Official Console "1.2" Update Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Console' started by Loki ISP, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    So, after months of anxious waiting, our console Terrarians are finally enjoying the spoils of Terraria 1.2 (plus a few extra goodies)!

    As we have with the PC updates, we are setting up a feedback thread...and this is it.

    Please utilize this thread to provide feedback on the update - tweaks, ideas for the guide, love for the devs, etc.

    As with all feedback threads (and threads in general), please be respectful of the fellow posters and constructive in the feedback. Personal attacks and overt rudeness will not be tolerated. This is just a pre-emptive warning on that front.

    If you are experiencing bugs, please note that there is a section for Bug Reports which would be the best place to report them (be sure to prefix your report with which console you are on).

    505 has also provided this for Bug Reports:

    In sure some bug reports will occur here...but just note the above guidance to improve your chances of resolution.


    Just a recommendation: if your world does not load or loads wrong...dont delete, dont save, leave it till the fix is out, that might save it


    That's it - fire away! :)
  2. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    oops my bad loki:confused:
  3. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    I'm seeing a LOT of bug reports, I'm honestly believing that they don't test the game, just like last time >.>
  4. Terrastone

    Terrastone Green Slime

    i think they tested it from the screenshots of the update i think they took them while testing the game.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 17, 2014, Original Post Date: Apr 17, 2014 ---
    all of the hardmode monsters will not spawn in my world and ive tried making a new world too and it will not work. (ps3)
  5. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    No worries at all. I've got a TON of cleanup to do...need to get those bug reports on the right place and focus feedback here vs the 9000 disparate threads that have popped up. It's just impossible to track so many threads for the folks working on fixes.
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  6. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    yeah aright this update did have a lot of "interesting" occurrences. corrupt and crimson together. Redigits wings and armor, worlds aren't working, mana stars, etc.
  7. I'll be sure to post whatever bugs I may run into later.
  8. Elitehamster

    Elitehamster Mouse

    Posting again:

    I like it so far. Really loving the different types of chairs and tables and stuff so far. Shadewood looks very nice. My main gripe is the spawn rate of enemies (it seems a fair bit higher then in PC from what I remember) I'm excited to try out the new magic staves and stuff. On that matter, I'm playing on the vita but my new character started off with no mana. Anyone else had that problem?

    EDIT: Oh yes, and I can't express how awesome it is to automatically move up a block. It makes traversing the world so much easier (Previously I'd resort to flattening most of the map, but since most bumps are only 1 or 2 tiles high this has become a lot less important) it's also very well implemented. On PC in 1.2 I had a mod which did the same thing but it had a few side effects and made walking a bit floaty. This is a whole lot better.

  9. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    My dragon armor transformed into Redigits armor :confused: and the worst part about it is i cant even use it... IMG-20140417-00416.jpg

    Edit: also my titan and spectral armor turned into tin and frost armor... bleh
  10. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Slimer

    Haha I'm not off work until 5:30pm sadly! Though it looks like I might want to wait until a patch release anyway XD can't wait to pumpkin moon with Xbox live buds!
  11. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    naw you should get the update braw just get rid of your campfires then update.
  12. nyan_cyrax

    nyan_cyrax Angel Statue

    Just like a few others here on the forums, an older world i had prior to update is completely jacked up, the ground elevated in the middle of a castle. All movement in the game seems laggy as all hell and seems very glitched, you fall faster at random times, there's no more double jump cloud animation.

    Crimson biome, destroying hearts does not summon the correct boss, still summoning eater of worlds

    Underworld has triple the amount of shadowchests

    Old man does not transform at night by selecting Curse

    Over all enemies seem to spawn a lot less

    Annnd this was in only an hour or so, when i logged into my old base i was done.

    I really hope we can roll out some hotfixes because there are A LOT of issues
  13. opie

    opie Cursed Man

    So should i even bother playing it again before they fix this? or should i just say meh, and delete all my worlds/characters and start from the beginning again? If i do that, will i be relatively safe from the major glitches?
  14. khandaker

    khandaker Slimed Zombie

    Is this for old worlds or new? I deleted all my old worlds so i dont care about the bugs having to do with that. But are there bugs for new worlds?
  15. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    i told you guys don't delete your world Engine software is making a patch right now to fix the problem for those who already updated and have the problem. the patch will fix it. if its possible for you to delete the update do it then go to that world and get rid of ALL campfires because its a decompression or something and then update again. if you didn't get the update cuz your scared just get rid of the campfires then update.
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  16. darkriku

    darkriku Mouse

    I think I dont care if I lose all my old stuff but I would like to star a new world from the begining free os these bugs. With brain of chulthu, plantera, clorophite.... everything possible.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 17, 2014, Original Post Date: Apr 17, 2014 ---
    My old world was free of campfires. Got corrupted.... I delete Terraria and installed again (1.00 version) when I went back to that world the chests were empty....
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  17. xxterminatorxx5

    xxterminatorxx5 Snatcher

    Well yah if you dont care about your old worlds then obviously you dont have any builds worth keeping like me :)
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  18. DarkScollo

    DarkScollo Angel Statue

    Just like a few others here on the forums, an older world i had prior to update is completely jacked up, the ground elevated in the middle of a castle. Lost all my items. Every one of my world's I enter are completely a mess
  19. Opie, just copy your Terraria game-save to flashdrive, just in case
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  20. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    damn braw dont know what to say... wait for the patch?
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