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  1. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye


    Hey there! If you're looking for a server to have fun with other Terraria players without restrictions on what you can and can't do, then this is the server for you! Everyone is invited as long as you follow the few rules which are:
    • No griefing, stealing, hacking, or unfair modding of any kind
    • No begging for items and whining
    • Don't build dangerous traps that new players can't avoid
    • Don't build monster spawners, or in someone else's house
    • No innapropriate language, don't argue with admins
    Other than that just about everything is allowed, you don't need to have a new character or censor yourself for this server, but that said if you say or do something that is obviously stupid you might end up getting muted, having building permissions revoked, or being just flat out banned. It only takes a little common sense to know whats ok, though.

    Mine, build, explore, socialize and have fun!

    So come on in and join us!
    Server IP: cfsgaming.com
    Server Port: 7777
    Max Players: 100

    How To Connect:
    To connect to the server, start Terraria and click Multiplayer, then Join. Select the character you want to use. Then on the page "Enter Server IP Address:" enter the IP address cfsgaming.com , and when it asks "Enter Server Port:" enter 7777. This will connect you to the server.

    How To Register:
    After you connect to the server, you will be set as the rank Guest. This gives you little to no permission on the server, so to have more fun while playing you should register.

    Register the character you are playing on with a password of your choice by typing this ingame:
    /register yourpassword

    Then login with that same password.
    /login yourpassword

    You should now be registered! Please note that every time you connect to the server after you registered, you have to login again.

    How To Build:
    To build on the server, you must first agree to and follow the rules. You can read the server rules on cfsgaming.com, in-game with /rules, or on the signs hanging at spawn on the server.

    After you familiarize yourself with the rules, you have to be registered and logged in. If you aren't, please review the section above called "How To Register".

    With these steps completed, you should visit https://www.cfsgaming.com/terraria/join and enter your in-game account information. You will also need a Steam account with a valid copy of Terraria.

    If you need help-
    • You can make a post here in this thread, but it may take a while for an admin to reply.
    • Alternatively, you can register and make a post in the Help Section of the server's forum at www.cfsgaming.com. Staff check the forums very frequently.
    • Of course you can also ask your question in-game too, players are always willing to help. :)
    Server hosted on a high-performance and 24/7 VDS.

  2. Da Killa

    Da Killa Green Slime

    what is the ip
  3. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye

    You can connect with either:
    They all go the same place.
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  4. Chiefwaffles

    Chiefwaffles Green Slime

    Uhh.. Theres a problem. After you logged off, colin, Someone named "samantha" logged on, then logged out. Right when she logged out lava appeared everywhere.
  5. BDSMGirl

    BDSMGirl Green Slime

    Hey, it's Nue. When's your server going to be up again? I had a lot of fun, and I didn't even finish making my obsidian tower.
  6. calear

    calear Demon Eye

    stuck at cnecting to
  7. Jasowa

    Jasowa Green Slime

    cant connect
  8. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye

    It's back up, sorry for the long downtime. Had some ISP problems and server software problems, but it should be back online now. The domain names should work, but if they have not updated yet the current server IP address is [outdated] so come on in!
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  9. AbelPR

    AbelPR Squirrel

    What the hale why'd i get randomly kicked 25 sec after i joined???
  10. pampam88

    pampam88 Dark Caster

    I wanna play! Is it hachami?
  11. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye

    Nope, just a standard server. Type the IP address and connect.

    Just a server restart, no worries.
  12. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye

    The server is back online after being expanded from a small to a large map! All active player houses have been transferred over to the new map and protected. The new map is completely untouched, which also means there is a new dungeon! I know you guys have been wanting that. :D

    Here is the map of the new locations of transferred houses:
  13. GAUI

    GAUI Green Slime

    Hey! I need to become an OP.
  14. bNoid

    bNoid Doctor Bones

    Thats a lot of Corruption. ;o

    EDIT: Your signature is way to big, you can get an infraction for that!
  15. SamuraiLish

    SamuraiLish Green Slime

    I recently got the game, maybe a week ago, and have been wondering about the multiplayer portion of it. Happened to come across your thread for the public server and thought I'd check it out. Was kinda curious about the server being up and running 24/7 but with a limit to what, like 8 players? How often are you guys on and what kind of rules are you mainly going to be enforcing outside of the norm? (no griefing, house vandalism, etc, etc)
  16. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye

    No you don't?

    That's only near the spawn. ;)

    There are really no other rules besides that. No griefing, no hacking (mainly because the anti-grief kicks anyone who uses hacks), and players should respect other players. There are no requirements for new characters, no requirement to use items only found on the server, etc. It's just about playing Terraria and having fun doing it. :)
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  17. Unit_phntk_1

    Unit_phntk_1 Cursed Man

    What time do people normally come online? It's rather boring sitting around waiting for an OP to come on to promote me from guest.
  18. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye

    Hey, sorry about that, I've been kinda busy the last few days and haven't been on the server as much as usual. I set you as builder for the next time you join, so have fun. :)

    Also if anyone else is playing on the server and isn't online at the same time I am, just drop your ingame name here in this thread and I'll set you as a builder, as long as you promise not to grief. ;)
  19. Unit_phntk_1

    Unit_phntk_1 Cursed Man

    After a while playing,(did a freindly PvP match that ended with me having 245 plat o_o) I got major lag, and it got to the point I was kicked with the message "Read timed out". Now when I try to relog, it stops at "found server". Help?
  20. King Colin

    King Colin Demon Eye

    Sorry about that, the server is having some hardware problems and I'm looking into it now, but I can't give you any guess on when it'll be back up. I'll post an update when I get it back online.

    EDIT: Alright, it looks to be running fine now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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