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Discussion in 'PC' started by Spode, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Spode

    Spode Green Slime

    Hello, I am new here, my first post was in a thread regarding a storage facility. Now I have a question about colors.

    I am trying to recreate a character, but because of the color system in Terraria. I cannot simply eye drop them and copy the r,g,b in the game.

    So what I am asking is what are the closest colors to the skin, clothes, and hair of this character?
    The girl, not the animal.

    If somebody knows, it'll be most appreciative.
  2. Magician Xy

    Magician Xy Eskimo Zombie

    Using Paint.NET, I got the exact values.

    R: 161
    G: 130
    B: 102

    Too dark for Terraria's scale. The closest you'll get is 50/50/50.

    R: 158
    G: 183
    B: 205

    R: 83
    G: 101
    B: 115

    R: 126
    G: 101
    B: 80
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  3. Spode

    Spode Green Slime

    Thanks, friend. And the hair color worked out fine.

    EDIT: Figured I should include an image of my new character.
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  4. Burntscale76

    Burntscale76 Devourer

    this reminds me of Alyx Vance (which might be the intended) or lara croft

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