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Discussion in 'Art' started by Cheerio, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    I now take requests!

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  2. walllster Yellow Slime

    I really like the cute drawings. I'd like to request a giant fire breathing dragon swooping down over a guy on a floating island wearing silver armour.

    Thanks in advance!! :D
  3. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    Done! :p request1.png
  4. thelastflame50 Umbrella Slime

    I would like to request a guy in Shadow Armor riding on the Eater of Worlds.If not the eater,the devourer.Also,can he have the Light's Bane,about to stab the Eater/Devourer in the head?
  5. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    Done: request2.png
    That was a failed light's bane :p
  6. thelastflame50 Umbrella Slime

    Welp,it works.Thanks!
  7. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    Your welcome! I'm not too good at drawing on the computer. I don't have a tablet, so I have to use the mouse.
  8. gigagadget2ND Green Slime

    Haha, I like the art because it reminds me of my trying to draw on the computer.

    Could I request a Derpy looking Green headed guy (Hairstyle 14) with goggles at his forehead and wearing hallowed armor?
    To make it easier, I just want the head view like a profile pic
  9. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    Kay. I'm on it.
    EDIT: Done and done. Here ya go!
    request 3.png
    You weren't specific on the eyes, so I made them blue.
  10. gigagadget2ND Green Slime

    Exactly my reaction to stupid things on the internet.
    Thanks, I like it
  11. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    Yur welcome! I'm glad you do.
  12. Comrade Creeper Cave Bat

    your really good at this
  13. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    Thank you! I'm not as good as most on the computer, but I try.
  14. Rokas :3 Illuminant Slime

    No replies in a while.....
    Could you make one for me?
    I will say what kind of I want if you will reply.
  15. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    I has replied!
  16. lizzzard01 Pixie

    Just asking everyone for this.. Can you make me my ninetales riding the eater of worlds through the corruption?
  17. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    Yes, I'll have to get to it tomorrow, but to warn you it will be quite cartoony.
  18. Rokas :3 Illuminant Slime

    Draw me, like one of your Cereal girls.

  19. lizzzard01 Pixie

    That's fine. I like cartoons..
  20. Cheerio Blazing Wheel

    Done: request1.png request2.png
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