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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Silver, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Silver Cursed Skull

    I think that in this game changing the difficulty level would be great! For those beginers that just want to play without monsters, there should be a mode for that! For those creative players who want to build, there should also be a mode for that! For poeple that like to fight, a mode with extra enemies!
    Those are just some ideas of modes, of course people probably want the creative mode the most, there could be others that should be added! Post your ideas!
  2. MCLincoln Green Slime

    I like other game modes, such as Zombie mode and such.
  3. SuperHawksman Green Slime

    Yeah, I first thought: "How can you make buildings in this!?" but then I thought: "Wow, sideways buildings will look awesome!". There should be a creative mode and "peaceful" mode but I don't want health regenerating in peaceful.
  4. Silver Cursed Skull

    Monster-less mode
  5. SuperHawksman Green Slime

    Maybe an option where you can choose which monsters and NPC's will appear. That way you slowly get used to the monsters if you want to.
  6. BlueWolf Green Slime

    Maybe there could be different maps in single-player that you can travel between. You will start on small starting map where will be just easy enemies, but on other hand it will be small and have only little resources. And then you will be able to travel to other more difficult part of world (mountains, forests, ruins of ancient cities, little island with lot of water).
  7. Silver Cursed Skull

    Good ideas! Except prehaps for yours BlueWolf, we could just have portals to diffrent lands? And it needs to be a mode, that's more a feature that would be in every world if it was put in.
  8. SuperHawksman Green Slime

    Not only it is a great idea, it will also help the computer not having to render all those maps at once. It can that way render them when you enter and so keep the FPS at max.
  9. Silver Cursed Skull

    Oh yeah! And then bigger amount of people on a server, with diffrent towns to travel to through protals!
  10. Mailedd Green Slime

    Yeah, different modes would be great. Hard-core, Zombie Seige, Goblin Invasion (These all occur randomly in the current version but these modes focus more on those events and make them more difficult). Maybe even a blood moon mode, where it`s a blood moon every night.
  11. SuperHawksman Green Slime

    Yeah, different game modes should, no MUST, be included.
  12. Mailedd Green Slime

    Yeah, because the current version is too mashed together.
  13. Silver Cursed Skull

    I think most people will want the creative mode though!
  14. BlueWolf Green Slime

    They would add that for sure, if not authors then modders.
  15. Silver Cursed Skull

    Yeah, they NEED to... or else I'll be continuously spawn killed by giant worms attacking my spawn point!
  16. SuperHawksman Green Slime

    I would totally be recording if you did :D
  17. Silver Cursed Skull

    Yeah, we better ge some servers ready for the release though!
  18. SuperHawksman Green Slime

    I will definitely host a server when the game is out. Second server for this forum since there is a plan already but one server won't be able to hold us all!
  19. Silver Cursed Skull

    (Now that we're off topic already) Can I join the server that you might be hosting?
  20. SuperHawksman Green Slime

    Yes, can I ask everyone (including myself) to get back on topic now?

    Game modes and events should be added and VERY IMPORTANT, be updated!

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