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    ...everything is dark.

    I can't see anything. I try to open my eyes...I wish I hadn't done that.
    StoryPasta presents...
    A terraria story
    I can only look up from the forest into the sky. My life was quite peaceful - living in a wood cabin in a lush forest. The guide stayed with me - I find his advice valuable, which helps me since I don't want to get mauled by zombies at night. It seems that the sun is in the middle, so I decide to cut some trees outside from the grove and get some ore.

    After a while of gathering resources, I headed back home, when I saw a peculiar thing catch my eye. A huge the sky? I shook my head at this. I thought it was just my imagination. After heading back to my house and taking a break, I saw an explosion outside my window.

    That same airship fell down in the same area and exploded, this time I could feel the hot breeze coming through the door. I realized I forgot to close it, and I closed the door to prevent the house from getting hotter. I watched as the aftermath of the blazing fire resulting from it continued on, into the night.

    At this point, I yawned and fell asleep in my chair.

    I woke up to someone shouting at me.
    "Wake up!"
    Waking up, I find out the guide was shouting at me for falling asleep. I got up from my chair. I looked out the window...the fire was gone.
    "The fire dried up! Maybe there's something we can find?" He asked.
    "Erm, sure, fine. Let's go investigate." I say to him, picking up my Copper Pickaxe. We exited our house and began the walk to it.

    It was quite a trek, and when we got there, it was just ruins. A city, fallen to pieces. People lying, dead. Some were even missing limbs. Then we saw it.

    The Airship. Lying in a scrap wreck of wood and silver. I hacked some of the wood and found a chest under the rubble. I opened it and peeked inside. All I was thinking was "What the..?". Metal bars that appeared to be made from bright red ore and black rocks. I also spotted a sword. Golden handle, blue blade.

    I had a huge mindscrew here. How could something like this have such valuable treasures? I heard the guide shout out.

    "Another chest!" He shouted, waving. I took the bars and the sword and ran over to him. We peeked inside. More of those metal bars and some sort of handgun. Bullets were inside the chest as well. I heard a scream and turned around. The guide was gone! I ran back to my house in pure shock. Closing the door, I put the things inside my chest and looked outside.

    A huge airship made entirely of silver began lifting the dead bodies up into it, along with the airship rubble. I could see for a second that the guide was among the people being lifted up. They appeared to be hung by long, white lasers. After everything went inside, it flew away.

    I couldn't sleep. I decided to hide until the time being and figure out, in the right sense, what was with the treasure. I heard a heavy knock on the door. Pulling out the handgun I found, I loaded some ammo in it, opened the door and fired away. A dead zombie laid on the ground by the doorway.

    That's at least one home invasion I don't need anymore. I closed the door, and sat in my chair by the table. I then fell asleep from being tired.

    I woke up the next morning, and looked outside. That same airship who abducted my only friend was hovering in the sky. I got a better look at it. It seemed to be some sort of disc with a large, red eye on the bottom of it. The eye was looking around. Realizing it was watching me, I hid under the window and waited for it to go away.

    It finally went away after five minutes of trying to find me. I heard knocking on the door and turned around.
    "Hello?" A voice, sounding like the Guide asked. "Is anyone there?"
    Worried it might be a spy who stole his voice and is trying to catch me, I didn't even respond. The person behind the door knocked again.
    "If you're there, say something.".
    I then decided to shoot at the door. Good move, right?

    Wrong. Quickly, gunshots began firing and I ducked for cover. Realizing those orange and black bars had something to do with my handgun, I quickly placed the gun on my anvil, got out the bars and quickly forged a stronger gun. I then fired again and the gunshots stopped.

    Did I kill the person behind the door? I opened it and in front of me was the dead body of a man in black. I couldn't help but cringe. Looking in the left pocket of his tuxedo, I found a quite large vial with a purple liquid in it. The cork's shape was odd, being some sort of down sign with a small orb on top of the sign.

    What kind of thing IS this?

