cc's Waffle World!!! [WIP]

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    Hello! Today I proudly present my small (for now) texture pack; Waffle World. So, If you love waffles, this is the texture pack for you! As of now there is a lot that needs improving and things that need to be added. I will do my best to fix errors A.S.A.P. Also, If you have any suggestions, please leave them below with your thoughts of this pack. Also, I would like to say thanks to Drake_XD for the amazing waffle sun sprite!

    Current Release:
    • -Eater of Worlds is now the "Waffle Worm"
    • -Trees are Waffle trees
    • -Demon eyes are waffles
    • -Water has been changed to syrup
    • -Acorns now mini-waffles
    • -sun is a waffle
    (I know, not much. More will be coming soon!)

    Future Release Plans:
    • -Lava as ??? (milk?)
    • -More waffle monsters
    • -Waffle Shurikens
    • -Eye of Cthulu to be Waffle of Cthulu
    • -Waffle Weapons
    • -And many more....
    If you have any other ideas please post them! Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG Capture4.PNG

    Thanks, and I hope you like it!

    Alpha 1.0
  2. ThatsTerraria

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    nice texture. make a blue moon a waffle, make moon a burnt waffle, and make copper armor waffle armor!
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  3. ccspizza98

    ccspizza98 Squirrel

    Thanks! good ideas too! :)

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