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    Latest time this thread has been updated : 06/4/2012 - 08:49PM (GMT+2)
    Changelog V 1.85

    V 1.85 (open)

    06/4/2012 - 08:49PM (GMT+2)
    Updated Dual wielding mod to v2.0
    Update includes bugfix to where offhand items would be slower then main hand items , fix to where an item might wander off place when unnecessary , and a fix to item rotations when using some obscure combos of items.
    (potentially fixed all related crashes)

    V 1.84 (open)

    06/4/2012 - 11:05AM (GMT+2)
    Updated Super cheat menu to v2.1
    Update includes bugfixing to Item cheat and a general improvement to the NPC cheat , codewise.

    V 1.83 (open)

    01/4/2012 - 09:38AM (GMT+2)
    Updated Super cheat menu to v2.0!
    Updated super cheat menu notes.
    Update only applies to the item cheat.

    V 1.82 (open)

    25/3/2012 - 09:22PM (GMT+2)
    Updated Dual wielding , Added failsafe to crash (hopefully).

    V 1.81 (open)

    24/3/2012 - 04:30AM (GMT+2)
    Updated Dual wielding , Suppose-able crash fixer.

    V 1.8 (open)

    23/3/2012 - 08:18AM (GMT+2)
    Updated Advanced crafting! -removed right click dupe bug
    Added Super Cheat Menu!

    V 1.7 (open)

    23/3/2012 - 06:10AM (GMT+2)
    Added Dual wielding!

    V 1.6 (open)

    19/3/2012 - 04:43AM (GMT+2)
    Updated Member list!

    V 1.5 (open)

    17/3/2012 - 08:03PM (GMT+2)
    Updated all mods to tConfig v2.28
    Added version number to changelog spoiler
    Added tconfig-update support to all the CMHQ mods.

    V 1.4 (open)

    14/3/2012 - 08:32AM (GMT+2)
    Added Portals mod download links from Surfpup's post and details.

    V 1.3 (open)

    14/3/2012 - 01:09AM (GMT+2)
    Added Advanced Crafting Menu download link and details.

    V 1.2 (open)

    12/3/2012 - 18:41PM (GMT+2)
    Added Experiment0 Gels download link and details

    V 1.1 (open)

    12/3/2012 - 17:01PM (GMT+2)
    Added morphball download link and details
    Added changelog

    V 1.0 (open)

    12/3/2012 - 16:51PM (GMT+2)
    Initial release

    Hey all! Yorai here.

    I hereby announce the opening of the Community modding headquarter! *feels important*
    Oh , wait.
    You guys don't know what's this entire thing about , do you?
    Well , as things turns out , during the time me and many other tConfig modders have been making things , we have discovered friendship and a value to working together.
    And with that , we have all gathered around , into one big happy group , intending to bring community - requested content into existence!

    And as it stands now , our nicely formed team includes the following members -

    The Team

    Note: this list has been taken from the old CMHQ thread , and may be updated later.

    The goal of this team is to develop fun, high-quality mods for Terraria! , most of the things which we will work on will be community requests.
    Many of the mods we release will be released separately, but will also be available together.
    We intend to work on features that the community would like to see, in addition to implementing concepts that we as modders would enjoy working on , and playing with.
    We may have polls from time to time asking what you want us to work on!
    All of our projects will include details of what do they contain , and who made what in them.
    The current list is still under development , but here are some of the things we got!

    Note: As of now , all the mods will require the latest version tConfig , currently 2.28.
    To learn how to install these mods , please go here.

    PVP modes - A set of gamemodes under the development of surfpup , pretty amazing and used as a catalyst for understanding the new server synchronization system!
    Note : Details about this mod can be found in its thread.

    Metroid Morphball - A community request that I myself had taken upon myself , reviewed by Empio (which also added a beta feature of the spider ball element) , coded by me and sprited by Zero-Exodus , who is yet to be in the team.
    Details about the morphball here (open)

    A morphball is an accessory.
    The morphball can be crafted in a pre-hardmode game-state.
    To craft a morphball , get 1 Lucky horseshoe , 30 meteorite bars , 1 mana crystal , and 10 shine potions , and craft everything on an iron anvil.
    To use a morphball , equip it , and press Z at any time to switch between character mode , and morphball mode.
    As of now , the ball holds the following features:
    • The ball emits a glow , based on the character's shirt and undershirt colors
    • The ball is also colored by these colors
    • The ball disables use of all items you might use while being a morphball , however it is given its own features
    • On holding left click , the ball can initiate a 'drill' feature letting you drill through 'weak' blocks , such as dirt or stone , but not hard things.
    • On using right click , the ball spawns a ball bomb , which acts according to the original laws of a metroid's ball bomb.
    • An optional feature , by pressing the M key you can initiate a 'spider ball' feature , making the ball stick to walls and things similiar to those , this feature is not perfected.
    • The ball bounces , if the character has fallen from significant heights
    • The ball also disables the character's falling damage.
    Bugs :
    Only one found currently , the ball can dig out demon altars , please avoid doing that as the demon altars will not spawn the ores designated to them.