    I was thinking whether I should drink this or not. It looked awfully like a health potion...maybe just one sip. I twisted off the cork and took a little sip from it. It felt I took another sip, then drunk it all down.

    Then I jumped and dropped the empty vial, smashing it. Everything seemed much louder now. I had to put my hands over my ears from the loudness, only to realize my vision is beginning to contort and things seem much more...distorted. I couldn't stand up from the distortion and fell to the ground, before letting out a loud scream.

    The noise deafened me and everything went black. Then it began to shift colors. In went in, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, black, white, grey, brown, pink and then white again...before heading back to black. I couldn't hear, see or feel anything at all. I couldn't even move.

    I know it.

    I'm going to die.
    ...everything is dark.

    I can't see anything. I try to open my eyes...I wish I hadn't done that. I was suspended in a dark room, in some sort of blue liquid. I still can't move and half of my vision is red. I couldn't see anything in front of me...until the liquid drained.

    I felt much stronger. I looked at my hands and I was encased in some sort of...armour? I decided to bust my way out by attempting to punch the glass in front of me. It completely shattered like ice. Hmm...

    ...I proceeded to run through the empty halls until I saw a bright light. Heading towards it, it became more clear to being in a forest. When I got outside, I saw a pretty big lake and thought, "This would be the perfect time to look at myself." so I did that. I saw a reflection of me, in the same red and white armor, and was quite shocked at it. I didn't know what to do.

    Now what?
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    W1K won't do a personal attack. Stackerz might but, y'know, he's stackerz.

    Anyway, I'll wait until a chapter's up.
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    Well, the least I can do is ignore him.

    There's one up now!
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    Pretty good. Still, seems a bit fast.
    Good work.
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    Thanks. Plan on sl-wait, what?
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    Dude, on the other thread I was joking.
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    It's fine.
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    You like flipped the fuck out. But anyway, this is pretty good.
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    This is pretty good. Stacker will comment on this evventualllyy......
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    Word is I'm suppose to read this and attack it. But I just woke up and can't read this much. Maybe another time.
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    I did ignore him, you know.
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    The amount of fucks I give are in my avatars hand. Haha just kidding I don't have a problem with you. I don't understand any of this
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    And now, three months late, a new chapter will be coming up.
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    wait, let me get this straight, you searched and airship city thing and found some Hellstone, a Muramasa and a handgun, the Guide was somehow kidnapped by aliens or something like that, then the next morning someone knocks on the door, you fire at them and they retaliate, you make a Phoenix Blaster and kill whoever is shooting you, who somehow ended up being the Arms Dealer, you take some potion out of his corpse, drink it, pass out, only to then wake up in a room full of a blue liquid (possibly water), then the liquid drains and you leave the room, look at your reflection in a nearby lake, only to realize you're wearing Hellstone armor?
    What did you smoke?
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    What is your problem? So you just dropped 1/16 of the plot on me? ...and that armour is Adamantite, by the way. All three main characters wear a variation.
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    1.Sorry, It just doesn't make sense, how does one get Adamantite armor Pre-Hardmode? (other than trading or having a hardmode world), besides, you found like a "shipload" of Hellstone bars (pun intended on "shipload")
    2.What 3 main characters? It was just you, the Guide (who by the way was kidnapped by a strange airship), and the Arms Dealer (who you clearly shot to death), and none of them (but you) was wearing armor.
    3.Why would the Arms Dealer have some weird potion that makes you pass out, and then magically teleports you to a strange room and gives you Adamantite armor?
    None makes any sense!
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    ........Gotta agree with CobaltGolem. The story didn't really make much sense. It'd help if every couple of paragraphs you didn't decide to start a new chapter. Events are moving far too quickly, and the main character's responses to said events aren't realistic.
    ........It wasn't hard to read, though, so there's that. Too often, whatever story a member decides to post is unintelligible.
    ........If you work on slowing things down, on rationalizing the reactions of your main character to the strange happenings, then you'll be better off.
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    Thanks for agreeing with me.

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