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  1. VViking

    VViking Green Slime


    I thought it´d be nice to have some more town NPCs [and so did Phlebas, hehe] so I thought I´d present a little concept for a mod and maybe some people will be interested enough to lend a helping hand.

    - Sprites are needed, especially the NPCs themselves of course. If you know of fitting sprites that could be used or would even make some drop a note.
    - The NPC making tutorial is very basic. VERY basic. Looking at dogsonofawolf´s NPCs helped a bit but I still have no idea how to achieve many features[like letting NPCs say lines only when certain conditions are met] so I would need help with the code, too.

    So you see this would not be "my" mod but more of a community effort. If said community has interest, that is.


    I plan to write at least 20 lines for each NPC.
    I didn´t assign everyone a spawn mechanic yet cause the vanilla game doesn´t have items suitable for spawn mechanics for all characters.
    I´ll have to take a look and see if I find a fitting sprite somewhere and if not hope that someone feels like making one.
    Btw, is taking stuff from dead mods frowned upon here?
    That sure has some nice sprites, like the chopping block. Would be a much better spawning condition than what I had in mind and it´s a shame to let it go to waste.
    Also I´m not sure if it is a good idea to make the spawn conditions as "basic" as those or whether it should be something harder to achieve, as to make NPC spawning better controllabe?!
    Well optimum would be to have a craftable, fitting custom object for each of them anyway, but that could be a bit much to ask. :confused: Also I try to keep it basic regarding the spawn mechanic so I don´t have to ask for help too much but hey, I could sure come up with better stuff if some coder is bored :D
    Also they will sell stuff that makes sense to sell for them. Not decided yet what exactly.

    Welcome to my town! Well alright, alright, it´s yours! Calm down...
    Spawns when: A fitting item is found.

    Saintly Priest
    Thou shalt not kill bunnies.
    Spawns when: Angelic Statue in inventory.

    Corrupted Priest
    Slay the bunnies! Shoot the birds!
    Spawns when: Vile Powder in inventory.

    I´m able to identify all sorts of wood! Yep, that´s wood! Hey, what´s funny´bout that?!
    Spawns when: Silver axe in inventory.

    Let´s go deepah! Stop laughing, pervert!
    Spawns when: Silver pickaxe in inventory.

    Don´t tell the priest I hunt bunnies! Well, you may tell the evil one, but not the good one, okay?
    Spawns when: Silver bow in inventory.

    What´s 114 times 86? Hm? Hm? I thought so! Adventuring times are over, youg man, sit down and learn your math.
    Spawns when: Bookcase in inventory.

    Little Boy
    Coooooool armor!
    Spawns after teacher spawned(is that even possible?)

    Little Girl
    Can you catch me a pet bunny? Pleeeaaassseee?
    Spawns after teacher spawned(is that even possible?)

    Phlebas has it covered

    Town Drunk
    *wobble wobble* Uuugh I don´t feel sho good... *yak*!
    Spawns after inn-keeper spawned(is that even possible?)

    Spawns when: A fitting item is found.

    I am Dr. Itor, Jan Itor. How may I be of service?
    Spawns when: Bucket in inventory.

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  2. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    What do all the NPC's do?
  3. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    hmm... I like this, make it so that they all spawn in their own mini biome once you find the key to the city (mayor's suitable item) inside the city hall, and all the NPCs that had originally been mooching off you move into their old homes in the town (gun dealer has a shooting range, dryad lives in a tree, demolitions expert is in a bunker [locked from the outside] and so on) This is a great idea.
  4. VViking

    VViking Green Slime

    As I wrote:
    Also they will sell stuff that makes sense to sell for them. Not decided yet what exactly.

    They talk, sell stuff and exist. What else should they do?!


    Let´s not over-complicate stuff with mini-biomes etc. :eek:
    They act just like regular NPCs, if item conditions + housing conditions are met they move in.
  5. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    Ok, well you should decide what they should sell, cause I'm likin' this idea.
  6. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    no, the mini biome is just so you don't have obnoxious NPCs getting themselves killed. Its like a naturally spawning housing complex that monsters won't spawn inside of and will direct NPCs once you get the mayor.
  7. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    that seems overlycomplicated, and doesnt fit terraria at all to me...
  8. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    not an idea for now, but it would definitely save time in trying to get housing for all those obnoxious NPCs
  9. VViking

    VViking Green Slime

    Yeah, I´d do that while writing the dialogue.
    Also I´ll look into some mod items and see if authors give permission.

    But that is a very small concern right now with zero sprites ;)
    And it´s something that takes maybe 10 minutes per npc.

    You seem to have some idea going there but to be honest it´s got nothing to do with the idea of this mod.
    And I don´t think you realise how difficult it would be to code something like that.
    This mod would use the vanilla housing mechanics and nothing else.

    Seriously? I don´t think this mod is for you. It would aim to add more NPCs for people who enjoy building stuff and filling it with NPCs, not for people who find NPCs "obnoxius".
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  10. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to ever help alot with this mod, I'm working on my own. I could provide a little assistance if necessary, though. I'm a coder, btw, not a spriter. My friend draws the images for my mod, not me. We're like a team.
  11. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    I like many of these, but I think Terraria already has enough town NPC's. Liked anyway.
  12. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    Yea, my thoughts are: make a bunch of good ideas, and take the best 1/3 for a mod beyond compare.
  13. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    I see. I apologize. And I am one of those people that likes building. it just gets annoying when you have to go through and build another house to get NPCs out of a danger zone and I was giving an idea that might solve that. but you're right. That isn't what the mod is about. This is a mod you turn on once you've mastered hardmode, or sealed off the underworld to avoid the WoF
  14. TrinityMoon

    TrinityMoon Cursed Skull

    Does the town spawn during world generation or do we have to build it?
  15. tvolk131

    tvolk131 Demon Eye

    no, i dont think so, too complicated to code, and pointless anyways
  16. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    (ask Yorai for help for these conditions...I'm fairly sure all are possible)
    Spawns when: All NPCs are present and accounted for?
    Grants: Founder's Medal - gives you insane buffs to reward you for finding all NPCs and also attracting a mayor

    Saintly Priest
    Sells early-game magic weapons.

