manabi

    manabi Demon Eye

    Yes I agree. Terraria enginerring should have a rigorous attitude but not playing or entertaining attitudes. Players must have a designation at first, discuss quickly and deal with their own parts, or the great work will end in arguments. That's why I suggest "players in a same room" and aviod "remote multiplay". Bad connection is just a secondary reason.
    So I feel really sorry for dear Grimygamer.
  18. manabi

    manabi Demon Eye

    hehe :D I'm afriad it can take a year indeed.
    I uploaded the file and allow everyone to build, change, or doom it:cool:
  19. grimygamer

    grimygamer Zombie

  20. Fergy1337

    Fergy1337 Doctor Bones

    it may take a year and yes i'll prob fart around with the map i have (thanks for that btw)


    Plz keep it updated with what you add cause i seriously doubt anyone else bar the orig creator can make what is intended and id love to see your finnished product Xx

    P.S i prefer solo builds too purely for the fact id more than likely get bitchy with people with something like this cause when you have an idea like this its all set in your mind and people would add there own ideas , kinda like saying do an apple but someone does a orange lol

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