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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by plaYer2k, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. plaYer2k

    plaYer2k Mouse

    Good news Everyone!

    i finally release the mod iam working on for a long time now containing a few changed gamemechanics, new items, projectiles and and and. But see youself!

    Screens with description (open)

    New mechanics for drown/lava/debuff damages. Now you actually SEE the damage you take and can also take additional damage while suffering that effect.

    Or you simply run around with you drawn meleeweapon or consumable. No more shall you drink a potion but wanting to attack something with your mighty axe.
    This currently works for all consumable items and melee weapons that do NOT shoot projectiles, so no lances or flails yet.

    You can also build some Pipes and let the water flow!

    Some Tiles now support multiple styles like the new beds.

    The new Hunger System. Now you can eat food and hunger. But keep in mind, neither it is good to be hungry nor to be pigged out...

    Ingame credits for textures and recolors. Once anyone makes good sprites for me i add them as texture author!

    Ok and here are some other random pictures!



    A pretty good overview of some content from Pedguin

    other Videos (open)

    Here are a few videos in reverse chronological order (newest first).

    Some Keyfeatures
    • about 130 new items (Some are testitems)
    • about 110 new recipes
    • physical Pipelines for water. Transport at will =O
    • Shooter that fire projectiles automatically. Currently only used for Fishy Frog Fountains to shoot waterdrops that transport water. More are comming like the Bullet Bill
    • Ingame Credits for texture/recolor authors.
    • A hunger system. Currently only as system with testfood but later with recipes and foooood. But beware, Hungry is bad but Pigged Out too ;-)
    • Falling Damage mechanic changed a bit. It does ignore your armor now and also adds a Leg Injury debuff depending on your taken damage.
    • Changed the way how item stats and buffs/debuffs get applied. Now they multiply with each other instead of summing up.
    • Added a completely new Vanity Itemslot with Testitems for Sprite Artist. They contain 20 Frames with each 100 x 100 pixel size. Make Wings, Tails, Auras etc now! Check out the Clothier for them (Testitems).
    • Added a few new Town NPCs so you arent lonely anymore. One even sells ores!
    • most Melee weapons and all Consumables have a Drawn style now once selected.
    • Added Gravity to players. Now jump higher and get less falling damage while under low gravity effects.
    • Added health- and manaleech. All NPCs now leech 15% hp so beware and play more carefull now. May you get a new Vampiric item too?
    • Ambushes. Sometimes they just like to attack, nobody knows why. But they DO!
    • Changed the way how itemstats get displayed. Now you see the actual bonus ingame. Same for debuffs that get applied from weapons.
    • Removed/changed a few stat caps. Now you cangain negative defense (take more damage) and run faster for instance.
    • Worm AI NPCs now have a very little chance to increase their size drastically.
    • extended holdStyles for items, now you see where you are pointing that gun
    Well i think that are the "most" new/changed features for now. -_-
    But now its up to youse to play the game!
    Plans for the future
    • Fix the pipes and may add lavapipes too.
    • Add NPC Prefixes like Dangerous, Resistant, Healthy etc.
    • Add more weapons like shotguns with knockback from Upgraded Musket Suggestion.
    • More placeStyles for most ingame items like Lamps, Lanterns, Signs etc so they can look different but work the same as before (As i did with Beds and a few others).
    • New spells like Demonic Heal Spell.

    You can also try the new compatible WorldViewer from Berserker66 to view your new world.
    Download the Worldviewer here!
    Downloads Release3
    - Download has been taken down until the bugs have been fixed, sorry for that -
    separate Release2 files (open)

    (Release 1 + gli Hotfix) (open)

    Please make Backups of your Character and World since Cmod changes the Versionnumber and you wont be able to load them with your original Terraria anymore. After saving them ingame.
    Also a fix for "I can not select or create new characters" is to simply rename the "Players" folder within "C:\Users\-USER-\Documents\My Games\Terraria". I might use a differenct directory for further releases since the Characters shall NOT be compatible with your original Terraria anymore to prevent "cheating" and bugs.

    1. Get the GameLauncher from
    2. Download the latest Release from Download (see above)
    3. Extract the content of Cmod_Release1.zipINTO your Terraria Directory
      • Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\terraria
    4. Run the Cmod_INSTALL.exe with Administrator Rights!
    5. now you are free to play the game through Steam
    You can also check this "How To Install" video from StrayMaverick

    Since this modidea originated as "Community mod" where i try to release suggestions and see how they work ingame with the help of community sprite artists. So i welcome everyone to submit replacements for beds, sighns, weapons, armors etc what ever you are good in and want to see ingame... Iam trying to make most stuff real :)
    But use the texture thread ONLY for textures =)
      • Please help me here since neither i have time nor the experience to properly maintain a wiki.

