Child Labor and Major Corporations

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    I want to bring up a very serious issue on child labor. Before you read my actual article, I would first like to say that if you have no intelligent opinion on the subject, do not post here. I am about to provide some information and less-known facts on child labor with the sole purpose of raising awareness. This has nothing to do with campaigns such as Kony 2012, as I do not support it due to falsifying and simplifying information. Please, remain mature about this serious matter.

    Child labor is a well known subject throughout the world. Anyone in junior high knows about it by now, but there is not a single person who is fully aware of every consequence of this crime. Most of us know the basics, in which children are forced into labor through sweatshops, and beaten if they do not co-operate. These children are starved and tricked into believing they are equal. They are the reason why your brand-name hat was only $35, rather than the $150 it would have been if it was made in the United States. Child labor integrates massively into the global economy, and also de-promotes free trade and markets. Governments want control over these children because they are easy to manipulate mentally, obey commands, and are easy to strike fear into.

    These child slaves are born into a form of trickery when their employer bribes them, occasionally with items they need such as clothing or food. These children are also sold to companies by their parents even, in order to pay off debts or for protection. They are abducted from families, off the streets, and even from public places such as marketplaces. These children are then made to believe they are only helping their parents or a friend, and are otherwise beaten.

    Males in the child labor industry have a greater advantage over females, though not by far. The males are occasionally beaten, screamed, threatened, or tortured. Females abducted into this horrid industry are threatened and attacked with rape as a tool as well. In these countries, there is no 'sexual protection', which we take for granted. These girls, often under 16, are at high risk and become impregnated. When they give birth to their child, it is immediately exposed to the harsh environment of child labor and will become a slave itself.

    Large corporations that are usually deemed as "family-friendly" are often the abusers of child labor. Companies such as Addidas, Nike, and even Disney have all been involved in the production of goods through children as forced employment. These companies and global giants are the main source of fuel for the child labor bonfire that is going on around the world.

    Child labor is a huge problem, which nearly all of us know about. The younger population, such as that on TerrariaOnline, is not fully aware of what happens throughout these third world developing countries however. By making people, especially the young, aware of child labor and the abuse these human beings go through, we slightly increase the chance of stopping it completely.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read the above. If you are offended in any way, I offer my sincere apologies. I wrote the above because of a sudden change in emotion I had after reading a textbook article on economic globalization and slave children.

    Feel free to discuss.
  2. Klapp

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    Not to detract from what you wrote, but it would certainly make your post that much more compelling if you were able to dig up some sources detailing actual accounts, or some references to studies involving the actual "size" of this problem. Were there any with the article you read originally, by chance? Those sorts of things are usually handy.
  3. Bobrocket


    This reminds me of a story a wrote about a coal miner kid named Jimmy who backflipped to escape and got ran over by a minecart.
    True story.
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  4. Karisma

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    Here is an article detailing exactly whom Disney employs, defining them as child workers, which also ties in with child slavery.

    From the above article, I would like to quote the following:
    Here are several case studies on child labor abuse and Nike:
    And, a short article on child employment and illegal labor with children for Adidas:
    A Wikipedia article on child labor and exploitation:
    A quick, basic FAQ on child labor:
    A simple search on Google for "exploitative child labor" will also turn up many related articles and such.
  5. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    Nice! I'll check them out later at some point and see what works they cite themselves.
  6. Karisma

    Karisma Green Slime

    If you require a specific source on anything else, please let me know and I'll be glad to take the burden to find one.
  7. Klapp

    Klapp Eyezor

    I could actually probably find plenty on my own, but thought it would be helpful for you in regards to potential future debate if you had something to reference. ^^
  8. Lord Carver

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    I'm all for child labor if said child has a choice and is well aware of the needs of their job.
  9. TUN3R

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    That makes two of us.
  10. jadkni

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    That makes two of you.

    If safe working conditions aren't guaranteed, I don't care whether the child is willing to work the job or not. I really don't feel like I need to qualify this with an explanation either. I mean, come on, people. :rolleyes:
  11. TUN3R

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    That makes one of you...

    We live in a free world, if the kid wants to work let him.
  12. jadkni

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    Yes, I'm sure I'm the only man on the planet who finds the idea of young adolescents overseas taking extremely dangerous jobs with poor working conditions because jobs with tolerable working conditions simply don't exist disturbing.

    If you think we live in a free world, read a book.
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  13. SilverVirage

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    While I get what you are saying here, you have to understand that most of the time this kids are far too young to really understand what they are agreeing to.
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  14. TUN3R

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    Point taken. But what other options do they have?
  15. Lord Carver

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    I don't think any of you understand my post, or you just ignored it so you can continue bitching. The word choice was in there somewhere. I challenge you to find it. I can wait.

    We can start with that.
  16. Jeckel

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    There it is, right there following "if said child has a".

    In many cases the child doesn't have a choice other than working a dangerous job or them and possibly their family starving to death. As for the second part, since most children's brains are not fully developed, it is practically impossible for them to be truly "aware of the needs of their job".

    So, while I technically agree with the words you said, they don't hold up well when compared to the actual situations of child labor in the world.
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    Finally those lil' buggers get to do something useful!
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    Judging by the length of your post compared to mine, you need this more than I do. *gives jar of ego*
  19. Karisma

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    Most of the time in developing countries, these children are sold to sweatshops by their own parents in order to pay off debt, abducted off the street, or lured into taking a job through lies. Even if the child wants to work, he or she is only being sucked into a multi-billion dollar business scheme. The child is always told lies, such as "You'll be rich," or "We'll give you anything you want!". Children have no clue what they're getting into because, well, they're children. If you told your own child that you're taking him for ice cream, they would believe you.

    Children are easily exploitable, which is why most major companies target them. They know that children don't think twice, and don't have the mental capacity / knowledge to question. They know children do not know their own rights, and they take advantage of this. If a child does not obey someone in the workplace and gets beaten, they'll believe they deserve it because they do not know it's wrong.

    Before you state "We live in a free world,[...]", you should know we don't. We are bound down by government market policies, law, political bills, limited cultural globalization, and taxation. There's a reason there is a minimum age to work in most countries around the world, and that's because most children are easily exploitable and don't know their rights before then. The world isn't free, where anyone can go around and just to anything without consequence. These children believed that they were going to help their families, but ended up being beaten, raped, and tortured if they didn't properly sew the seams on a shirt or finish their assignment on time. If the world is 'free', then explain why these children are locked away in unsafe shacks, crippled by their own thoughts of surviving with enough money.
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    A jar of ego for four sentences? If you say so... :rolleyes:
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