Character Classes

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Character Classes

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  1. Ai Ayumi

    Ai Ayumi Eskimo Zombie

    Being able to play a class like:

    Fighter, combat abilities but lacking in magical abilities
    Rogue, stealth and social skills (better deals from NPCs) have critical attacks but sub-par resistance to injury
    Mage, powerful magical abilities, but physically weak
    Cleric, specializing in healing and supportive magical abilities

    Would be nice to have.
    Is it even possible?
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  2. Gesser

    Gesser Corrupt Bunny

    It is possible.

    I'm pretty sure the developer's want to go the route of your equipment defining your "class" or "role".

    And giving you more freedom that way.

    At this point, you pretty much design yourself in terms of your gear.
  3. Ai Ayumi

    Ai Ayumi Eskimo Zombie

    True but for the people the would like the small perk of having a class it would be nice it doesn't mean you HAVE to pick a class. But if you know your never going to use magic or if your rarely going to physically attack class perks would be great.
  4. Isukun

    Isukun Green Slime

    Yeah, I'm not really fond of classes in this kind of game. It stifles freedom of choice and forces you into particular play styles. It's better if the player chooses their playing style and crafts and equips items which suit it, than getting pigeon-holed into a particular class. This isn't an MMORPG and probably shouldn't borrow too heavily from the genre.
  5. Syril

    Syril Green Slime

    I love the idea of classes.
  6. LifeIsWeird

    LifeIsWeird Green Slime

    I'm fine with classes; but I think they should be more of just how you start out (for example, if you chose warrior you start with a sword and a theif starts with more gold, a wizard starts with a staff, etc.)
  7. Ai Ayumi

    Ai Ayumi Eskimo Zombie

    I was thinking classes you pick or even specialize in later on as you play the game once you know what your doing and how YOU the player have your own style of playing down. It more for multi-player so you can work as more of a team really.
  8. Isukun

    Isukun Green Slime

    But that's kind of why I see it as a problem. This game isn't really structured for a rigid class system. In FPSs it works because you can change your class on the fly and games are fast-paced and usually over in a few minutes. With MMOs, it balances out because you have a large world and literally hundreds of people of each class on the server who can join your party. Here you're talking about smaller scale servers and a game with a far more gradual character progression system, meaning it will be much harder to form effective, balanced teams and parties. Leaving everything open to the player means they can adapt and change to suit the situation if a new group of players jumps onto the server and they need to change their play style.
  9. Ai Ayumi

    Ai Ayumi Eskimo Zombie

    Everyone play style changes over time. I dont see why someone shouldn't be able to change their class. Its just the small perks that having a class that you need at the moment that would be nice. Just put a time limit in between class changes. You can the freedom of being able to choose a class or go with out a one but can still have the perks of having getting one if you choose to without being stuck in just one class.
  10. Wi§p

    Wi§p Dark Caster

    I'm not sure why you would need to specialize , you could already have specialized with your gear; ex mage - all magic enhancing gear, warrior - all defense/ sword enhancing gear, ranger - all ranged/ mobility enhancing gear. If you could pick an extra buff, or perk, than all the rangers would pick the same one, the mages another, and the warriors the last one; It wouldn't really specialize them any more, since they had already specialized on one style of play. It would only limit them if they ever decided to change their gear, and class, by spending/finding the resources to make the new gear.

    I really don't think classes, or abilities, that aren't gear based, could enhance you in any noticeable way, that your gear couldn't already do.

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