Changeing difficulty?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Hero122, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Hero122

    Hero122 Squirrel

    So, I play terraria on medium core. However, I've noticed that in some cases medium core sucks.
    So, does anyone know how to change difficulty? It probably requires messing with the data file for your character, so any help?
  2. Dagorran

    Dagorran Penguin

    The only way I know of is to make a new character and get all your stuff from a chest. :p
  3. Monta

    Monta Herpling

    Making a new character or using InvEdit are the only ways ;)
  4. Darkstar

    Darkstar Green Slime

    I believe there is an inv edit that allows you to change your character difficulty. Ill look into it
  5. Hero122

    Hero122 Squirrel

    Thanks, I play Vanilla, so I'll do this quick :D Thanks.
  6. Xelot

    Xelot Green Slime

  7. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    The non-English versions of Terraria are known to be buggy or prone to crashing, unfortunately. The developer has recently been soliciting ideas for an update, and I proposed addressing this issue. If you would like to add your voice to this, this is the latest suggestion thread:
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  8. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    Stash all your stuff in a chest, make a new char and grab it all.
  9. Xelot

    Xelot Green Slime

    The problem is with the language no with the character.

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