    Special Thanks to:
    ReLogic for this nice and easy to mod game =)
    Surfpop for the hashing code stuff to make the patcher and GameLauncher.
    Colin Percival for his Binary diff/patch utility
    Berserker66 for his Worldviewer Compability in notime.
    Pedguin for his really good overview video.
    StrayMaverick for his "How To Install" video.
    Pixel Lantern and Omnir for all the nice textures since i started this project!
    NeKoChan for the Banner
    All those who help contributing to the Wiki!

    And a single warning, its my ONLY warning i give here.
    No discussions about modding, how you like or dislike it.
    No "but the devs dont support modding yet".
    I will send out infraction requests once it goes too offtopic.


    Do you like and enjoy Cmod? Then you might consider donating a certain sum in exchange for months of work.


    NeKoChan's nice Banner (thanks for that one :-D)
    My old attempt

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  2. Korin

    Korin Possessed Armor

    I think I will playtest this today.
  3. frogfrog

    frogfrog Green Slime

    I'm not a massive fan of heavily modding a game, but I can see alot of people really enjoying this. The pipes look well implemented too, most probably something we'll see in a future update from the devs.

    Well done!
  4. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    wow, that is jaw dropping, this deserves to be featured
    Dauziklis likes this.
  5. Monta

    Monta Herpling

    O_O I .. need .. this ! Well played sir ! You are a genius !

    Btw , did they approve this ? I don't want this to get closed or anything like that :s

    Edit : A video tutorial would be nice ... I don't want to mess up the whole game D: .. please ?
  6. Matty2340

    Matty2340 Green Slime

    Pure awesomeness.
  7. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    My world mapper changed for cmod:

    feel free to add the link to the Op.
    Also, I only let my automated "learn" script run over the changed contents, so if sometrhing is not working please let me know.
  8. Matty2340

    Matty2340 Green Slime

    Pure awesomeness.
  9. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    can i ask a question though? if i at anytime want to remove this then how do i remove it without screwing anything up?
  10. Monta

    Monta Herpling

    I'm going to tell everybody about this O_O this is so epic !

    w8 , when i type the number of the game in , it won't work D:
  11. plaYer2k

    plaYer2k Mouse

    Yes please do this. Since i cant cover all bugs i sure need feedback =)

    That those features become "Real", that they become official changes is one intention i had.

    The devs dont reply to emails, even surfpop said he didnt got a response. I send them an email like 8 weeks ago and nothing came back.

    Well the installation is quiet simple for both the GameLauncher AND the mod since they both should be "fool proof" as long as the user does not delete files at will. But maybe someone can make a full video with voice documentary then i would love to add it to the OP as Install Instruction Tutorial =)

    The new textures are all inside /terraria/content/Cmod/... so you should not mess stuff up alot.
    Afterwards just delete the Terraria_Cmod.exe, the Cmod_INSTALL.exe and the Cmod.gli that should be everything.
    As for the GameLauncher deletion please check the GameLauncher description, i think i said how to deinstall it there or within a Readme.txt.

    woohoo thats awesome =) +5

    "it wont work" ? What error do you get?
  12. Monta

    Monta Herpling

    Well .. it's number 1 , but whenever i type in "1" it says game not found .. I think I made something wrong xD
  13. piinyouri

    piinyouri Lava Slime


    Wow. Once this get's more feedback I'll most likely give it a shot.
    That looks like a lot of work done there. Very exciting stuff.
  14. plaYer2k

    plaYer2k Mouse

    Ahh wait, i might messed something up with a wrong hash inside my GLI. I redownload Terraria now and apply all patches myself. Give me 5min.

    but you can start Terraria right ?

    Ok here is the hotfix
    just copy it over your existing Cmod.gli
  15. Ruari

    Ruari Yellow Slime

    Yeah that is true. Everything seems to be in perfect working order, it looks like it should work, however as other have pointed out when you attempt to open up Terraria via Steam the error messgage "Game not found" appears. I can still run original Terraria though, which is odd.
  16. koisoi

    koisoi Green Slime

    I got the same error as monta, When i open terraria, type 1 in the box it says Game not found. D; Looks really cool too.
  17. plaYer2k

    plaYer2k Mouse

    Ok i added a hotfix and uptaded the downloads in OP. Thanks for that quick notification -_-
  18. Carnage123

    Carnage123 Green Slime

    One question on the pipes, does it just let water flow from high to low? Or do they act more like a pump, where it transfers water from low to high no matter how many bends etc? Please explain the pipes a little better for me, I am very interested in this. Also, do they work with lava as wells and are there any restrictions to these pipes, like can they only be so high before the pipes do not work anymore.
  19. Nxstri73

    Nxstri73 Cursed Man

    I too had the same error like Monta, but it started correctly no problem with the hotfix
  20. koisoi

    koisoi Green Slime

    Alright it works now ^_^ Thanks ~ Off to playing
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