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    How to make your character
    On the main menu, go to single player and select Create Character, then you'll see:

    Hair: Style & color​
    Eyes: Color​
    Skin: Color​
    Clothes: 4 sub categories, color of shirt, undershirt (sleeves), pants, and shoes.​
    Male/Female: Self-explanatory.
    Soft/Medium/Hardcore: Drop 1/2 money, several items, or deleted on death.
    Create: Self-explanatory​
    Random: Randomly generates a character.​

    -Select your hair style (there are 36)
    -Pick gender​
    -Pick difficulty​
    -Color them​

    Basic color making
    When making a color, you'll see a setup like this:
    Eye Color
    - + Red 253​
    - + Green 12​
    - + Blue 121

    The number indicates the vibrance of the color. The lower the number the darker/more subtle the color. While the higher the number, the stronger/lighter a color is.​
    The numbers range from 0-255, but there has to be 150 'units' of color. Say if R, and G are at 0, B must be at 150, if B is at 0, R and G must both be (if equal) at 75 and and so on.​

    Basic colors
    Red, Green, and blue are easy, max out one and make the others zero.​
    Making colors darker/lighter shades: Increase/decrease all numbers being used (that aren't 0) by the same amount.​
    *Remember, these are generic colors, you can always tweak them if there not exactly right.​
    R: 255​
    G: 150​
    B: 0​

    R: 255​
    G: 230​
    B: 0​

    R: 255​
    G: 150​

    R: 165​
    G: 80​
    B: 50​

    R: 255​
    G: 255​
    B: 255​

    R: 150​
    G: 150​
    B: 150​

    R: 50​
    G: 50​
    B: 50​

    Skin colors
    *Note: You can make your character sleeveless if you make their undershirt the same color as their skin.​
    R: 255​
    G: 180​
    B: 140​

    Hispanic or Tan
    R: 230​
    G: 125​
    B: 75​

    R: 165​
    G: 80​
    B: 50​

    Preset Ideas

    Star trek (The next generation) uniform
    Shirt, Undershirt: Red, yellow, or slightly light blue​
    Pants, shoes: black​
    Pick red uniform, caucasian skin, hair 16, and google patrick stewart's eye color (hazel/brown) , and you can play as the captain of the enterprise D!​

    Star fox uniform
    Shirt & Shoes
    R: 200
    G: 200​
    B: 200
    Undershirt & Pants​
    R: 0
    G: 175​
    B: 70
    Now if only you could get that bunny hood...​

    Hair 24​
    Caucasian skin
    Orange shirt& Pants​
    Undershirt same color as skin​
    Black hair & Eyes (Yellow hair & blue-green eyes for super sayain)​
    R: 0
    G: 80​
    B: 255

    My Guy!
    Hair 24​
    Caucasian skin​
    White Clothes, Hair, & Eyes​
    Silver breast plate & Greaves​

    And here are more ideas from Yrimir
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    People are getting seriously desperate in guide making.
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    It could be helpful for making a certain color
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    The preset ideas are quite interesting, I suppose, though they desperately need screenshots of the actual characters.
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    lol, true
    Should be titled 'character color guide'.
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    I've tried posting screenshots before, but they keep turning up broken :(.
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    Agree with Relinies...

    All you need is this:
    and People can make their own characters.
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    i'm trying to make a gorilla but there isn't a good hairstyle :p

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