    CTF game mode - CTF stands for 'Capture The Flag' , for those who are not common with this term, this was also made by myself , And released as a part of the reborn mod, however due to the new server synchronization system , I have to rewrite some parts , so a download should only be available in about a day or two or three.
    Details about CTF here (open)

    to be added.

    TO Relics - This mod was a community request which we have decided to take upon , TO stands for 'Terraria Online' and is a reference to the forums, what is included in this pack , is a bunch of weapons , themed for the moderators of TO , taking upon a simple concept based on the visual aspects they took upon in the forum. (such as the graceful assassin carrying a scythe in the pictures , themed after Marluxia , of the Kingdom hearts series) (not done yet)
    Details about the TO Relics here (open)

    to be added.

    Portals mod- This is a mod created by surfpup , which is now worked to become a multiplayer-supporting one , it is still in development but should be available pretty soon , it is also balanced fairly well , might I add.
    (links by Surfpup included in details section)
    Details about the Portals here (open)

    • Each portal links to exactly one other portal of the same color.
    • Portals cannot be crafted. They must be found in the world. When you generate a new world, portals will randomly spawn!
    • At least one portal will always spawn in the Dungeon.
    • Networking code implemented to make it work as expected in multiplayer
    • Will be automatically updated as of tConfig 2.28
    • Might have bugs in multiplayer.

    Experiment0 Gels - This is a mod created by me , and sprited by Zero-Exodus, featuring Portal themed gels , such as propulsion , and repulsion gels , which affect both players and NPCs.
    Details about Experiment0 gels here (open)

    The gels added in this mod are of three types.
    All gels work on both players , and any NPC that collides with tiles.
    The first type , is the Propulsion Gel.
    • The propulsion gel can be crafted with 10 silt , 10 corals , and 1 bottled water , at an alchemy station.
    • The propulsion gel increases momentum on any axis , allowing things such as fast travel routes or reverse hellevators.
    The second type , is the Repulsion Gel.
    • The repulsion gel can be crafted with 10 silt , 30 gel , and 1 bottled water , at an alchemy station.
    • The repulsion gel reverses momentum on the axis it is tackled at , for example bouncing on the ground.
    The third type , is the Green slime.
    • The green slime can be crafted with 10 silt , 10 cobwebs , 10 cactus , and 1 bottled water , at an alchemy station.
    • The green slime acts like a permanent cobweb , and does not perish after use , allowing for stopping ways without the need for maintenance.
    Notes : The repulsion gel might not be acting as best as it can act , and might contain several bugs.

    Advanced Crafting Menu - made by me , Allows for a much faster sight on your crafting possibilities! it is also toggle-able through the inventory menu , via pressing a button on the screen.
    Details about Advanced Crafting Menu here (open)

    The Advanced Crafting menu can be started up by pressing an icon located right underneath the crafting menu.
    Once done , an inventory grid will be opened , containing 40 slots.
    In the slots , are all the possible crafting recipes you can craft for the moment.
    Clicking any of these will take you to a 'new' interface , in which you see the details of what you want to craft.
    you can then either craft as you would regularly , or press 'back' to go back to the big list.

    Notes: if you find any bugs I beg you , please report about them!

    OLD STUFF (open)

    Note: Dual Wielding requires tConfig v 23.1!
    Dual Wielding - made by me! (happy happy happy) and assisted by Surfpup towards the end ,Allows the player to dual wield any two-items at once! Even mod items! And they can even use 2 different ammo types at the same time if they're shooters! 0_0 and it even works in multiplayer perfectly! (sorta) (I am hyper as I am writing this , yay~)
    Details about Dual Wielding here (open)

    Dual wielding works by letting the player use the item in their '0' hotbar slot as a separate item , when right clicking.
    You assign the offhand item by putting it in the '0' hotbar slot.
    The offhand item is used with the right click instead of the left click.
    The offhand item , if using an ammo item , will select the item from the ammo array in a reverse order.
    If you select the '0' hotbar slot as your selected item , you cannot activate the dual wield feature.
    You can dual wield anything , including mod items , such as w1k's Heavy bollter with Omnir's Adamantite Zweihander , or double bows.

    Its supposed to work perfectly in multiplayer , although there was a lack of testing.
    Having a place-able tile as your offhand item will put that item on right click a torch, it cannot be avoided for now , but is pretty funny if you hold a torch as your offhand item.

    Found bugs:
    Rnadom testing already exposed that Skiph's Anti-Gravity mover cannot be dual wielded correctly.

    Author note in coding terms:
    This mod rapes terraria in terms of how it works , the most straight forward code EVERRR.

