Chlorophyte Gear Useless?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Star and Moon, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Since you use the autohammer to transform chlorophyte into shroomite for only 1 platinum...

    doesn't that make Chlorophyte Gear useless? If you know about shroomite, you can easily skip it, and crafting chlorophyte gear will just waste your resources... making it even more useless.

    What are your opinions?
  2. Flor3nce2456

    Flor3nce2456 Corrupt Goldfish

    Shroomite is only for ranged, though. Chlorophyte at least has Mage and Melee variants.

    Of course, obviously, if ranged is your goal, then yes, Chlorophyte ranged gear is useless.
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  3. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    The only use chlorophyte had for me, except for crafting the other top-tier armors, is pretty much wasting my time till I realized Shroomite was incredibly a lot more effective than the Chlorophyte ranged armor. It's rather stupid as you can obtain them all at the same point in the game's advancement. It's "good" for AFK farming we could say, but not really anything anyway better than the summoners sets. The bonuses are not even as good as the Hallowed armors ones sincerelly, the "turret" doesn't really pay it off at all. Some of the Chlorophyte weapons can be rather cool tho I guess (like the Partisan and the 3-way-bow being probably one of the best bow-class weapons in the game).
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  4. asval

    asval Green Slime

    Chlorophyte melee armor is basically end game melee since the turtle armor has some parts that are inferior and the bonus on chloro or turtle isn't good enough to warrant using a matching set. I only use the turtle bonus for farmin.

    The shroomite is ranged armor and I've never used it since ranged lacks an ability to heal itself, which is why I never use it. Frost armor seems like a better deal since it gives both melee and ranged bonus while giving a nice debuf that does damage over time, at the cost of a little less defense.

    Shroomite is only good for PVP
  5. doornoob

    doornoob Face Monster

    Why not make it use the Chlorophyte armor set combined with Shroomite bars to craft the armor?
  6. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Because people would not use the Chlorophyte armor anyway and would just make the recipe a tiny little bit more annoying.
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  7. Kattanos

    Kattanos Zombie

    For melee I use Hallowed Helm, Turtle Breastplate, Chlorophyte Pants.. It is the best min/max combo for melee and only losing 1 defense compared to full turtle set.. This statement has been pointed out by another forum user (as in not me) multiple times.. I went in game and compared the armor and it most certainly was true! I don't recall exactly who it was that pointed out this useful bit of info.. Maybe General_Milky?


    Removed "damage" from the phrase "It is the best min/max combo for melee damage and only losing 1 defense compared to full turtle set.." due to remembering immediately after posting that Hallowed set arguably has it beat for damage..
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  8. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank Cursed Skull

    My unreal stake launcher does approximately 800 DPS, including crit chance and stealth.

    Chlorophyte shotbow does even more stupidly high damage, reaching 3k damage per hit on the Destroyer. The stealth bonus is insanely good.
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  9. asval

    asval Green Slime

    Never tested that combo out, will do.

    That's if you can stand still long enough to get it, which is easy enough to do with bosses that barely do any damage or if you teleport constantly from one side to the other, but not so easy on hard events or against tough bosses.

    Frosted gives melee which is pivotal in using with the vampire knives to heal since ranged is the only class that lacks a healing ability.
  10. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank Cursed Skull

    With a hoverboard, it's actually not that hard to go into stealth. By hanging from a high point, you can sit still and tank with vamp knives and impale things with the stake launcher/chlorophyte shotbow.

    If you die within a few seconds of being exposed, then you obviously need a few more warding accessories or a potion.
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  11. Leinfors

    Leinfors Black Recluse

    Why use Chlorophyte for end-game melee when Turtle has better defense and Hallow has better offense?

    I'm with OP, Chlorophyte is pretty much worthless except in the case of Magic.

    Ranged: For the cost of Chlorophyte you can have Shroomite instead.
    Melee: For the cost of Chlorophyte you can have Turtle instead, and you probably already have Hallowed.
    Magic: Chlorophyte is a decent holdover until post-Plantera, then replace with Spectre.

    Personally, I think it could stand a buff. The puny Leaf Crystal does NOT make up for its lack of damage buffs. Maybe if the fire rate were doubled and it did more damage it would be something . . .
  12. Fortitude

    Fortitude Yellow Slime

    I used chlorophyte helmet, turtle scalemail, and chlorophyte leggings for melee. Never considered hallowed, figured it was worse than chlorophyte for offense so I just went with a defensive mix of armor while retaining decent offense bonuses. The chlorophyte set bonus was neat for the time I used it though, too bad the three "higher-up" sets have better set bonuses (and personally, I think turtle armor is much too easy to make - like how you needed only one ectoplasm for ghostly wings before they changed that).

    Also, if "gear" includes the Partisan, then I have to defend it by saying that thing alone saved my butt so many times in HM, and I reforged it and got Godly on the first attempt. It was my #1 weapon until I got the "legendary" weapons and Death Sickle.
  13. legendforlife99

    legendforlife99 Eskimo Zombie

    You this is kinda true unless your a mage and you have to kill plantera first to get to the specture armor.
  14. Frain Breeze

    Frain Breeze Doctor Bones

    Chlorophyte armor really does seem pointless. From a melee perspective, you give up a lot of speed and some damage to gain... a goofy crystal thing that distracts you by breaking distant pots, kills stuff where you can't reach the drops, knocks wraiths back into walls where you can't hit them, and blocks your view when trying to tunnel upwards. No thanks.

    I only use the boots from it, combined with the hallowed melee helmet and the turtle chest piece.
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  15. asval

    asval Green Slime

    I fail to see how it's better.

    Chlorophyte mask
    25 defense
    16% increased melee damage
    6% increased melee critical strike chance

    Hallowed mask
    24 defense

    10% increased melee damage and critical strike chance
    10% increased melee haste

    You lose out on 1 defense and 6% damage for 4% critical and 10% melee haste (melee speed?)

    The turtle helmet is just awful, set bonus is good for farming and being a tank in a team

    21 defense
    6% increased melee damage
  16. Sgt._Pepper

    Sgt._Pepper Bunny

    This is basically how I see the new armor.
    Turtle- Tank
    Chlorophyte- Melee
    Shroomite- Ranged
    Spectre- Mage
  17. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Wouldn't really call Chlorophyte "melee" because of the ranged set bonus. If anything, I'd go for Hallowed's 19% extra swords dps/throwable weapons range.
  18. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Call it useless, I call it efficient.

    Reason: Not everyone plays a ranger, and not everyone just stands there swinging a sword and hoping their armor will save them from their self-brought fate.
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  19. The Quiff

    The Quiff Giant Worm

    The leaf crystal bonus from the Chlorophyte Armour is not too bad for some AFK farms. It at least has that going for it.
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  20. Superjad

    Superjad Mouse

    I went from Orichalcum Mage to Chlorophyte Mage after I defeated the destroyer, since the extra defense and Leaf Crystal helped a lot with the Twins and Prime, after Plantera though, it was Spectre time.
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