    Corrupted Priest
    Provides upgrades for the Corruption weapons that are useless or at least not very useful at the moment. For example, Vilethorn, Ball of Hurt.

    Sells axes. He'll send you on quests and with each successful quest he sells a stronger axe.
    -He starts off selling iron and copper axes. He tells you that he doesn't feel like a true lumberjack without a leather jacket. Could you go get him 10 leather?
    -With the leather quest completed he sells silver and gold axes. He tells you that true warriors use war axes, and says that if you are a true warrior he will make them for you. To demonstrate this he asks that you slay enemies in distant lands. For proof, he requires: Shark Fin, Feather, Antlion Mandible.
    -With the 'warrior' label achieved he sells you the War Axe of the Night. However, he tells you that there is a new crafting method out there that allows hammers and axes to be fused. He tells you that this method was stored in a legendary "secret lumberjack document". Unfortunately the miner took it, and isn't willing to sell if but for a high price.
    -Give him the Lumberjack's Hamaxe Design and he'll sell you hamaxes. These are non-craftable items of copper, iron, silver, and gold. You still have to find meteorite and hellstone yourself, sorry! He'll also sell The Breaker.

    Sells pickaxes. He'll send you on quests and with each successful quest he sells stronger pickaxes.
    -Starts off selling iron and copper. Feels like he needs a mining helmet to help see the rarer ores. Give him one.
    -He sheepishly admits that his eyesight is somewhat bad. Could you also give him some prescription goggles?
    -Give him goggles, and he'll start to sell silver and gold pickaxes.
    -He mentions that if you give him a full miner's outfit, he's willing to part with a secret document of his.
    -Give him a full miner's outfit and he gives you Lumberjack's Hamaxe Design.
    -Since Nightmare Pickaxe is so crucial to many elements of the game, I'll have you find that for yourself. He never sells it.
    -If you talk to him at night after he has the full miner's outfit, he sells Spelunker Potions.

    Sells blowpipes, seeds, and arrow types. Sells only one bow, the Hunting Bow, which is tiered to be between Gold and Demonite.
    He sells you upgrades to blowpipes and bows as well, in return for hunting quests.
    -"I think I can make arrows that fly faster with those harpy feathers!" (10 Feathers and he sells swift arrows)
    -"Those lenses from the Demon Eyes...could make the blowpipe a lot more efficient." (2 Lens and he sells 'Blowgun')
    -"What if I told you hornet stings make for great poison arrows?" (10 Stingers and he sells poisonous arrows)
    -"Attach a hammerhead to an arrow, and it'll have great knockback. Just need something to strap the hammerhead on." (10 Vines and he sells knockback arrows)
    -"Coral has the unique property of giving arrows the same speed in water." (10 Coral and he sells water-piercing arrows)
    -"They say the Antlion's jaws have great shooting power. Wonder if that could make a blowgun stronger?" (2 Antlion Mandibles + Feather and he sells "Ceremonial Blowgun")

    I have sprites for these btw.
    Knockback Arrow Amazon 'Bludgeon'.png
    Poison Arrow Amazon 'Sting'.png
    Swiftspeed Arrow Amazon 'Swift'.png
    Blowgun Blowgun.png
    Ceremonial Blowgun Ceremonial Blowgun.png
    Water-Piercing Arrow Coral Tipped Arrow.png

    Teacher, Little Boy, Little Girl, Inn-Keeper, Janitor, Inventor
    I have no idea what these could do. Buff you with knowledge? Sell a yardstick as a melee weapon?

    Town Drunk - How About a Bartender Instead?
    Creates alcoholic beverages - these give you buffs without requiring that you make potions, but the buffs work for shorter periods of time and leave you tipsy. Some of the stronger drinks can also leave you confused.
  17. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    First off , the quests are too easy to write with my lovely engine. xD

    Second , I love the ceremonial blowgun , but to me it seems like a reasonable bayonet to the clockwork repeater 0_0;

    Third , I think you put way too much emphasis on early game , the NPCs should account for a bit of hardmode related content as well , given that the merchant and arms dealer both get new contents to their shops on hardmode as well.

    Lastly , some thoughts about the NPCs you have no idea for.

    Little Girl - could ask you for sewing materials / decoratives like flowers in order to make some plushies or other cute decorative materials for you to place around the house.

    Teacher - should be asking you for things like books , mana stars , a grand clock thingy and a piano , and perhaps reward you with the spells / equivalents for them , or sell the music tools. (another thought , you can make new music tools too)

    Inventor - should be asking for several things you can make using the mechanic's work , such as explosives , the uncraftable dart traps , or timers , and reward you with the ability to directly buy things like lanterns and lamps / clockwork rifle.

    Little Boy - could be interested in being a grown-up fighter , you should be able to give him your old melee equipments like a wooden sword or iron sword , and he should be able to sell early game monster loot for you , like gel or rotten chunks later on :p
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  18. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet


    From a thread long ago by kallixenia.
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  19. Phlebas

    Phlebas Spriter

    those are nice. i might draw up a children template based on those little ones.

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