    Note: Super Cheat Menu requires tConfig v 23.1!
    Note : Super Cheat Menu is GREAT for mod testing!
    Super Cheat Menu - made by me , Lets you have an -almost- complete control over everything that happens in the world via default terraria stuffs , including an NPC spawn menu , an item spawning menu , and the patched crafting menu all in one convenient spot!
    Details about Super Cheat Menu here (open)

    The Super Cheat Menu's menus can be started up by pressing an icon located right underneath the crafting menu.
    There are currently 3 Buttons.
    • The Red , Copper chest button - this is the advanced crafting menu button , details about it can be found in this thread.
    • The Purple , Slime button - this is the NPC cheat menu , it shows you the Current IDs of all the enemies in the game , here you can click a number once , to see the name of the NPC for that number , and press the same number again to spawn that NPC.
    • The Blue , Golden chest button - this is the item cheat's interface , it allows you to spawn any item in the game , even mod items!
    Version 2 of this mod overhauls the item cheat interface , adding in 15 sorting options and making it not able to miss even a single item! =D

    Notes: if you find any I beg you , please report about them!

    In addition , more mods will be added to this list as they are being developed upon , and we are also thinking out a big collaboration project mod , balanced and given by the input of all of us , which will include new exciting features which are yet to exist in the game.
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  2. Karmel

    Karmel Green Slime

    Best of luck to you all, Keep all the cool stuff coming <3

    I'll keep giving bug reports as I see um~
  3. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Added experimento gels , please report here for any request and/or wanted tweaks to the mod , or if you just feel like commenting. :p
  4. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    i love the metroid morphball, It's so awesome. It looks and acts just like it does in the metroid games in my opinion. :D
  5. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Good to know I captured the right concept idea :D
    I really wish the spider ball feature would've worked properly ._.

    If anyone has any comments on anything please do share them! =o
    FYI : We're currently talking out a pet system , and it seems like its really neat *brags at self idea*
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  6. Karmel

    Karmel Green Slime

    I've been wondering, is it possible to have costume sprites put into character creation? or is that limited to vanity items in game only?.
  7. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    What part of it doesn't work like you want it to?
  8. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Inspiring me to create a list of all the utility type things I wish I could have when creating a map.
  9. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Wow! Great job as always Yorai! The experiment gels glitch a lot. Though they're still pretty fun to mess around with.
  10. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    The gels actually work as intended, I thought they were completely broken too until I figured out they are not supposed to be solid, but augment adjacent tiles. The only thing "weird" is the bouncy gel will not bounce the player unless he has some momentum, which according to Yorai is there in order to stop more serious bugs from occuring.
  11. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Actually I find that when you go at the gel block from some angles it doesn't do anything and lets you pass through/bump into wall as normal. Still very fun to mess with though.
  12. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    hmm , thanks for the info.
    As the system works now , the player*must* collide with the gel , I am using the exact system the game uses to detects collision with cobwebs , due to laziness I guess (and the assumption that that system works perfectly , lol)
    I shall 'fix' the sprites quite soon , due the slightly overbeaming fact that I recolored the green slime 2 times and forgot to leave the dirt colors out of it ._.;
    Go for it!
    I shall release a little compilation of the Infinity chest , an NPC recruitment desk , and the interface of 'Play god' (which will let you do some things that usually can only be done through a console) quite soon! =D

    Edit: Also , if anyone feels like taking a screenshot of some nice moments with the mod and upload them , there's a more-then-slight chance they'll be added to the OP , I think some demonstration pictures will be awesome :D
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  13. Pokenar

    Pokenar Penguin

    the wording you used for the portal mod is confusing, it makes it sound like it is being worked on to work for multiplayer, but it is working just fine right now.
  14. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    Surfpup currently works on a mod of portals , which are connected to each other , from two different points in the world , and send you from one to another.
    this does NOT work in multiplayer as of 2.26 if it even worked before.
    He currently 'overhauls' it , with new sprites and a fun new system bit - they spawn naturally in the world.
  15. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    It does work fine in single player, in theory, anyway.
  16. Pokenar

    Pokenar Penguin

    That is exactly what we are using, while there are some problems, we get it working by having every player place it down once, then everyone can use the portals, we are using 0.22.6 and we downloaded it off his thread today.
  17. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    the need for making workarounds means it does not 'work'.
    realistically speaking , if you see a portal you should be able to jump in regardless of who placed it.
    and that's what's missing according to the last time I talked to surf.
    In other news , I'm currently making a bone serpant hook , its almost done~
  18. Pokenar

    Pokenar Penguin

    fair enough, can we agree that it is "doable, but not desirable"? i take it over the beds that we are currently having, which decide if they want to work (which is usually 1 out of 50 times)
  19. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    The new version of the Portal Mod will not have this problem anymore - I'm implementing networking code and such to fix this. I'll be posting it as soon as I figure out why a portal tile randomly got destroyed when I used it.
  20. Pokenar

    Pokenar Penguin

    While i got the chance, may i note that while we were using it, red one also randomly disappeared, not even i could use it, when i went down to where it was, it was invisible, but breaking the block below it dropped it. you probably already fixed this, but worth the mention, just incase.

    And might i say that not only will this make the common persons life easier, i can imagine it will make modders lives easier as it would be easier to share hooks and such.
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