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  1. Ryan9665 Mouse

    Ok hello guys I'm new but I want to create a mod for Terraria fans including myself, do not promise anything because I'm not so able to do these things.
    New Ore & Bar's
    --Titanium Ore-Bar
    --Uranium Ore Bar
    --Malachite Ore-Bar
    --Tin Ore-Bar
    --Unholy Ore-Bar
    And later i do more stuff items npc's
    thanks for your attention :D
  2. Ryan9665 Mouse

    oh and if you have some idea tell me :D thx
  3. Klokinator Raincoat Zombie

    I'm just gonna throw this out there, it's a great idea for your first mod, but there are a LOT of "add new ore and new tiered armor" mods out there. If this is where you're planning to go with your first mod, I'd simply advise making it for fun to learn modding, not releasing it (Unless it's well balanced and actually has something interesting about it), then using your newfound knowledge to create a better variant of said mod.
  4. Ryan9665 Mouse

    And what you mean with this??
  5. M2TheT Eskimo Zombie

    He means you should make a more original mod. I'd say that for 2 reasons. A lot of people have done mods like these, and by now, some people have lost interest in this type of thing. The other reason is that some of your ideas might conflict with other mods. I've seen quite a few with Uranium ore, and sadly, would be incompatible with the Uranium in your mod.

    Klok was simply stating that you should experiment with this mod, and release it if it's good. Otherwise, do something creative for a better response.
  6. guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    Rubbish! Don't listen to what they said. As long as you put your heart into it, then it'll be more then enough!
  7. daleksax Bone Lee

    I vote fallacy upon this statement!
  8. guyguyga Slimed Zombie

    How come? All you can ask for is their best. Don't be tearing down people's confidence like this.
  9. M2TheT Eskimo Zombie

    I personally agree. I was simply telling him why anyone might think badly of a mod like this. All mods are worth trying for me. The real problem is if they are compatible, and I'm too lazy to try and rebuild them or look for a source.

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